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Smaaken Waffles

Location: SE 50th and Division at The Lot at Scout
Hours: Check Facebook for updated hours

The Story:

Parked atop recycled acorn shells spread across a lot nestled among the trees is one of Portland’s newest food cart lots and Smaaken Waffles stands out with their version of the “Dutch Taco.”

On the east side, you may be familiar with waffle sandwiches as FlavorSpot has been serving up such treats for years. Now the west side is getting both food cart love and Smaaken’s version of the Dutch Taco. The owners take pride in sourcing local organic wheat flour grown and milled in the Willamette Valley by Greenwillow Farms. Along with wood-fire roasted coffee from Millars, this cart keeps it local, simple and flavorful.

waffle food cart portland

Smaaken Waffles

The batter for the waffle isn’t all wheat flour. They mix in some malted barley to create a more healthy savory flavor. I opted for a waffle sandwich with fried tofu, cheddar cheese and spinach with some Dijon mustard added for a bit of zing. The waffle had its own malted, lightly yeasty flavor similar to a well made doughnut and was a great vessel for the tofu and spinach. I’m glad I opted for the Dijon as it added another layer of flavor to the entire package. Next time I’ll try some of the bacon and brie.

Hillsdale Food Park, one of the newest additions to the Portland food cart pod list hosts three carts to serve both the Hillsdale community but more importantly, the hungry mouths of Wilson High School students. Located right across from the school, I would have to say it is one of the most ideal locations for a food cart pod. Smaaken is open for breakfast through dinner with both savory and sweet waffle options. Drop on by next time you’re hungry for something different and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Smaaken Waffles moved to The Lot at Scout in 2018]

Sample Menu:

  • Sausage Maple Waffle Sandwich – pork sausage and maple butter – $5.95
  • Veggie Sausage Maple – veggie sausage and maple butter – $5.95
  • Smoked Blackforest – Blackforest Ham and smoked Gouda – $6.50
  • Brie, Apple & Bacon – bacon, brie and spiced Mt. Hood Apples – $6.95
  • Popeye – cage free eggs, cheddar cheese, spinach – $6.25
  • Bananatela – banana, Nutella, whipped cream – $5.25
  • Powdered Dream – powdered sugar and maple butter – $3.50
  • Raspberry Truffle – dark chocolate drizzle, cocoa nibs, whipped cream and homemade raspberry jam – $5.25

Facebook: Smaaken Waffles


  1. Jeremy Willcock says

    This place is incredible! Great Waffles and excellent coffee. I like the Brie, Apple, and Bacon the most, but it is so good I haven’t gotten any thing else. I tried a Bananatela, my girlfriend got, and it was delicious, also. The waffles themselves are fantastic, so I think anything they have to put in them in going to be great as well.

  2. The waffles are incredible (my favorite is just a simple strawberry jam…comes with butter and whipped cream too), the coffee is good, the staff is super nice, and to boot, I can get it all while my son and I are out on our morning walk with the dog – anywhere else I have to leave the dog outside and she barks. Also, they take credit cards, so when I’m short on cash, that’s nice. Thanks, guys!

  3. I’d love to visit Smaaken someday, but every time I’ve gone in the evening they’re closed. If the posted hours are until 7 and I get there at 5:20 I would assume I could get some waffles for dinner since I don’t have time in the morning, but no such luck.

  4. The hours on this site are outdated. Their Facebook page says they close at 4 everyday.

  5. Lorna Levi says

    on August 23rd Congregation Kol Ami .is holding our second annual fair in Vancouver WA
    Your waffle would make a great addition to our vendor line and hope that you will consider participating
    Should you have any questions please email me at
    Or call. 360-573-7062

  6. Susan Harwood says

    Too hungry to wait in the crazy line at Bollywood Theater, we wandered down the street looking for other options and stumbled upon Tidbits food cart pod. OMG what a happy accident! Two of us chose to get Smaaken waffles for our dinner, and the others liked them so much that everyone got a sweet waffle to go for dessert! (The younger ones ate theirs before we were halfway home!). Stop by Smaaken Waffles and give them a try. The waffles smell so good as they’re cooking, and the flavor lives up to that promise – you will not be disappointed!!! The only hard part is choosing just one. 🙂

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