Brazilian House

brazilian food cart portland

Brazilian House

Location: SE 43rd and Belmont, Good Food Here
Hours: Weekdays and weekends, lunch

The Story: I was just telling someone the other day that we really don’t have much cuisine out of South America represented in the street food scene and then, Boom!, I discover Brazilian House at Good Food Here. Woo hoo!

Brazilian House is one of the newer carts on the lot and seems to already have a following. At least threw different groups were sharing a plate from the vendor. Menu items include Moqueca, Tropeiro and Feijoada. Moqueca is a stew made with red pepper, green pepper, onions, tomato, palm oil and coconut milk. Traditionally served with fish, at the cart you can get it with fish, shrimp or chicken. I was sold on that knowing I could return for the other dishes, but the owner convinced us to get her most famous dish – Feijoada, a black bean, bacon, beef and sausage stew served with rice and covered with thinly sliced collard greens. What a dish. The greens were fresh and bright and melded perfectly with the salty and meaty stew. An excellent and hearty dish for the coming winter months.

brazilian food cart portland


Brazilian House is one of the only vendors in town doing Brazilian cuisine. We didn’t have room for dessert, but others had picked up the Pudim, a sweet condensed milk flan which looked simply divine. Find Brazilian House at the Good Food Here pod on SE 43rd and Belmont and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Coxinha – chicken balls shaped into drumsticks, battered and fried – $4.50
  • Moqueca – stew served with rice and tomato – $8
  • Tropeiro – beans, bacon, beef, sausage, eggs, green onion, garlic, served with rice and collard greens – $8
  • Feijoada – black beans, bacon, beef, sausage, green onions and served with rice and collard greens – $8

Phone: (503) 360-7688


  1. I lived in brazil some time ago. When I heard this cart had opened up, I had to try it. The food was better than what I remember from the time I lived there. I will be back for more. Definitely try the coxinhas.

  2. I lived in Brazil for a year, and this food is authentic and delicious! The owner and chef, Heloisa, is very friendly, too. The Moqueca is my favorite dish but all her specialties are wonderful.

  3. Chris Allen says

    I had to try this new Brazilian cuisine at this little Red Cart on 43rd. and Belmont. I was floored at good this food was awesome I ordered the Tropeiro. My Aunt ordered the Moqueca she was so delighted at how good it was. I tasted it, and had to have it for dinner so I bought another dish for dinner. I was so impressed I’ll be eating there often that for sure.

  4. Try the feijoada! Its amazing!!

  5. I’m so excited about this food cart! As a Brazilian living in Portland, I had been craving “coxinha” for a long time. Heloisa makes perfect ones – crispy on the outside, moist and nicely seasoned on the inside. I’ve tried the moqueca and feijoada as well, and loved both! Totally different dishes; very hard to say which is better. All I can say is that they were delicious and had very fresh ingredients. I will go for “tropeiro” next time, and if I’m able to pass the coxinhas, maybe I’ll have room for pudim (delicious flan). Congratulations, Heloisa! Your food is great!

  6. I went today for the first time!! I ordered some coxinha!! A deep fried chicken croquet!! It just transported back to Brazil at the first bite!! Sooo good!! As a Brazilian I always craving for food from back home!! That is a great addition to Portland’s food cart scene!! I will be back very soon and try the others dishes for sure!!!
    Thank you Eloisa for bring to Portland a little bit of Brazil flavors!!

  7. Maria Martin says

    Great food!!! The Coxinhas (chicken balls shaped into drumsticks, battered and fried) are amazing I also had rice, beans, collard greens and steak, this dish taste like my mom use to make for me. The chef Heloisa is from My State Minas Gerais eating her food is like going back home.

  8. I have been there two times this month. The food is very great and authentic. I tried the coxinhas and the steak (bife), both were great.

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