A Little Bit of Inspiration, and Some News

October 10, 2007


Tip o' the hat to mmm-yoso!!

See, sometimes it takes a set of new eyes to make us see things in a new light, to not take things for granted, and to realize that sometimes some of the most wonderful things are the ones right under our very own noses. Thus is the case with Food Carts in Portland. "You mean, they don't have food carts in other cities?" a bewildered local friend asked an awe struck visiting guest. "Carts are outlawed in my town," another friend sighed. What? No way! Man, Portland is lucky.

Yet it didn't take these comments for me to realize several months ago that Portland, like many other great amenities in our city, has a special thing going on with our food carts (or call it food cart culture) if you will. All the comments on this site this week from other Portland food cart aficionados only confirm it.

For really it was an avid food blogger from San Diego last year; mmm-yoso!!!
that made me wake up and smell the $5.00 Pad-Kee-Mao noodles in my own back yard (or at the corner of SW 3rd and Alder to be precise). Yoso nailed it. So thank you for visiting Portland, for your inspiration, and for your excellent documentation of our unique food cart culture.

If you are ever back in Portland drop me a line and I'll buy you lunch (at a food cart of your choice of course).


As for news: Several readers have written in with some excellent tips and suggestions, so look for some new listings, a couple of new reviews, and a few updates within the next week.

Also, just because the weather has taken a turn into the gray and rainy season I know we all just love, don't think cart dining is off limits until next summer. Many of the carts have covered dining areas. I will be adding a new category soon that lists these.

Finally, I am also considering a round-up of carts at various local farmers markets. However, this is a little problematic since many will close down soon until the markets reopen again in the spring. . What do y'all think?

Anyway, and as always, any other ideas, suggestions or tips you have are greatly appreciated as well.

Till next time,

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