Over the Top

Over the Top

Over the Top

[Closed August 2011]
SE 50th and Ivon
Hours: Daily, 11am-10pm

The Story:

When you thought the food carts couldn’t surprise you any longer, then opens Over the Top, a cart focusing on burgers made with Oregon raised game.

Over the Top is the work of three friends from Montana who initially wanted to open a cart focusing on burgers, but quickly realized that had already been done. Why re-invent the wheel. Since burgers were on their mind, mixed with their Montana rural past, they decided to work with a local distributor of Oregon raised game like elk, bison, emu, and boar. Game is sustainable and has a flavor many have yet to try. If game isn’t part of your palate, they also have locally raised beef burgers along with tempura battered and fried veggies like beets, jalapenos, or fingerling potatoes. A crazy busy menu with something for most anyone.

Elk burger from Over the Top

Elk burger from Over the Top

When presented with multiple choices where I love everything offered, I usually ask the owner or chef what they recommend. At Over the Top, Martine, one of the three owners, suggested the elk burger with a sweet cherry demi-glaze. I’ve enjoyed game over the years in different dishes. Being as lean as it is, one may be concerned about dryness when it comes to a burger. The elk burger I enjoyed was far from dry, cooked to a juicy medium rare, topped with a thin slice of provolone melted over caramelized onions with whole leaf butter lettuce and placed on a wonderful Dave’s Killer Blue bun. The demi-glaze added a sweetness I actually wasn’t prepared for, but enjoyed complimenting the complex flavors of the elk. If the elk is any indication of their craft, I know I need to try all the offerings. Just thinking of a wild boar burger makes me salivate.

Over the Top is open every day for lunch through dinner and into the evening. The A la Cart pod is now offering live music on Saturday nights and have covered heated seating for their patrons. The owners are committed to Oregon raised and processed meats and making everything from scratch. Give Over the Top a visit and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

All burgers served on Dave’s Killer Blue bun or a white pub bun. Gluten free bread available upon request. Burgers come with a side of apple slaw.

  • Elk Burger: cherry demi-glaze, butter lettuce, provalone, caramelized onions – $9
  • Bison Burger: Nueskies bacon, feta cheese, baby spinach and tomato – $9
  • Emu Burger: fried beets, baby spinach, tomato, teriyaki carrot slaw, pesto veganaise, Swiss cheese – $10
  • Lamda Lamb: caramelized onions, bacon, scallion, butter lettuce, veganaise, Swiss cheese – $9
  • Beef and Cheddar burger: fried red onion, tomato, frisee – $7
  • Tempura battered vegetables – beets, red onion, jalapeno, pickles, fingerling potatoes – $3

Hours: Daily, 11am-10pm
Phone: 503 360 7124
Twitter: @OverTheTopPDX Facebook: OverTheTopFoodCart



  1. Had a lamb burger with goat cheese,prosciutto,and fried green beans last night. It was truly amazing.

  2. Had a wild boar burger with bacon, cheese and grilled onions. Was most excellent. It included a side of their cole slaw, which was also delicious; seemed to be vinegarette based (i.e. no mayonaise) and had gorgonzola cheese; is now my gold standard for cole slaw.

  3. Ya have to mention that Over the Top offers TWO kinds of gluten free bread AND the tempura is also gluten free. It’s made w/ sorghum flour.

  4. best food ever, i had the bison burger and have tried others too great food

  5. Went back a second time and had an elk burger. Boy howdy, was that one damn good juicy burger. The ‘slaw had some tomato in it this time around and was again most excellent.

    The pod’s seating now has some sort of plastic tenting (with windows) for the inclement season, too.

  6. Was so excited to taste a wild game burger with a gluten free bun, tonight. So I got in the car and drove over to find that they are now closed on Monday. Boooooo!! Guess I will have to try again tomorrow. Hopefully they will be open since they were also closed in the middle of the afternoon a few weeks ago on a Thursday, as were over half of the carts there. I think the sign said closed Monday, and open til 9pm the rest of the nights.

  7. Sorry Hb,
    We are actually closed on we’d. Now and not Mondays. Sorry we were not there for you. You should come down and try again I would love to make you a great burger.local venison just came in.

  8. Had the llama burger, got it primarily for the novelty, would get it again because it was a delicious, creatively put-together burger-shaped chunk of awesome. I had to drive from Milwaukie and it was worth every mile and every penny.

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