Location: SW 5th and Stark
Hours: M-F, 8am-6pm; Sat, 11am-3pm

The Story:

Back in early 2009, Portland saw a surge of food cart openings and I distinctly remember when BrunchBox opened because A) they served burgers and B) they had breakfast sandwiches. In the two years that have transpired, BrunchBox has made a name for itself and become a fixture in Portland’s food cart community.

BrunchBox has recently gone through a sort of reboot of their menu, branding and ownership. The new owner Derek took the famous menu which still includes the YouCanHasCheeseburger and infamous Redonkadonk, but expanded to include build your own burger options and a large breakfast menu. I stopped by the first day the new menu debuted and enjoyed the new Thai Bacon Burger with grilled pineapple and jalapenos, bacon and peanut sauce. You can even choose mild, medium or hot for spiciness. That is just one of the many new choices being offered. You can also join them for breakfast at 8am weekdays and build your own with options of an omelet or breakfast sandwiches and even french toast. The possibilities are endless.

BrunchBox has been featured on The Cooking Channel, numerous print publications and even showcased on for the Redonkadonk sandwich. I’m happy to see them be as successful as they are and love the new menu. If you’re a regular, note that you now grab a menu and mark it up with your options and name and hand it off. That way you get exactly what you ordered. Hit up BrunchBox and check out the changes and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

The Redonkadonk from BrunchBox

The Redonkadonk from BrunchBox

New Menu can be found at

Hours: Mon-Fri – 8am-6pm; Saturday 11a-3pm
503 477 3286
Twitter: BrunchBox
Facebook: BrunchBox
Additional Info:
Credit/Debit accepted


[Our original post about Brunchbox from March 2009 beyond the fold]

Description: Welcome to the strip Brunch Box. So excited for you to join us. The Brunch Box is a new cart in the 5th avenue cart pod where Matlocks used to be. They’ve only been open a couple of weeks now and you can see by their menu, they are making it a go with a broad array of lunch choices. I love how new carts quickly take over a space and make it their own. Brunch Box specializes in sandwich and burger fare. They also do breakfast. I was lamenting earlier this winter that there weren’t any breakfast carts that could serve me up a breakfast bagel or sandwich and what not. The other morning, I ventured to Brunch box for a yummy homemade English muffin, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. So good. That English muffin was so fresh, I could still taste the baking going on. Talking with the owners, they stated the muffins had come out of the oven only 20 minutes before I arrived. Oh, and looking around, they were one of 2 breakfast spots at 8am. I see success. And for $3, it beats any other breakfast sandwich downtown unless you’re opting for fast food at the mall.


When I first discovered Brunch Box, I thought they were an old cart that just revamped the menu, but then I took a closer look. They had burgers. Not just any old $5 burger, but a $3 burger and then more options for more money. I opted for $6 OMG burger because A) anyone who incorporates texting speak into food names is a win in my book and B) I hadn’t had spam with a burger yet. Yup, SPAM! and bacon. and egg. The burger was put together with care and wrapped well so I could transport it over to my lunch eating spot at the US Bank Tower. When I bit into it, I was in heaven. Everything was proportionate and stayed together while I munched it down. It was messy, but what do you expect from an OMG burger? I would suggest grabbing a few extra napkins if you order one. The meat was cooked just right – not well done and the egg was firm enough not to drip the yellow guts all over everything else. After finishing and having a mild heart arrhythmia, I vowed I would go back. And I did for the aforementioned breakfast.

I will become a regular at this cart. The owners are nice and friendly and they have a great menu for everyone. If you are downtown, check them out and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya!

Sample Menu:

Breakfast (all day)
$2 Homemade English muffins (fresh daily)
-$1 Add: ham, bacon, spam, vegetarian sausage
-$.50 Add: egg, cheese, tomato, onion, mushroom, lettuce, peanut butter, pickles

$3 omelet breakfast sandwich: egg, mushroom, onion, American cheese

$5 omg! Breakfast sandwich: egg, ham, spam, bacon, American cheese

$3.50 Bec (bacon, egg, cheese)

Brunch (all day)

all burgers lettuce, tomato, onion, condiments

$3 ¼ Lb black Angus or veggie burger
-$1 add: ham, bacon, spam
-$.50 Add: egg, cheese, mushroom, pickles, sauerkraut, pineapple, chips (as topping)

$4 black & blue burger:
blackening seasoning w/blue cheese

$6 omg! burger:
egg, ham, spam, bacon, american cheese

$4 5-oh! burger:
pineapple, teriyaki glaze, spam, (yes, spam), swiss cheese
$4 reuben burger:
sauerkraut,  1000 island, swiss cheese

$5 youcanhascheeseburger!:
burger between two texas-toast grilled cheese sandwich “buns”

$9 redonkadonk
“omg! burger” (Egg, ham, spam, bacon, American cheese) between two texas-toast grilled cheese sandwich “buns”

$2 all-beef hot dog
-$.50 add: cheese, sauerkraut

$1.50 texas-toast grilled cheese sandwich

kids meals
comes with juice, apple sauce, and a sticker!

$3 cheezasaurus rex:
texas-toast grilled cheese sandwich shaped like a dinosaur

$3 pb & j:
texas-toast peanut butter and jelly sandwich shaped like a dinosaur

$2 ½ hot dog

Beverages & chips
$.50-$1: -coke, diet coke, bottled water, hot tea, assorted steaz teas and juice boxes
-frech-press, french-roast coffee by farm- friendly/local portland roasting company

$1: Chips, assorted varieties

*brunch box chooses local/organic whenever possible.
**all angus burgers are hand-pressed and made to order.



  1. I can attest to the quality of this cart. I adored my burger there the other day. Fresh, big and lots of fresh vegetables.

    One of the owners is a former manager from Voodoo Donuts by the way.

  2. *gingerly scuffs sidewalk/blushes* Aww, shucks.
    Brunch Box <3s foodcartsportland too! Thanks for the warm and generous review!

    A few words:
    I made a minor menu error, there’s spam on the “5-oh! Burger” instead of the subsequent “Reuben burger”;
    Our email is and we’re currently on facebook, here;
    And we are always open to customer’s menu suggestions.
    There will now be two people present for lunch rushes (we’re happy too).
    Check out our St.Patrick’s Special–“JLT’s Fatty McPaddy” (There’s beef hash, fried egg, and potato involved!), and an upcoming special by request–spam musubi!

    Huzzah for Portland food carts!

  3. Oh god, I think I know where I’ll be starting my mornings when I’m not working…

  4. I enjoyed our journey there CBF and found the bacon blue cheese burger to be over-the-moon delicious. I can’t wait to give breakfast a try. This spot could prevent me from venturing out and trying new locations for quite sometime.


  5. mmmmm! a fantastic burger deal. good buns, fresh lettuce and tomato.. so yummy. I will be trying breakfast and the $1 16oz. french press coffee tomorrow

  6. Hey Brunch Box! Thanks for chiming in. Looks like you are already getting a whole bunch of loyal customers.

    For some reason your email went into my spam folder, but I just now got it and will update your post.

    SPAM MUSUBI! Woot!

  7. BrunchBox, thanks for coming. Yeah, I enjoyed one of your Reuben Burgers just today. Yum! Well done. So glad you are getting a lot of Portland cart love.

  8. So cheap, so generous with the toppings and condiments, great all around…they will be getting a lot of my food cart money, even at those OMG! prices.

  9. my officemate and i went and had 10:30am hamburgers from these dudes the other day and they were FANTASTIC. a $3 hamburger, perfectly cooked, filling, with lots of grilled onions and fresh lettuce and tomatoe? yes, please. i will definetly be back.

  10. Brunchbox, once again you have come through with another wonderful lunch today. Can I also say that your AM coffee is delightful. I’m not always hungry for breakfast (though I do say, there is nothing finer than the bec on a fresh muffin…), but you do the simple things, like a good cup of coffee FOR A BUCK, very well. Thanks for your attention to the details.

  11. Updates!
    1. We’ve got a credit/debit machine on the way! No more rushing to atm/bank on your lunch break.
    2. Official twitter page : (we post twitter and daily specials and early closings)
    3. Official Facebook page: (for daily specials and early closings)
    4. Official Blog: (for reviews and updates)
    5. We now have three people working the cart M-F, 2 on Sat (food’s fast yo!)
    6. New summer hours effective Mon 6/22: 8:30am-4pm, Sat 9-4. (Please message us if opposed–we’ll open at 8 if too many people’s breakfasts are affected)
    7. The cart’s telephone # is 503/477-3286, feel free to call ahead or check to see if we’re open.
    8. Although not on the menu, Honey wheat English Muffins are also made daily. Made with whole wheat and sweetened with local Oregon’s Best Wildflower honey.

  12. dieselboi says

    Brunch Box, Thanks for the info. I have updated the post.

  13. I TRY 😉 to not be drawn to Brunch Box, but I seem to fail. My breakfast a couple times a week… a grilled cheese sandwich (Swiss or American) with their great coffee.
    They make the most delicious burgers…
    Ruben — YUM
    5oh — YUM
    Black and Blue — YUM
    youcanhascheeseburger — oh my… I don’t eat a lot… and I knew this was a BIG sandwich. So I expressed my concern at ordering… and was told, many just eat half and save the rest for later… WELL, YES, I stopped after I ate half… for about 10 minutes, then went back! and finished it off.
    So yep their food is great… but best of all, the are wonderful people. They keep things fresh… and they do at times run out of meat or muffins… but we should thank them for this happening… because of the YUM factor!

  14. They do not accept cards.

  15. Our machine was supposed to arrive about a month ago, but due to address errors was sent back to the co. and then resent twice. Ha! Our rep assures us it will be here Monday, according to tracking info. Simple setup, so provided there’s no unforseen wackiness, we should accept credit/debit starting Monday 7/13.

  16. Best Burger in town. I’ve been there twice. The first time I dared to split (alright, so it was with my bare hands, but what else was I supposed to do) the grilled cheese “You can” burger with a 20-something who was “broke and traveling”–or, at least that’s what his cardboard sign said. I looked back minutes later to see that he was throwing the half away. I asked first if he was a veggie, so it must have been because of the germs. Beggers can’t be choosers buddie. You’ve ruined it for others in the future. Bottom-line: too good to share.

  17. Burger nirvana. This is the reason I love food carts: totally unique food, quality ingredients, great people, and very affordable. Thank you Brunch Box!

  18. IMHO, possibly the best burger in PDX.

  19. OMG! Just had the OMG burger. Salty, meaty, juicy, cheesy deliciousness. Bacon ham and egg on a burger. WoW!! If it were bigger, that would be perfection, but still outstanding. A chicken breast option would be good too. Not much of a burger fan, rarely eat them, but this was exciting and I’ll be back for this.

  20. Charlie C says

    Had the breakfast sandwich this morning. Thank god I don’t work downtown. Otherwise, I’d weigh 400 lbs because I would eat at this stand at least every other morning. Had egg and sausage on the english muffin. Egg cooked perfectly so that the yolk was solid but not so runny that it was too messy to eat while walking. The thing was perfection.

  21. Deborah Anderson says

    Your Mom’s proud of you, you should call her sometime!

  22. Wow. Spam in burger? I’ve never tried that. I can’t wait to try a different breakfast experience.

  23. Justin Herndon says

    Brunch Box rocks! Talk about spicy! I’m no shrinking violet when it comes to spicy food, but this one really sent me running for an extra large Slurpee.

    This was my first experience with a Portland food cart and it made my day. I’m gonna love this city.

    I will be back for more of that tongue-searing awesomeness.

  24. This place rocks!

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