Costillas Diablas


Costillas Diablas

Costillas Diablas

Location: NW 2nd and Everett
Hours: Weekdays, lunch

The Story:

In an interesting twist, the owners of Trebol, an upscale Mexican restaurant in North Portland, have decided to open a food cart. Costillas Diablas is the partnership of Kenny Hill of Trebol and Justin Akins, owner of Vintage Cocktail and master mixologist. Let’s all get some devil ribs.

Trebol is in my neighborhood, so I have a soft spot in my palate for their Oaxacan-inspired, Northwest influenced menu. Kenny Hill likes to serve up wild boar and I have enjoyed a few happy hour tacos at the restaurant. According to reports by other local media, Kenny saw that Portland’s cart scene was lacking when it came to the regional Mexican fare he produced, so decided to launch the cart. He also opened in an under-served area in Old Town on NW 2nd and Everett. On the third day open, after only 90 minutes, they already had a line and had sold out of their smoked tofu tacos. I’d say they picked a good spot.

Boar Tacos

Boar Tacos

Being a fan of most things pork, I am intrigued by wild boar. In my opinion, it is leaner than the other types of pork I have had in tacos, but still packs a robust flavor. The wild boar tacos at $1.50 a piece may be one of the best deals in town. Two corn tortillas are grilled then topped with a sizable amount of what I would describe as “pulled” wild boar, chili spiced slaw, cilantro and salsa diabla. I say “pulled” since it has the consistency and appearance of what I know as pulled pork, just using boar instead. The entire taco was an explosion of spicy, yet succulent flavors along with the whisper of bitterness from the cilantro. A great taco from the brains of some ingenious chefs.

Costillas Diablas’s cart may look familiar as it is the same style as the Fuego Burrito carts. Don’t get confused though, these are completely different menus. While they serve up a great taco, you can also get a bacon fat grilled torta or boar short ribs. A mouth-watering menu. I know we’ll be making return trips. Head on down to old town and try out the new cart. There’s a great place to sit close by out of the rain. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

All items served with chili spiced slaw, Trebol pickles, and Salsa Diabla

  • 2 Boar Tacos w/cilanto and onions – $3
  • 2 Smoked Tofu Tacos w/peppers and greens – $3
  • Bacon fat grilled torta with boar and slaw and queso – $6
  • Boar shot ribs w/cilantro and onions – $6

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm
Contact: Unknown



  1. palate

  2. I don’t think this cart is still in this location. Anyone know where it actually is?

  3. So this place was supposed to reopen on 1/4 at 4th & Couch- but I’ve looked a couple of times since then and haven’t seen it yet. Am I waiting for Godot’s taco?

  4. Hello Guyz says

    has anybody seen this place. i want torta

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