No Fish Go Fish


No Fish Go Fish

No Fish Go Fish

Location: SW 5th and Yamhill


No Fish Go Fish is one of those great food cart success stories. The cart, on the corner of SW 5th and Yamhill has been at this location ever since I can remember, serving up unique soups daily, along with their signature No Fish sandwiches. The success story is that the owner went from food cart to store front and still makes some great soup. Oh, and the fish? None to be found…

No Fish Go Fish gets its name from the little sandwiches they create called No Fish. Shaped like little fish, they are cornbread based and come with different fillings, both veggie and meat. The soups No Fish Go Fish offers are some of the best and unique I have tried. The day I visited, I was offered up green split pea, cream of jalapeno and bean and bacon. I tasted samples of all three to see what I would like and it was suggested that I have the bean and bacon, but topped with the cream of jalapeno. Boyo, that was a great combination.

I love that they serve up the soup in what amounts to a large coffee cup. It is easy to transport and for me, easy to sip and eat at the same time. The mixture of the two soups was genius. I’m a fan of spiciness, but felt the cream of jalapeno by itself may be too much. Putting it on top of the bean and bacon gave the entire mix a great level of spice. Perfect for a cooler summer day.

No Fish Go Fish is one of the original Portland Food Carts and is there every day, even when it is snowing. With autumn coming and the need to begin donning sweaters and rain slickers, we get to the time when we want something warm and comforting for lunch. Soup is that something and I’m very glad Portland offers us some great choices. No Fish Go Fish does publish their soups daily on their website or you can get the daily list from Twitter. When you visit, have a No Fish sandwich along with your soup and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Soup of the day – changes daily – $4.50
  • No Fish sandwiches – cheddar cheese; spinach & feta; curried veggie, tomato mozzarella – $1.50
  • Soup with 2 No Fish sandwiches – $6

Hours: Monday through Friday – 11:30am -2pm
Twitter: NoFishGoFish