The Frying Scotsman Fish and Chips

The Frying Scotsman Fish and Chips

The Frying Scotsman Fish and Chips

Location: BG’s Food Cartel in Beaverton


Another field trip yielded yet another great cart find – The Frying Scotsman. This new fish and chips cart is located in NW Portland, away from the regular pods we normally see every day downtown. Yet, after a 10 minute bus ride and a block or two walk, I found the cart and discovered two more within walking distance. Who knew NW 22nd was a cart magnet? The day I visited, autumn had arrived and was threatening rain. Being an Oregonian, I was out just in a sweater with no jacket nor umbrella, secretly hoping to not be caught uncovered. When I arrived at The Frying Scotsman, I was glad to discover his cart is in a garage, fully covered and protected from the elements.

The Frying Scotsman focuses on traditional British style fish and chips. The owner and head chef James was born and raised outside of Glasgow and only recently moved to Portland with his family. While eating my lunch, (during the downpour, protected by the garage) I was able to chat with James. Such a friendly gentleman who has traveled the world working in different countries and experiencing life. A lifelong chef, opening a “British chippy” after not being able to find work in this town was a natural conclusion.

Fish and Chips from The Frying Scotsman

Fish and Chips from The Frying Scotsman

I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed the haddock fish and chips. James serves up large portions of fish, lightly breaded with a handful of thick cut fried potatoes. Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned to perfection. I’m one of those eaters who love his condiments and the tarter sauce complemented the fish just right. What’s great was that it wasn’t needed that much as the fish was tasty in and of itself. Sitting there at a small fold up table decorated with an embroidered table cloth while watching it rain and rain was a perfect way to spend my lunch.

The Frying Scotsman is a find. I’m glad James decided to open this cart. Welcome to Portland sir and we wish you all well. Take a field trip up to NW 22nd and say hi to James. He’s a great conversationalist and has some great stories. I know I’ll be back. Tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Moved to BGs Food Cartel in Beaverton in 2018

Hours: Monday through Friday, 11am-5pm
Website: The Frying Scotsman
Phone: 503 706 3841

Po'Town Vittles

Po'Town Vittles

Po'Town Vittles

[Updated 3/2010 – cart no longer at this location – unknown whereabouts.]

Location: SW Moody and Abernathy in South Waterfront


Vittles. Love that word. Vittles. I think I actually use it more in casual conversation than I am aware of. When I heard there was a cart named Po’ Town Vittles, I knew I had to check it out. It was worth it.

Po’ Town Vittles had a great menu of sandwiches and salads. I was drawn there by the lure of fish and chips. I’m a huge fan of good fish and I haven’t discovered a cart yet that offered it. The fish is creole seasoned tilapia and the chips are double fried for extra tastiness. When we arrived and eyed the menu and specials, I almost changed my mind. Wow, some of the best sounding sandwiches I have seen offered. They even offer a muffuletta which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The special of the day when we were down there was a Carolina Sand Lapper pulled pork sandwich. My buddy who foodcarts with me daily ordered that and in his words – it was one of the best he’d tasted.


My other foodcart friend ordered a Spring Chicken Dijon salad with cherry tomatoes, currants, blue cheese and tender fried chicken pieces on a bed of fresh salad greens. We were all pretty jealous of his meal. I almost abandoned my tilapia to go order the salad. Wow, what generous portions.


Po’ Town Vittles is located in South Waterfront, the area down south of the Marquam bridge where the new condo towers are going up. You can get down there by car, but it is challenging. I would suggest taking the streetcar or riding your bike. An added bonus would be riding the tram up to OHSU on a sunny day.

Sample Menu:

  • Fish and Chips – $5
  • Seafood basket – seasoned tilapia, shrimp and oysters – $6
  • Spring Chicken dijon salad – $6
  • Muffuletta – salami, mortodella, olive spread – $5
  • Fried Chicken – spicy chicken breast with comeback sauce – $5.50
  • Fries – old school twice cooked fries – $1.50 and $2.50

Hours: Lunchtime weekdays
Contact: Unknown
Website: Unknown