Uncle Tsang’s Kitchen

Chinese food cart

Uncle Tsang’s Kitchen

Location:8926 N Lombard St
Hours: Tues-Fri, 11-2 and 5-9; Sat/Sun, 12-9pm

The Story: A few months back, I visited a Szechuan restaurant in LA and was shocked at the spice factor in every dish. Yet, it didn’t burn for hours, it simply drifted away after awhile. Ever since that fateful meal, I’ve been craving noshable spicy Chinese and found it at a new food cart named Uncle Tsang’s Kitchen.

Chinese food cart

Szechuan Tofu from Uncle Tsang’s

Uncle Tsang’s Kitchen is at the 23rd and Alberta Food Cart Lot having taken over the cart that use to house Fijian Indian Curry. They’ve been open now for a couple of months, so have worked out any kinks. At first glance, the menu serves up what one expects from most Chinese restaurants except it offers more variety for vegetarian and gluten free options. They have beef and broccoli, eggplant chicken, ma po tofu, and potstickers. Yet, what caught my eye was chicken gizzards. Where in Portland do you get chicken gizzards? Along with Szechuan Tofu, I had a meal picked out. The gizzards, deep fried, yet with a light coating and then tossed with more than enough spicy peppers were divine. When delivered, I teared up, knowing the spice could wreck me, but I dove in and surprisingly enough, it didn’t melt my face off. It was that quick burn and then it tapered off. Each little morsel, a present from the Chinese gods of deep frying. The tofu dish with sliced celery, chopped peppers, succulent mushrooms and plenty of red chili flake was a treat. Not so spicy I needed milk afterward, but complex flavors that kept me eating.

Uncle Tsang’s is one of those gems you stumble upon and immediately want to return to. Finding a dish so unique like gizzards is the reason I keep going back to the food carts – they keep surprising me. Head on over to Alberta and give it a try. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Moved to St Johns in 2017]

Sample Menu:

  • Broccoli in garlic sauce – $6
  • Gizzards – $5
  • Curry Chicken – $9
  • Szechuan Tofu – $9.50
  • Lemon Chicken – $8
  • General Chicken – $8
Chinese food cart

Gizzards from Uncle Tsang’s

Facebook: Uncle Tsang’s Kitchen


  1. “Where in Portland do you get chicken gizzards?”

    Sayler’s on the east side and Fryer Tuck’s or the Cider Mill on the west side come to mind. A number of bars around town serve them, and it’s easy enough to find them in grocery stores. I don’t think they’re too hard to find, but this Szechuan version looks delicious.

  2. Im planning on heading to Portland soon to try some of these delicious looking foods…Its a neat idea to look through this site and then plane on visiting as many as you can over a 3-4 day period!

  3. Went out to Portland last week to visit my daughter and just happened to order food at Tsang’s Food Trailer for lunch…. we wanted all dishes to be vegan and to our surprise every dish was 5 Star rating!! Started off with vegan Hot/Sour Soup and I ordered the Sesame Beef which was OUTSTANDING!!!! All 3 of us couldn’t stop raving about the quality and tastes of every dish…. we went back a few days later to get more and was again fantastic!! My daughter said it was her new GO TO place to eat in Portland… and it’ll be the first place I hit when I go back out visiting from here in NJ.

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