DogHouse PDX


The Dog House PDX

Location: SE 50th and Division at The Lot at Scout
Hours: Check Facebook for updated hours

The Story:

I actually remember the first time I had tater tots. We were a meat and potatoes and pancakes for dinner family living in deep southeast Portland when my mom came home one evening with this bag of Ore-Ida Tater Tots. When the cookie sheet came out of the oven and those tots were up for grabs, my brother, sister and I dove in. It was the best food we had tasted in our entire lives (I actually remember us exclaiming that while running through the house, screaming.) Now, some 30 odd years later, Tots are making a serious comeback as both comfort food and treats at high end restaurants. When we wrote about a cart serving tots as a side for burgers last year, the Internets blew up with comments. Now, we have a cart that takes tots to the next level – The Dog House PDX.

Timber from The Dog House PDX

Timber from The Dog House PDX

Timber and Ali, who brought us Yogio last year, knew that their pod in North Portland needed a comfort food cart, so they acquired a stepvan and converted it to serve up dogs and tots and everything in between. When I first heard of the cart, I thought they were just doing a variation on a hot dog cart, but their approach is to put together unique bowls of happy food funtime. You can either have a dog or tots which are then covered with your choice of topping and usually melted cheese. The dog or tots are called the bottom and tops could include gravy, bacon, a fried egg, jalapenos, black beans, chili, pineapple or pretty much anything you can imagine. A great concept that includes what many of us grew up on as children with the tastes we’ve learned to love over the years.

I highly suggest eating whatever you order at the lot instead of getting it to go. Why? Because they serve whatever you order in a great little dog dish and that is just cool. Picture a pile of tots covered with melted pepper jack cheese, onions, jalapenos and topped with a fried egg. Oh and don’t forget the kicker sauce which adds a little spice to the entire dish. Every bit of the dish captures the essences of childhood with the crispiness of the tots and the gooeyness of the melted cheese. While I don’t remember mom ever putting a fried egg on my tots, it worked. I felt like a kid again.

I wasn’t able to visit The Dog House when they first opened at North Station in north Portland. They moved last month to NE Alberta with Yogio to their own pod named Holy Trinity partnering with another cart that sells vintage clothing. I’m so happy to have finally enjoyed some of Timber’s tots and her excellent creations. I can only imagine they sell a boat load of tots once the sun goes down and the bars open up. Drop on by The Dog House, enjoy some tots, relive a childhood memory and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Cart moved to the Lot at Scout in 2018]

Website: The Dog House PDX
Twitter: @TheDogHousePDX
Facebook: The Dog House PDX

Rip City over Tots

Rip City over Tots

Namu Killer Korean BBQ


Location: SE 34th and Belmont & SE 50th and Division

The Story:

Hawthorne, always a destination spot for many Portlanders, is now a destination for food cart lovers. With Cartopia at SE 12th and Hawthorne redefining late night nosh, and the venerable Whole Bowl up around 40th, Hawthorne knows food. Now, a new pod has spring up in front of House of Vintage at SE 33rd. Namu, a cool hand-built cart with a rustic steel roof is one of those new carts serving up a tasty menu of Korean BBQ.

Owned and operated by Gary Evans and Clint Colbert, Namu offers up only a few items, but those items sate your BBQ appetite. The pulled pork, a hunk of love that had been marinating all day is served with cabbage and a superb homemade honey horseradish sauce on a toasted bun. The pork, sourced locally from Sweet Briar Farms was decadent and the entire sandwich melted in my mouth. I was supposed to bring it home to share, but it never made it off the lot. Other items on the menu include Korean short ribs –  rice served with peanut sauce, some ribs, cucumber salad, kimchee and sesame spinach. For $7, that is quite a meal.  They offer a veggie bowl which, from a review by Bar Pilot over at the Portland Monthly, is a “spicy, satisfying safari of flavors.” Gotta try that sometime.

Namu is just the start of the great carts opening at 33rd and Hawthorne. They are open daily to serve you up both lunch and dinner. Since they only have a few items, you know they focus their energy to make them the best they can. Drop on by Namu, say hi to Gary and Clint, check out their cool cart and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich: sweet horseradish sauce, pulled pork, cabbage and BBQ sauce on toasted bun – $5
  • Korean Short Ribs: rice w/peanut sauce, ribs, kimchee, cucumber salad and sesame spinach – $7
  • Veggie Bowl: rice, cucumber salad, sesame spinach, kimchee, drizzled with peanut sauce – $4

Hours: Daily, 11am-7pm
Phone: 503 828 4260