Kindle Kart

Kindle Kart

Kindle Kart

Location: NW 27th and Wilson across from Montgomery Park
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm

The Story:

A year or so ago, I learned of a new wood fired pizza cart opening off N Mississippi. Kindle Kart was doing something new and exciting, yet when they left Mississippi, I lost track of them until now and I’m saddened that I haven’t been able to enjoy their amazing food this whole time.

Kevin Hutchinson is a pizza guy having built and opened Wildfire in NE Portland a few years ago. The wood fired oven he built by hand is still being used by Ned Ludd to this day. A work of art. Kevin wanted a food truck, so outfitted a Boyertown stepvan with a smaller version of the oven inside and opened Kindle Kart. Originally on Mississippi, Kevin eventually moved to northwest across from Montgomery Park. To create the pizza, Kevin leavens the dough which uses no yeast. Pretty difficult to do in a restaurant let alone a cart, but he does it and does it well. Upon my visit, close to the closing bell, he stated he normally sells out after just four hours.

Jalapeno Burger and Pomme Frites

Jalapeno Burger and Pomme Frites

While Kindle Kart is famous for its pizza, I was directed there to try the brisket burger. Yep, I skipped the pizza for a burger. Dumb of me? Maybe, but I’m glad I did. If I had started with the pizza, I may have never even tried his other items. Kevin bakes his own brioche buns in the wood fire oven and they are indeed fresh and tasty. The burger, double ground brisket with a bit of seasoning added is one of the best I’ve had from a cart. I chose the Jalapeno burger with mixed greens, grilled onions, jalapeno sauce, a grilled chili pepper and cheddar cheese. Wow, a stunning sandwich. Everything dripped with flavor and the bun brought it all together. Pair with some excellent crispy fries with a bit of truffle oil ketchup and your done.

Kindle Kart is one of those gems you travel to just for the nosh. I know I will be making the side trip to NW more in the coming months just to try different items. Kevin has plans to expand, so keep watch for a second cart. Drop on by, enjoy some pie or a burger or maybe just fries and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Pizzas are made fresh with fermented dough and cooked in a wood fired oven. 10″ pies:

  • Artisan Pepperoni – $8
  • Sausage – house made with grilled onion – $8
  • Cheese – two types of Mozzarella – $6.50
  • Bacon and Mushroom – sauteed mushroom, smoky bacon with white sauce – $8
  • Bacon and Cheese – smoky bacon, two types of cheese – $7.50
  • Margherita – fresh grape tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic – $7.50
  • Bianco – ricotta, black pepper, rosemary, truffle oil – $7.50
  • Pommes Frites: Belgian style fries – 1/2 order, $3; full order, $5
  • Bacon Blue Brisket Burger: roasted garlic sauce, bacon, grilled onion, pickles, blue cheese, mixed greens – $6
  • Bacon Mushroom Brisket Burger: roasted garlic sauce, bacon, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, pickles, swiss cheese and mixed greens – $6.50
  • Jalapeno Brisket Burger: roasted garlic jalapeno sauce, green chili, grilled onion, pickles, cheddar cheese, mixed greens – $6
  • Classic – $5.50
  • Portobella + Eggplant: basil balsamic sauce, grilled onions, Swiss Cheese, mixed greens – $6

Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm
Facebook: Kindle Kart