Wagsy’s Hot Beef Sandwiches

Jonathan Amato
Wagsy's Hot Beef Sandwiches

Wagsy's Hot Beef Sandwiches

Location: SW 5th and Oak
Hours: Weekdays, 10am-4pm

The Story:

Family is the strongest bond one will have in his or her life. To me, it’s always a cool story when a parent and child take a common interest and open a business together based on that shared link. At Wagsy’s, which opened in early January 2012, Kevin and his son, Eric, share their love for sandwiches with the public.

Wagsy is Kevin’s nickname, given to him by some of his good friends. There are five sandwiches on the regular menu, each using a fresh Italian roll. Several sandwiches are named for various regions of the United States. I had the Beef ‘n Bourbon sandwich with thin slices of roast beef, chopped cabbage, and Wagsy’s special BBQ sauce infused with premium Maker’s Mark bourbon. The large slices of roast beef are extremely tender and juicy with the fresh cabbage adding that contrasting crunchy element. The warm tangy/sweet BBQ sauce is a home run, and the bourbon shines through. The Italian roll is soft when biting into it, yet thick enough to encase the beef, sauce, and cabbage. A simple sandwich, yet so comforting.


Wagsy's Hot Beef Sandwiches

Wagsy's Hot Beef Sandwiches

People have raved about the Chi-Town Beef Dip – a beef sandwich dipped in au jus, and the Rip City – roast beef and garlic butter sautéed mushrooms. Wagsy’s also offers a vegetarian sandwich option. Wagsy’s is open on weekdays for lunch. Check them out and tell ‘em Food Carts Portland sent ya!

Sample Menu:

  • Chi-Town Beef Dip – $5; USDA choice beef wet-dipped in au jus
  • Philly – $6; choice beef smothered in cheese sauce, peppers, and onions
  • Rip City – $6; roast beef covered with garlic butter sautéed mushrooms
  • Beef ‘n Bourbon – $6; roast beef, cabbage, and bourbon-infused BBQ sauce
  • Veggie-no-Beef – $6; garlic butter sautéed mushrooms, simmered onions and peppers, cheese sauce, and cabbage

Hours: Weekdays, 10am-4pm
Phone: 503 884 0658
Twitter: @Wagsys



  1. This place is pretty good and the guys working there are very friendly. The cheese sauce on the Philly could be switched out but other than that, great!

  2. I ordered the Chi-Town, and within 3 minutes it was served to me hot and fresh! These guys rock! I will be back!

  3. Awesome sandwiches. Love the bread. It is always so fresh. Really enjoyed the veggie sandwich and my husband especially liked the Chi Beef. You gotta try ’em! They are quick, yet top notch!

  4. There should be a Wagsy’s in every big city. A diamond in the rough! I’m glad I got to eat at his first cart! Beef N Bourbon was wonderful!!!!! Thank You Wagsy!!!!!!

  5. So far I’ve had the Chi-Town Beef Dip and the Rip City. Both sandwiches are stellar. If you like mushrooms I’d totally recommend the Rip City. I had this one today and one of my coworkers who works a few rows over from me wanted to know what smelled so good! The service is fantastic and super friendly. Thanks for making my Friday!!!

  6. I had the special today (Beef, bacon, smoked cheddar and french onion mayo) and it was awesome! It came out much bigger than I was expecting, overflowing with lean, moist beef. The fast, friendly service and amazing sandwiches will keep me coming back.

  7. The first thing that caught my eye was how CLEAN this cart is! The two dudes inside wear nice white uniforms. very impressive! I ordered the Rip-City and let me tell you, it was all this collage kid could do to finish it! Very BIG portions at a reasonable price. I know were to go for lunch now! I will be trying your shrimp scampy sandwich on Friday:)

  8. So I went today to try the “Chi-Town” that everyones being raving about. Let me tell you. This is a MANS SANDWICH! Its all I could do to finish it. The taste is out of this world! The bread is fresh and the meat is tender. Well worth the money. The two gentlemen working the cart are very friendly.

  9. After looking at the picture at the top of this page. I made the journey across town from the “east side” to try that sandwich. Its called the “Beef-n-Bourbon”. My trip payed off! Its bigger than it looks! Taste great! Very fast and friendly service, by a father & son team. These guys got it together! Thanks, You will be seeing more of me.

  10. Amy Brennan says

    Awesome, flavorful beef. Tender, garlicky mushrooms. What more could you ask for?

  11. These guys also deserve two big thumbs-up for their breakfast deal: a 3-egg scramble and toast for $3! Delicious and priced right.

    Also, for those who aren’t fans of the roast beef sandwiches, they’ve added a hot turkey sandwich – I may give it a try today.

  12. On my way to work this morning, I stopped by to try out their breakfast. I had French Toast. It was GREAT! The maple syrup is out of this world! I am hooked on it now. Very fast & friendly service. They make you feel very welcome. I heard they are opened on weekends now.

  13. My favorite breakfast! I get the omelette and put it between the two slices of lightly toasted bread that come with it. Best breakfast sandwich EVER!

  14. If I had to live with only one food cart, this would be it. Wagsy’s has a great breakfast, great lunches, great prices and the best service.

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