Cobra Dogs

Cobra Dog

Cobra Dog

Location: Government Camp, OR on Mt. Hood


I’ve been out on a roadtrip for the past few weeks seeing America. As we rolled through Oregon on the way home after 8500+ miles, I thought to myself – “hey, we should stop by Cobra Dog while we’re in the neighborhood.” I’m glad we did.

Cobra Dogs is a food cart up in Government Camp at the base of Mt. Hood. Cory Grove opened the cart up there during the summer months to cater to the snowboard and ski crowd. Did you know that Mt. Hood, specifically Palmer Glacier at Timberline, is the only place in the continental US that you can ski year around? That is why Government Camp is bustling with teens from every state in the union and beyond who just want some lunch after a long morning on the mountain. Captive audience.

Cobra Dogs sells hot dogs and brats, including veggie dogs. I opted for the Hot Snake Brat with Cobra sauce and jalapenos. Sounds good doesn’t it. A Hot Snake Brat is a bratwurst on the hot side, similar to a Louisiana Hot. The dog came served on a larger than normal french roll type bun with the aforementioned Cobra Sauce and a sprinkling of jalapenos. Holy smokes was it hot. My mouth was burning for awhile after I noshed it down. The Cobra sauce is Cory’s famous spicy sauce that he offers on any order and I highly recommend it. My wife enjoyed the “Very Veggie” dog. Served up hot, it was a great dog I was told.

Cobra Dogs is in its final days of the summer session. I’m glad I stopped by when I did since they close their doors for this summer on Friday, August 15. But don’t fret, Cory plans on travelling around with the cart to different events, so if you can’t get up there before Friday, you may be able to find him in the fall. I suggest a roadtrip. Oh, and when you do get your Cobra Dog, be sure to ask for it “Cobra Style” and tell them FoodCartsPortland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • All Beef Boa – 100% beef dog – $4.50
  • Cheddaconda – Frankfurter infused with real Tillamook cheddar – $5
  • Brattlesnake Brat – German brat with a hint of black pepper – $5
  • Hot Snake Brat – German brat on the hot side – $5
  • Very Veggie – tofu based veggie dog – $5
  • assorted drinks and munchies – $1-$2
  • toppings include jalapenos, onions, relish, cream cheese, sauerkraut, cobra sauce, etc.

Hours: June 15 to August 15, 1pm to 9pm
Twitter: CobraDogs

Pirate Dog


[Update Jan 2010 – Pirate Dog is no longer at SW 5th and Morrison. Unsure if they are still open]

Pirate Dog

Location:  SW 5th and Morrison and SW 10th and Yamhill

Spring is here and with spring comes baseball.  With baseball comes dogs.  Not little pooches, but hotdogs and sausages.  A few weeks ago, a new dog cart appeared on SW 5th and Morrison across from the remodeled Meier and Frank building and the entrance to the shishi Nines Hotel.  I can only imagine what the manager thought the first time he saw a food cart out his door.  This area, the brick sidewalk surrounding the venerable old Pioneer Courthouse is home to some great fountains, a burrito cart and a soup cart.  Now, dogs.

Pirate Dog is a father and son business with, well, a pirate theme.  Their motto is “Eat ad Pirate Dog or DIE!!!”  I don’t think they will really run out and cut you with a cutlass if you walk by, but…  They offer numerous dogs ranging from an all beef hot dog to specialty sausages like brats and Louisiana hots.  Instead of offering just a dog and some condiments, they have a full menu with different options already put together.  I had the “Fire in the Hole” – a Louisiana Red-Hot.  I added some mustard (which you always should do with sausages) and sauerkraut for a pretty good tasting dog.  Even the beaver in the fountain liked it.


Most of the dogs range from $3-5 with extras running around 50c.  The cart is pretty nice with a great umbrella, so if it is sprinkling, you can hunker inside while they prepare your lunch.  Head on down some day and try a Pirate Dog.

Sample Menu:

  • Pirate Dog – all beef frank – $2.50
  • Grog Dog – bier sausage – $3.50
  • Shanghai Smokey – double smoked sausage – $3.50
  • The Land “Lover” – Vegetarian dog – $4
  • East Coast Pirate – all beef frank topped with cole slaw and deli mustard – $4
  • Long John Silver – 1/2 lb beef and pork frank with chili and cheese – $7
  • Condiments include Sauerkraut, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos, chili, cheese, and cole slaw and range from 25c to $1.

Hours: Weekdays at lunchtime (though they hope to also be open evenings in the bar districts.)
Phone: SW 5th and Morrison Cart – 503 313 2498; SW 10th and Yamhill cart – 503 312 8560