Eat Mobile 2011, a Great Success

April 23, 2011

Even 24 hour later, I think I'm still full. 40 of Portland's best carts came together under the Morrison bridge and served up some excellent food till the sun went down. There were pork treats and ice cream along with fresh made chips and dumplings. One of my favorite memories wasn't even food related - looking west to the stage while the last band did their set, a train rumbled south right by behind them. Awesome! Thank you Willamette Week and all of the wonderful sponsors for putting on such a memorable event. Thank you eaters for supporting Portland's street food.

The awards for the night went to the following:
  • Judges Choice - Kim Jong Grillin'
  • Style Award - Fifty Licks
  • People's Choice - Whiffies Fried Pies
In my opinion, everyone won. Here are some of the photos I took of the event.