The Frying Scotsman Fish and Chips

The Frying Scotsman Fish and Chips

The Frying Scotsman Fish and Chips

Location: BG’s Food Cartel in Beaverton


Another field trip yielded yet another great cart find – The Frying Scotsman. This new fish and chips cart is located in NW Portland, away from the regular pods we normally see every day downtown. Yet, after a 10 minute bus ride and a block or two walk, I found the cart and discovered two more within walking distance. Who knew NW 22nd was a cart magnet? The day I visited, autumn had arrived and was threatening rain. Being an Oregonian, I was out just in a sweater with no jacket nor umbrella, secretly hoping to not be caught uncovered. When I arrived at The Frying Scotsman, I was glad to discover his cart is in a garage, fully covered and protected from the elements.

The Frying Scotsman focuses on traditional British style fish and chips. The owner and head chef James was born and raised outside of Glasgow and only recently moved to Portland with his family. While eating my lunch, (during the downpour, protected by the garage) I was able to chat with James. Such a friendly gentleman who has traveled the world working in different countries and experiencing life. A lifelong chef, opening a “British chippy” after not being able to find work in this town was a natural conclusion.

Fish and Chips from The Frying Scotsman

Fish and Chips from The Frying Scotsman

I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed the haddock fish and chips. James serves up large portions of fish, lightly breaded with a handful of thick cut fried potatoes. Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned to perfection. I’m one of those eaters who love his condiments and the tarter sauce complemented the fish just right. What’s great was that it wasn’t needed that much as the fish was tasty in and of itself. Sitting there at a small fold up table decorated with an embroidered table cloth while watching it rain and rain was a perfect way to spend my lunch.

The Frying Scotsman is a find. I’m glad James decided to open this cart. Welcome to Portland sir and we wish you all well. Take a field trip up to NW 22nd and say hi to James. He’s a great conversationalist and has some great stories. I know I’ll be back. Tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Moved to BGs Food Cartel in Beaverton in 2018

Hours: Monday through Friday, 11am-5pm
Website: The Frying Scotsman
Phone: 503 706 3841


  1. I’m excited about this cart. There’s a whole slew of British ex-pats, and Americans who have lived in Britain, now residing in Portland. I’ve repeatedly heard them lament that Portland needs a real “chippy”. It’s a British thing – like a good burger and fries from is to Americans. When you are away from it, you start to crave it something fierce.

    Really excited to try Frying Scotsman myself.

    I’ll be bringing some British friends along for the fun.

  2. Tried it and REALLY liked it…it was really great especially for a cart and for what he was charging. Really nice guy to talk to as well. Definatly will be back. I wish he was down a little further on 23rd, so that he could really make a go of being a later night place…a little worried that he’s too isolated where he currently is, but wish him well!

    Also, while James’ is awesome and I don’t suggest anyone not hit his place up, for those looking for another taste of true english style fish and chips, there is “The Fish and Chip Shop” on Mississippi. Amazing as well…though 2x the price and MUCH longer wait (they actually wait to cut the filets until you order…kinda crazy).

  3. James is a real decent guy. I heard about him from his neighbors who happen to be friends of mine. Welcome to NW Portland James..

  4. James is a really good guy to talk to and his food is great have been 3 times and will be there many more times the prices are great and the food is better and if anyone is every in portland you need to go try the The Frying Scotsman Fish and Chips and have a chat with james

  5. Starting today (Monday, 10/19/09), The Frying Scotsman is serving handmade British soups. Today’s is lentil with chopped onions, carrots, celery and red mediterranean lentils. Thanks!

  6. Just went for lunch (11/5/09) and am so happy I found this place. My husband is English and we have tried fish and chips places all across the US to much disappointment. This is the first place we’ve found that gives you a real chippy experience. Great battered fish, perfect chips and a reasonable price. James was also very friendly.

  7. The Frying Scotsman is adding two new entrees to the menu today: Salmon ($7.75) and Mahi Mahi ($6.75) fish and chips. Also now serving Izze sparkling juices.

  8. This place is great! Chips are really hard to get right, and James does it fantastically. The fish is battered just right as well.

    And after a great lunch today, just found out he’s opening on Saturday lunchtime as well now. Awesome.

  9. I’m eating my halibut fish-n-chips as I read these reviews. Everything I’ve tried there is great, and James is a wonderful host. He also has Irn-Bru! Come up to NW and give it a try.

  10. I had the Haddock and chips for lunch today…….. Well done James.
    I was born in Scotland (Ayreshire), raised in Vancouver, BC and now living in PDX. I have tried time and again to find ” that British taste” in fish and chips. There are several places that come close but James has done it. I’m already e-mailing my Canadian friends that on their next trip down the Frying Scotsman will be our lunch spot. Thanks James!

  11. Went to Stellas on 3rd and Stark and had the most amazing burger with blue cheese, egg, bacon, and tons of other stuff, could not grasp the size of it just massive and wonderful we will be back for more. Two thumbs up.

  12. Johnny Danger says

    I pooped my pants when I tasted how great the food was!!!

  13. PorTimbers-LivFC says

    I have to say we had some of the best fish & chips in town! This was our first food cart…the fish (haddock, red snapper and halibut) was great, the chips were awesome and the sides went well with the meal. We are still talking about the meal, we will be back. Thanks again!

  14. Outstanding fish & chips, and James is a really nice guy…I will most definitely be back.

  15. Ottoman Sultan says

    James…on my way to try this great gem in NW…however, a question for ya: do you put beer in the batter? Some of us strict non-alkky’s cant consume any alcohol, whether it be ‘baked out’ or not…

  16. Fantastic. First visit today. Halibut and chips was fantastic: good-sized servings with _very_ fresh tasting halibut, and fat steak fries that were not only perfect on the outside, but some tasted like a baked potato on the inside. Great breading too, not too thick but not just a dusting like some places do now – there’s a time and place for both styles but it came together perfectly here. We will most definitely be back, seems like they already have a good following and the location isn’t a problem for him at all.

    Only thing we didn’t like was the coleslaw, seemed half mayo and half cabbage but that was very insignificant next to the fish & chips.

  17. PorTimbers-LivFC says

    They are called chips…..the red snapper and haddick are very good too. There is a difference between fries and chips and you have tasted for the first time….

  18. The Frying Scotsman and neighbor The Fried Onion will be trying something new for First Thursday; both carts will be open from about 5 to 8 pm for early evening dinners on March 4. New running store (across the street from both) Fit Right NW will be closing down NW Raleigh Street between 22nd and 23rd, so the two food carts will join in the shenanigans. Stay tuned for a mash up soon to come…

  19. I just finished the most amazing haddock and chips that I’ve had in a long time. I think it was better than what’s normally found at the RAT based on the chips alone.

    It’s all too easy to turn out deep fried food that isn’t very good, but James is a master of frycraft. The haddock had a perfectly puffed, golden brown batter shell, while the fish was moist, hot and with a good taste. The chips, as others have mentioned, are floury on the inside with a nice outer shell. None of the food was greasy.

    If dining solo, it’s probably best to go hungry as there were two good-sized fillets in my box along with the chips. There was enough for two people to share for a lighter lunch.

    I can’t wait to try the deep-fried Mars bar, the haggis and some of the other types of fish.

  20. Stuart Richardson says

    He recently moved to SW 9th Ave,Washington&Alder

  21. I hate to pile on with all the other praise this cart has already received, but this was the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. The sweet pickle chunks in the tartar sauce is a brilliant idea. I’m glad he moved from NW to downtown.

  22. Yes, without a doubt the best Fish and Chips I’ve had in Portland. It’s not even a contest.

  23. Oh my gosh! My family went her for lunch this afternoon….my husband had the Mahi Mahi, I had the COD (as did my sister-in-law) and my bother had the snapper…. IT WAS ALL WONDERFUL!

    We are lucky to have the Frying Scotsman in downtown….take the time to go by and have lunch…you won’t be sorry.

  24. I finally got over to this cart today, and wow… The fish was cooked perfectly, and there’s something about the batter (slightly sweet and malty) he used that really appealed to me. The chips were hand cut, thick, and plentiful. It was a delicious, filling lunch and well worth the price. I highly recommend this cart.

  25. Best fish & chips I’ve ever had. I love the puffed batter, yum! I also loved the friendly & handsome Brit who was working the window, double yum!

  26. Ozaer N. says

    i think its time to update those prices on this listing….the halibut is no longer 7 and change..its gone up a bit…so has the others also…

  27. Richard Easbey says

    This place was profiled on the Cooking Channel show “Eat St.” this week. It got universally RAVE reviews. Can’t wait to check it out…being a pasty WASP guy, fish & chips is one of my favorite guilty pleasures….

  28. I tried this cart for the first time today and it was sooo tasty and filling. This girl had a few too many beers last night and could not have picked a better sopping-up meal for her stomach. Dang, that batter was some of the best fish batter I’ve ever eaten! Thank you Frying Scotsman!!

  29. Even though I agree it was very tastey, I was disappointed with how oily it was, and how thin the fish fillet was. It was worth the trial, but not really worth the money.

  30. Mild curry flavored puffy batter that could be eaten alone. The fish was perfectly done and fresh as hell, in a world where I have been brutally disappointed by fish and chips time and time again, I can say with the utmost certainty this was the most righteous batch of fish and chips I’ve ever had

  31. Gary The Brit says

    He knows his way round a bit of haddock, does James.

    Excellent fish, chips close to perfect. To complete the menu though, he needs to find a supplier for floury baps and mushy peas. Eating fish and chips without mushy peas is just wrong somehow, I don’t care if we are half way around the world.

    Top chippy though! Four plastic forks out of five!

  32. Considering flying to Portland all the way from México just to try this Fish ´n Chips. Saw a segment about The Frying Scotsman in Eat St. and have become obsessed.

  33. Here you! Wheres the Chips & Curry, Pie & a Bovril? Real meat pie with the wee crown fae the beans? Deep fried Mars (Snickers Bars) & Deep fried Haggis?
    Ok Ok OK the Fish & Chips are Amazing. There is a nice Smoked Sausage supper as well & of course the other national drink IRN BRU to wash it down take away one as it is the best remedy for a hangover ever made.


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