Smaaken Waffles

Jonathan Amato
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Smaaken Waffles

Location: SE 50th and Division at The Lot at Scout
Hours: Check Facebook for updated hours

The Story:

Parked atop recycled acorn shells spread across a lot nestled among the trees is one of Portland’s newest food cart lots and Smaaken Waffles stands out with their version of the “Dutch Taco.”

On the east side, you may be familiar with waffle sandwiches as FlavorSpot has been serving up such treats for years. Now the west side is getting both food cart love and Smaaken’s version of the Dutch Taco. The owners take pride in sourcing local organic wheat flour grown and milled in the Willamette Valley by Greenwillow Farms. Along with wood-fire roasted coffee from Millars, this cart keeps it local, simple and flavorful. [Read more…]

Olé Latte Coffee

Ole Latte Coffee

Ole Latte Coffee

Location: 510 SW Harrison St
Hours: See Facebook for updated hours

The Story:

In a city with coffee shops on every corner and almost as many micro roasters as micro breweries, there are few mobile vendors who take on the barista challenge. There are plenty of coffee carts throughout the city for your morning drive, yet if you want a perfectly drawn espresso with just the right crema and be able to sit down and enjoy it, check out Olé Latte Coffee.

Todd Edwards opened his coffee cart earlier this year bringing the number of coffee carts in Portland’s food cart pods to four. Originally, Todd’s passion was wine. With the change of OLCC regulations here in 2012, having a wine cart is a possibility, but for Todd, during his research, he discovered a taste for coffee and dove in, learning that coffee beans and wine grapes are grown in similar climates and both offer complex flavor profiles. Sophia, Todd’s beautiful La Marzocco FB70 espresso machine, was even purchased before the cart.

Todd admits freely that he was a regular at Starbuck’s only six months ago. I think we can all admit that we’ve drank some less than stellar coffee in our day. Heck, I became a fan of truck stop coffee after awhile on a long road trip. In Todd’s coffee journey, he found and embraced Ristretto Roasters, one of Portland’s darlings in the coffee roasting arena. I’m a fan also, so even though it was 4pm, I asked for a single espresso to check out his mad skills. Amazing! A perfect draw with just the right amount of crema. I never thought of coffee having a sweetness until I began tasting different varieties in espresso form. I don’t add sugar. No need. That little ounce has more than enough flavor to satisfy me including a little bit of fruitiness.

Todd is the lone coffee cart on the lot and beyond espresso drinks he brews his own cold pressed coffee and has pastries to pair with your drink. Open daily in the mornings throughout the afternoon, Todd is there to create the perfect drink for you. Drop on by and let him know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Ole Latte moved to their new location in 2017]

Phone: 971 221-6318
Twitter: @OleLatteCoffee
Facebook: Ole Latte Coffee

The Egg Carton

Jonathan Amato

breakfast food cart portlandLocation: SE 52nd and Foster
Mon, Thurs, Fri, 8:30am-2pm; Sat, Sun, 9am-3pm

The Story:  When Portland’s breakfast obsession becomes a skit on Portlandia, you know it has to be true. Portlanders love brunch and breakfast, as the hour long waits and mile long lines at many PDX breakfast joints will attest. So here’s a tip – check out the new breakfast food cart The Egg Carton on SE Foster. Besides the clever pun of a name, this cart has plenty of covered seating, high quality breakfast vittles, and no long lines. Hurrah! Power to the Portland Breakfast People!

Do you like Eggs Benedict in all it’s rich, buttery, velvety, Hollandaise Sauce glory? The Egg Carton offers three versions of it: the traditional Canadian Bacon version, one with fresh tomato and basil, or a Louisiana style Benedict with Andouille sausage.

Or if something sweeter starts your morning engine, try their French Toast with maple Bourbon syrup, or the French Toast with fresh Oregon Strawberries and whipped cream. Yes please!

breakfast food cart portlandBut it’s the FoPo Cristo that already seems to be The Egg Carton’s signature dish: A perfect combo of sweet and savory. Named after the nickname for the Foster-Powell neighborhood this cart is located in, The Egg Carton’s version of the Monte Cristo sandwich is outrageously good and decadent – stuffed with an oozey yolk fried egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, Canadian bacon, sweet and spicy mustard, strawberry jam, all between two thick cut pieces of French Toast and dusted with powdered sugar. Yes, it’s rich. Yes, it’s filling. And whew, did I not just satisfy two hungry adults with this sandwich for a total of $7? I did! Thanks Egg Carton!

breakfast food cart portlandIn between sips of The Egg Carton’s refreshing Red Sunrise (a mimosa mocktail made with fresh squeezed OJ, gingerale, and fresh raspberries), I managed to talk with the very friendly and enthusiastic owners of The Egg Carton. Sarah and Tim left solid careers in retail (Sarah) and in law (Tim) to open up their little blue dream cart. Sarah started methodically and slow – working at the Woodstock Farmers Market for two years doing various food related jobs, studying food, catering, and even writing about food on her own blog =

Local, seasonal foods are part of this cart’s mission, and the quality of ingredients shines through. They do warn everyone about their newness with a sign, “…The Egg Carton is a work in progress…,” but we can’t wait to see what else they have in store. Keep your eyes on The Egg Carton, they have all the makings to become a Portland food cart classic.

Sample Menu:

  • Eggs Benedict. With Canadian Bacon, Tomato & Basil, or Andouille Sausage Patty – $7 (half order $5)
  • French Toast with Maple Bourbon Syrup – $6
  • French Toast with Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Whipped Cream – $7
  • FoPo Cristo – Fried egg, cheddar cheese, Canadian bacon, bacon, strawberry jam. Served between French Toast slices and dusted with powdered sugar – $7
  • Fresh Fruit Side – $1
  • Bacon, two slices – $1
  • Fresh Squeezed OJ – $2
  • Red Sunrise (Mimosa Mocktail) – $3
  • Cellar Door Coffee (Local Microroast) – $1.50/$2/$2.25

Hours: Mon, Thurs, Fri, 8:30am-2pm; Sat, Sun, 9am-3pm


SIP Alberta

SIP Alberta

SIP Alberta

Location: NE 22nd and Alberta
Hours: Weekdays, 9am-6pm, but check their Facebook for current hours

The Story:

SIP, everyone’s favorite juice cart expanded with a truly vintage and awesome Chinook Mobilodge from the 60’s. Oh how I wish I had that in my driveway. With a robust menu of fresh made fruit and vegetable juices, you won’t be disappointed. Check out their full menu here. SIP Alberta is an expansion and may close for winter. Follow them on Facebook for latest updates. SIP is also open on SE 21st and Tibbets.

Facebook: SIP Juice Cart

Happy Espresso

Happy Espresso

Happy Espresso

Location: SE 52nd and Foster
Hours: daily, breakfast and lunch

Espresso, hot drinks, cold drinks