Viking Soul Food


norwegian food cart portland

Location: SE 43rd and Belmont

Hours: Thurs to Sun, 12am-8pm

The Story:

Portland has been known to re-invent food whether it be organic, locavore or just re-visiting old ideas. With the carts, we keep getting introduced to cuisine that we just can’t get at a local restaurant. With the opening of Viking Soul Food this past summer, we now have a Norwegian¬†cart, and I think they are the first.

Megan Walhood contacted us here at Food Carts Portland last summer to let us know she was opening the cart and all I could do was giggle with joy. To have Norse inspired food in my neighborhood was a dream come true. Growing up, every holiday introduced my siblings and I to new family recipes which included either lefse or pickled herring and even lutefisk, a whitefish preserved in lye then reconstituted. While my parents and grandparents believed it was a treat, as an 8 yr old, it was one of the scariest dishes I had ever seen or tasted. Though trying new dishes was an adventure. As an adult though, I have come to appreciate those complex flavors and am glad they are part of my heritage. Whether Megan will serve us some of these old world delicacies, we’ll see. [Read more…]