Sol Pops

Jonathan Amato

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Location: [Dec 2009, Sol Pops can be found at N Williams at Shaver] Various farmers markets and other locations; also available in certain retail locations.

Description: Let’s face it, it’s hot outside. So the craving for frozen juice treats on sticks is a natural. Yet outside of the wonderful Mexican Paletas found at many Hispanic markets, most popsicles found around town are mainly fake flavored water with food coloring that’s been sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Yuck.

Sol Pops: Sustainable. Organic. Local.

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Describing themselves as, “handmade gourmet and wellness pops,” Sol Pops makes creative fruit, vegetable and herbal frozen treats sweetened with things like cane sugar, agave and fruit ciders. Using local and organic ingredients when possible, these are pops that are highly ethical and fortunately, highly flavorful as well.

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In the Paletas tradition, Sol Pops combines things such as cucumber-lime jalapeno; a lemon basil, raspberry coconut milk; and strawberry lemonade to make quality, refreshing treats that are not too sugary, not too heavy, and super refreshing.

Found at several farmers markets around town in the spring and summer, Sol Pops can also be picked up at stores such as Hot Lips Pizza, the People’s Food Co-op, and New Seasons Markets.

Stay Cool!

Locations: (See Sol Pops Website for Updates). Locations include Eastbank, Portland, King, Hollywood, and Montavilla Farmers Markets.

Hours: Varies
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