Smak Dab’s

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Smak Dab’s

Location: NE 52nd and Sandy – Rose City Food Park
Hours: Tues-Sat, 11-7; Sun, 12-5

The Story: When you have a dream, sometimes nothing can stop you. Chris had the dream to open a food cart for over 15 years and now Smak Dab’s has launched with their gourmet stuffed burgers.

Chris has a background in the restaurant industry having worked for more than a few large restaurants over the years. The food cart scene just wasn’t as vibrant in the first part of the last decade, so Chris put the plans on hold, but kept the dream alive. The cart, located on NE MLK at The Fusion food cart pod is one of a few who have opened thee in the past six months. That pod has always housed food carts offering a range of cuisines ever since I moved into the neighborhood almost 17 years ago. Now, with a formal name, a covered deck and a quorum of vendors, I think NE MLK has a viable street food scene.

Burger Food Cart Portland

Tres Hombres from Smak Dab’s

Smak Dab’s focuses on stuffed burgers. Many call them the Juicy Lucy after a famous midwestern chain. Chris has his own twist. The patty includes bread crumbs among other goodies to add some cohesion as he forms it around the ingredients. The surprises are inside. Take The Calzone for example – pepperoni, mozzarela cheese and marinara all grilled inside the patty. Just imagining that first bite elicits a stomach growl. The Tres Hombres was for me – jalapenos, olives, jack cheese inside with quacamole atop. At first site, I thought maybe the burger was a bit burned, yet that first bite countered the visual. The patty, with the extra ingredients comes with caramelization throughout – a sweet, salty and for the Tres Hombres, spicy delight. Fresh lettuce and tomato create a cool tasty friction to the stuffed burger. Overall, a well done sammy.

Smak Dab’s has an impressive menu with six stuffed burger options. The day I visited, Chris also had pulled pork on the menu. Design your own if you want, he’ll make it happen. There is plenty of covered seating on site and they offer vegetarian options and GF buns. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Smak Dab’s moved to Rose City Food Park in June of 2014]

Sample Menu:

  • The Smak Dab – patty stuffed with swiss and served on toasted bun with chimichurri spread and bacon sriracha onion ring – $9
  • The Calzone – $8
  • The Lisa – vegetarian black bean patty with chimichurri spread – $7
  • Lamb of Gouda – lamb mix stuffed with smoked gouda – $10
  • Tres Hombres – $9
  • Steak Fries – $3
  • Cajun Pot Stickers – $6
  • Bacon sriracha battered fried pickles – $5

Facebook: Smak Dab’s


  1. I just went there with a friend looking to get a good burger, what I got was a soggy, soft burger with no bite on a sweet bun. not worth the drive.

  2. Hmm, the one I got last night was good. Not amazing, but good.

  3. Love this cart!! I try to have something new each time I go and haven’t found one I haven’t liked so far! Even can ask him to customize it a bit to better suit your taste and he is more than willing to accommodate. Caesar I had was killer too! Made the dressing and salad right there. Killer food cart!

  4. Seabastian says

    I was impressed. My wife and I had The Calzone burger and it was really really good! The marinara, cheese and pepperoni stuffed in the burger was delicious and unique. Left my taste buds wanting more! I definitely would eat there again!

  5. Tim, I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment till today. Please come see me or give me a call and I’ll make it right. 503-489-7194
    Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Travis Zimmerly says

    Never had a bad burger there and I’ve ate at least 15 of them. Top notch.

  7. Amazing food and service, every burger I have had is top quality. The interaction with the customers is both genuine and nice. Anyone, who hasn’t ate these amazing burgers is missing out!!

  8. Went to the food carts on date night as one of the carts PDX 671 was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. need to check it out. My husband wanted something different so he got a stuffed burger and we split our meals. The burger was amazing. I will be back. It was worth the 35 minute drive to get there!!! Both vendors were awesome.

  9. Sebastian says

    Simply Amazing. I ordered the Buddy Highway Last time I ate at Smak Dabs. It was incredibly juicy. There was even a slice of pineapple INSIDE the patty as well as Cheddar and Swiss cheese. Topped with bacon and an onion ring. Thee best burger Ive ever had. Chris was a delight and atmosphere is awesome. You will see my face again!

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