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January 27, 2010

My friend and fellow cart fan Paul Gerald of Breakfast in Bridgetown is having a writing contest about your favorite breakfast. Partnering with Mindie Kniss who organizes the PDX Breakfast Club at, they want to to hear your story. I do too. See, I'm a guest judge, so maybe you have a wonderful story of breakfast at a cart on a cold winter day? Flavour Spot? The Big Egg? Parkers Waffles? BrunchBox? More details about the contest and the prizes can be found here.
Deadline is January 29th. _______________

Stellas on Stark is moving. This new up and comer currently at SW 3rd and Stark will be closing for the month of February in order to fit out a new cart and move to SW 10th and Alder. This is your last week for awhile to enjoy some of their great food. Good luck guys. _______________

Speaking of moves, Caraquena Venezuelan has decided to relocate to North Portland at the burgeoning lot named Refuel North. As of last drive by, there are two carts open- Saucy BBQ and and Bob's Roving Bakery. They are retrofitting the location for carts, so expect to see a quick growth up there in the near future. N Killingsworth and Greeley. Garden State has moved its Sellwood location 1/2 block south of their former location. At 7907 SE 13th between the shops Tilde and Finds Old & New, directly across the street from Jade Tea House. They are still planning on opening at Mississippi Marketplace soon.


Lastly, a food cart book is in the works. I, along with five other authors are partnering on a book about Portland's food carts and the overall story with a photographer who has been roaming the streets of late. We're in the early stages, so there aren't too many details other than it is a great group of passionate food cart supporters and eaters. Watch for more details as they arise, including the opportunity to pre-order the book or maybe win a copy.

That's it for now. Happy carting!
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