Los Roast Hatch Green Chile

Los Roast Hatch Green Chile

Los Roast Hatch Green Chile

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The Story:

A few years ago, when Portland experienced a re-birth of street food which continues till today, a cart opened that surprised many with the uniqueness of the cuisine and the affability of the owner. Jesse Sandoval had brought his family recipes to Portland in the form of Nuevo Mexico, a cart that fed many a Portlander for a couple of years. Jesse is back, partnering with his cart owner Marshall Berg to bring something new – roasted Hatch Green Chiles.

Hatch Green Chiles are from Hatch, New Mexico where they can be found literally growing everywhere. Not really, but if you drive down the main street there during harvest season, you’ll find the chiles in every form, from fresh to dried to roasted and incorporated into every kind of cuisine. Hatch is where its at for these priceless peppers. But why should Hatch have all the fun? Cart owner Marshall Berg partnered with Jesse and have imported more than a few bushels of Hatch Chiles and have been roasting and packaging them to sell. When I first heard of this, my mouth watered as I’m a big fan of most chiles. When I visited the cart at Last Thursday on Alberta I was blown away by the flavor and quality of the product. The team built a custom roaster which they lit up just for me to show how the final product is produced. The contraption is like a bingo ball tumbler but made of heavy gauge steel mesh so when hit with the gas flames, it roasts the peppers tumbling about inside. The smell is memorable and if you purchase some, you can take it home and pull them out of the fridge every day and re-live the roast. These are some amazing peppers.

Los Roast Chile will only be around for as long as green chile season. I’m happy to see Jesse back in the mobile food scene here in Portland and have some of the chiles waiting for my next meal. The cart and roaster will be at the Belmont Street Fair on September 8 with plenty of peppers. Beyond that, check them out on Facebook for their next location. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Facebook: LosRoastChile
Twitter: @LosRoastChile
Phone: 503 830 5310