Ingrid’s Scandinavian Food

scandinavian food cart portland

Ingrid’s Scandinavian


Location: SE 28th pl and Division at Tidbit
Hours: Wed-Sun, 12-9pm

The Story: Lefse. A Norwegian flatbread made with potatoes. I’ve probably eaten more than my weight in lefse over the years, a traditional item on the holiday table in my family. Ingrid’s Scandinavian Food is a new food cart making lefse wraps for us Portlanders.

scandinavian food cart portland


A few years ago, Portland was introduced to lefse from a cart with the opening of Viking Soul Food. This summer, with the launch of the new Tidbit food cart lot on SE Division, Ingrid’s opened, offering up the traditional thin lefse with a range of options. If you’ve never enjoyed lefse, it is large and thin, almost crepe like, yet rolled out instead of a batter. I call it a Scandinavian tortilla much to the chagrin of my mother. I grew up enjoying it with butter and sugar, yet as with any type of bread or wrap, you can do anything with it. At Ingrid’s, they have lefse wraps with meatballs, house smoked salmon, roasted blueberries, or arugula, egg and pear. Something for everyone.

I picked up the Pølse Wrap with smoked sausage and a Norwegian coleslaw with dill mustard. Thin lefse enveloped the two small brats lathered with mustard. Pared with the red cabbage coleslaw’s vinegar whisper, each bite was a smoky and lightly tangy joy. I almost walked overe for a second or to try one of the sweeter wraps. Using lefse with these ingredients is a great choice.

Ingrid’s Scandinavian is now open Wednesday through Sunday at Tidbit which offers covered seating, a firepit and an on site beer cart. Drop on by for a taste of Scandinavia and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Norwegian Meatball Wrap – meatballs with surkal and Gjetost cheese sauce wrapped in lefse – $6.25
  • Salmon Wrap – house smoked salmon, egg, cucumber, arugula, chèvre and dill sauce wrapped in lefse – $7.25
  • Pølse Wrap – $6.25
  • Veggie Pear Wrap – arugula, egg, peer, fete, walnuts, creamy cranberry sauce wrapped in lefse – $5.75
  • Roasted Blueberry Wrap – $4
  • Deep Fried Meatballs – $4.50

Facebook: Ingrid’s Scandinavian

Viking Soul Food


norwegian food cart portland

Location: SE 43rd and Belmont

Hours: Thurs to Sun, 12am-8pm

The Story:

Portland has been known to re-invent food whether it be organic, locavore or just re-visiting old ideas. With the carts, we keep getting introduced to cuisine that we just can’t get at a local restaurant. With the opening of Viking Soul Food this past summer, we now have a Norwegian cart, and I think they are the first.

Megan Walhood contacted us here at Food Carts Portland last summer to let us know she was opening the cart and all I could do was giggle with joy. To have Norse inspired food in my neighborhood was a dream come true. Growing up, every holiday introduced my siblings and I to new family recipes which included either lefse or pickled herring and even lutefisk, a whitefish preserved in lye then reconstituted. While my parents and grandparents believed it was a treat, as an 8 yr old, it was one of the scariest dishes I had ever seen or tasted. Though trying new dishes was an adventure. As an adult though, I have come to appreciate those complex flavors and am glad they are part of my heritage. Whether Megan will serve us some of these old world delicacies, we’ll see. [Read more…]