CLOSED 10/2011
7441 N Leavitt Ave [updated 7/2011]
Hours: Tues-Fri, 11:30-2:30; 4:30-8; Sat, 12-10pm; Sun, 1-7pm

The Story:

When many think of street food, they invariably think of hot dogs or some sort of meat that you hold in your hand. When introduced to the whole plate dishes we have in Portland, visitors are shocked that you eat street food with a fork and knife. Stick-It, though, is bringing back the meat on a stick. No silverware needed.

Stick-It opened earlier this year at one of the city’s newest pods in southeast, yet after trying to weather winter and the small crowds a new pod has to deal with, they moved to St. Johns to Crystal Gardens. The owner, Dennis, and his wife hail from Atlanta where Dennis worked in the restaurant industry for years. They wanted a change, did some research and picked Portland. I joked about the rain when we spoke and he took it in stride, stating he didn’t mind it. We’ll see about that. Dennis wanted produce an item that people could eat on the go and came up with his signature pork chop on a stick. He then added beef and chicken and even made a go of tofu, but due to its texture, had more challenges than successes. Being a meat eater in a pod that offers vegetarian options, Dennis did the right thing – cook up what you do best and do it well.

Pork chop on a stick

Pork chop on a stick

Each of the meats are prepped before hand and grilled to order. The boneless pork chop is brined overnight to ensure that when grilling, it stays moist and flavorful. Dennis has a pretty good size gas grill in the cart and when you order, plops your choice of meat down and gets it cooking. Once finished, he skewers it with a stick and hands it off for your enjoyment. The pork chop was the size of my hand, a huge chunk of piggy goodness. The brining gave the meat a great flavor and ensured that it didn’t dry out once it was put on the grill. Upon first sight, I was concerned that the stick wouldn’t be sufficient for such a huge slab of meat, but it was and I was able to fully enjoy the whole meal without using utensils. I added a side of Dennis’ rooster mayo for dipping. Sriracha and mayonnaise – a great spicy combination. Dennis also offers sides which include steamed rice and roasted veggies if you want to make a plate of it. Once corn on the cob comes into season, he will grill that also in different styles – Bandito with rooster may, Parmesan and cayenne pepper or Kink Korn with peanut sauce and bacon bits.

St. Johns is lucky to get this fun cart with a great attitude and fun, almost fair like approach to food. Dennis was great to talk with while I waited for my stick and we swapped food stories – always a fun way to get to know someone. When you visit, and I know you will, let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pork chop on a stick: brined boneless chop – $6
  • Steak on a stick: boneless beef rib with a peppery dry rub – $6
  • Chicken on a stick: marinated chicken boneless breast – $6
  • Kustom Korn – $4
  • Plate any meat with steamed rice and roasted veggies for $4 extra

Hours: Tues-Fri, 11:30-2:30; 4:30-8; Sat, 12-10pm; Sun, 1-7pm
Twitter: @Foodonastick
Facebook: Stick-It



  1. Dennis we will miss you on Foster hope the new spot does you well AWESOME FOOD!!!

  2. Super tasty, juicy & fat pork chops. Also the veggie and rice is a must along with the bandito corn. Word is he is now using Carlton Farm meat, can’t wait to try again…

  3. The wizard says

    Well prepared meat, flavorful & juicy, grilled to perfection!!! slap some of the side sauces on. Awesome, just ask me, almost my daily fare! The Wizard…


  1. […] this month. I had film to drop off in St. John’s last weekend which finally led us to giving pork chops on a stick a shot. I mean, it’s not like anyone had to twist our arms or […]

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