Food Carts for Haiti

January 15, 2010

As you know, a terrible earthquake has devastated the island nation of Haiti. The world is still waiting to see the full extent of the damage, yet at this time, we know it is extensive. Like past disasters, everyone is mobilizing to help no matter what their connection to the event is. That's just who we are. Portland's food carts have stepped up to join in the fundraising.

Steak and Cheese, veggie styleOn Thursday, DC Vegetarian donated all tips they received to Mercy Corp for Haiti relief. I walked down to see a busy cart and enjoyed myself a vegetarian Steak and Cheese sandwich. A good sandwich for a good cause. At day's end, DC Vegetarian announced they had raised $214.52. If you can, go by DC Vegetarian and thank them for their generosity.

During the day on Thursday, Portland Pedal Power, Portland's own bicycle delivery service for downtown, including cart lunches, announced that they too would donate all tips from Thursday and Friday to Mercy Corps. If you are too busy to get out of the office today, contact them and they will deliver. Tip well. Portland Pedal Power

Today, Friday, Stella's on Stark will be donating 50% of all specials sold to Mercy Corps. Stella's focuses on big burgers and sandwiches - perfect for your Friday indulgences. Stella's is located at SW 3rd and Stark. Way to go Stella's.

[Updated 2pm, January 15th] - Area23, a new cart pod up at NE Alberta and 23rd is also doing a Haiti fundraiser today and Saturday. Fuego de Lotus will be donating all tips from those two days to Mercy Corps. They are open from 12-8pm.

Rick's Wild Seafood announced on Twitter that they are donating all proceeds today to Haiti. Check them out at SW 3rd and Ash.

This isn't the first time Portland's food carts have worked to support a charity or those in need and having met many of the cart owners, I know it won't be the last. I am proud of the carts that are doing this as I know in these tough winter months, every dollar counts. If you can't make it to a cart, but would still like to donate, you can go to Mercy Corps' website and donate.

Mercy Corps