Steak’s Fifth Avenue

Food Carts Portland

Location: SW 5th and Oak/Stark
Hours: weekdays, lunchtime

Name changed in 2012

Description: Cheese Steaks! And Burgers!

Sample Menu: Cheese Steaks (small $4.25, medium $5.25, large $6.25)

Cheeseburger ($3.75)

Double Bacon Cheeseburger ( $4.75)

Hours: M-F Lunchtime Hours

Phone: Unknown

Website: None



  1. This place rocks…

  2. I tried this place today (it has a different name now though) and it was the BEST cheese steak I have ever gotten on the West Coast! LOVED this place! I’m from Washington and was there on vacation and I already want to go back for another one! The A-1/mayo sauce is AMAZING!

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