Food Carts NEWS Roundup

August 19, 2009

Here is your midweek Food Cart News roundup:

NBC Nightly New producer Joel Seidman was in town the past couple of days doing a segment for NBC on Portland's Food Cart scene. He's a good guy and was excited Portland has taken Food Carts to the next level. They got in some great footage of the carts both during setup and during the lunch hour, an interview with Mayor Sam Adams, an interview with Jesse Sandoval of Nuevo Mexico and finally an interview with yours truly. We met up at the 12th and Hawthorne "CARTopia" to chat about the advent of the late night cart scene and honestly, how awesome it is. No word on when the segment will air, but check back, we'll keep you posted. ___________________

Speaking of Jesse Sandoval, he and his new cart Nuevo Mexico were profiled by the one and only Cuisine Bonne Femme in MIX magazine. If you ever wanted to know about the trials and tribulations of opening and then owning a cart, you should read this article. Jesse is a great guy with a great story. Read the article here.

, everyone's favorite late night fried pie cart is trying something new this week. David Siegel of Belly Timber in SE is acting as guest Pie filler. David put together some signature pie fillings and they are available all week at Whiffies. I enjoyed a pork belly, peach and pecan pie that was to die for. Head on out before Belly Timber hangs their proverbial Pie hat. Whiffies is @ SE 12th and Hawthorne and opens @ 8pm. ___________________

The Portland Mercury
is reporting that Food Carts will be part of this year's TBA (Time Based Arts) festival. TBA's late night performance event "The Works
" will feature the following Food Carts for your noshing needs: Koi Fusion
, Al Forno Ferruzza
, Ziba's Pita's
, Pirate Dog
, Los Gorditos, and ice cream from Rudy Speerschneider of Junior Ambassador's
. TBA starts September 3rd and you can find the entire schedule here.


Nancy Rommelmann, one of our favorite food writers from Portland did a great article in bon appétit magazine
. The article showcases Portland's "foodquake." I love that term. Carts profiled include Tabor, Potato Champion, Taqueria Los Gorditos, Junior Ambassador's, Ziba's Pita's, and Crown Q BBQ. Portland is truly becoming the place to be for Food Carts. ___________________

More articles profiled Portland's Food Cart scene recently, including a great article by Mike Thelin in Portland Monthly
, numerous carts documented in Women's Day
magazine and Fuego Burrito profiled as one of the nation's best street foods in ForbesTraveler
. ___________________

Mississippi Marketplace, a new Food Cart pod opening soon up off N. Mississippi and Skidmore is beginning to announce the carts thy will be hosting. Nuevo Mexico will be moving up there in mid September with a brand spankin' new cart and expanded menu. SugarCube will reopen their tasty cart there. Others include The Big Egg, focusing on breakfast; Leroy's Familiar Vittles, a barbeque spot; Patty's Wagon, serving West African and Jamaican food. It is my understanding from chatting with others that the spot's owner Roger Goldingay has seen upwards of 100+ applications for a spot in this location. I'm excited as I'm only a few blocks away. See the first carts opening by month's end. ___________________

Gregg Abbot (from Whiffies Pies) and I will be interviewed on StrangeLoveLive this coming Friday night. StrangeLoveLive is a local "webisode" produced by Cami and Mike Kaos. They have been doing this for over a year now every Friday night and focus on the tech scene. Gregg and I will discuss Portland's Food Carts and the latest news. The show was recorded on Monday since Gregg works Friday nights, but will be streamed with a chatroom on Friday evening. More information at StrangeLoveLive
. ___________________

Lastly, news from beyond Portland about Food Carts. We hear stories of how carts in Portland can cost upwards of $20,000-$30,000 to open and operate. To some, that is daunting, to others, that is cheap. Well, in New York, if you want to have a simple hot dog cart outside the MET, you gotta throw down around $450,000 for your license. A cart was recently evicted from their spot for missing their $54,000 monthly rent. Slate has the details.
Can I just say I love Portland!

That's it for now. If you're out and about, enjoy a Food Cart.