The Redonkadonk!


The Redonkadonk by FoodCartsPortland

This is a good week for Portland’s “fatty melts.” First, the Grilled Cheese Grill’s Cheezus is featured in Men’s Health and today, has BrunchBox’s Redonkadonk as one of America’s fattiest foods. Woohooo! Way to go guys. Some may not want Portland’s food carts showcased by such caloric behemoths, but honestly, they are great sandwiches. Congrats BrunchBox and The Grilled Cheese Grill.

The Redonkadonk: Egg, ham, Spam, bacon, and American cheese on a beef patty, between two grilled-cheese sandwiches on Texas Toast bread.


  1. What exactly makes it a great sandwich? It looks disgusting. I had been planning to check out the Grilled Cheese Grill but after seeing that… ewwww.

  2. Stefanie says

    Kyle – if you actually read the post it’s not even a sandwich from the GCG.

  3. 1) It’s at BrunchBox, not Grilled Cheese Grill.
    2) Let me get this straight–you put down one complete grilled cheese sandwich, then pile on egg, ham, Spam (got your sodium for the day), bacon, more cheese, and a hamburger patty. Then you put another complete grilled cheese sandwich on top, grab it, and scarf. I gotta go with Kyle here: approaching gross.

  4. Jim Lowman says

    I’d try it! Might take me a few days to eat it, though.

  5. Brooke Howes says

    Brunch Box has great sandwich’s. Their burgers are amazing and only 5 dollars. The Redonk is an Sport eaters sando don’t you see that. I love these guy’s and there’s nothing gross about that.. Brooke from Built to Grill…..I’m hungry now…

  6. Brooke Howes says

    You know what? I think their burgers are actually cheaper than that. I just give them 5 bucks because I think they kiss ass.

  7. Matt from Nashville says

    I think it’d be better if the sandwich was Spam, Egg, Spam, bacon, and American cheese on a Spam patty.

    Don’t mind the singing Vikings- they are harmless.

  8. lol@ monty python reference <3…. gross sandbeast though.

  9. You forgot lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, mayonnaise, and mustard!

  10. Ha you honestly don’t know what your missing! A delicious and filling burger! Tom that is Texas Toast grilled cheese sandwiches!

  11. That looks amazing! I would love to have that redonkadonk once a month so as to not ruin my diet, but maybe having it twice a month would still be fine. I will be looking up some recipes for this.

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