Northwest Mobile Kitchens

February 13, 2010

Here is a new food cart spin-off industry and business in Portland. It is pretty cool that Portland's food carts have grown to a point to warrant a whole new business model - custom built food carts. Have you ever dreamed of opening your own food cart? Are you in the market for a new cart? If so, you may want to check out Northwest Mobile Kitchens, one such designer and builder of custom food carts and mobile kitchens.

We were curious to explore this new arena and here's what we found. Northwest Mobile Kitchens is the work of Rich Zeidman and Jason Britsas. Rich is a trained architect with 25 years of experience in design and building projects. Jason is a trained chef with 15 years of experience in the industry having worked in restaurants and catering. They can design a cart from the ground up and assist the future owner with how the kitchen could be laid out.

NMK has built 2 carts for Portland food cart owners. NMK's first cart was Big-A** Sandwiches, a 8.5' x 16' cart located down on SW 3rd and Ash. Kevin Sandri's new Garden State Cart at Mississippi Marketplace is their latest delivery. A 7' x 10' cart, I was able to get a look inside a week or so ago and they are more spacious than one would think. Granted, there weren't any appliances yet.

Northwest Mobile Kitchens is a local company working directly with the cart owners. Portland likes local businesses - they are good for the economy. If you are in the market for a cart or want to expand your food cart empire, you may want to look into Northwest Mobile Kitchens as an option. We see other options for custom carts online
with a couple as close as Seattle
and Eugene (Oregon Food Trailers,) but this is the first one we know of in Portland. If there are other local builders, let us know.

Northwest Mobile Kitchen 503 704 2450