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Location: SW 6th and Yamhill; SW 4th and Taylor; numerous locations around town

To find Fuego’s locations, check out their website – FuegoFoodCarts.com


Lunchtime and you need something quick, filling and tasty.  You don’t have the time to run up to 10th or out to Stark, but you’re close to Pioneer Courthouse Square.  If that describes you sometimes, you should definitely try Fuego Burritos on the corner of SW 6th and Yamhill.

Here in Portland, I think we’re spoiled by our burrito choices.  For food carts, we have numerous excellent Mexican carts along with Honkin’ Huge Burritos and also Fuego.  When you arrive, you are usually handed your scorecard  – a slip of paper where you get to choose what you want for a burrito.  You can choose from large or small, chicken or veggie, flour or whole wheat tortilla, sour cream or yogurt, mild or hot salsa.  You can then add cheese or chipotle or guacamole etc.  All of this for between $4 and $6 depending on what you chose.  When I first discovered Fuego oh so many years ago, I loved that while they were making the previous customer’s burrito, they engaged you on what style of tortilla you wanted so they could pre-steam it.  Such thoughtfulness.  I usually order a small chicken with sour cream, hot salsa, hot sauce and guacamole on a whole wheat tortilla.  I’m a big guy and the small is usually more than I really should eat in one sitting.  All burritos come with rice and black beans, so it is pretty filling once you put it all together.

burrito food cart portland

All burritos come wrapped in foil so you can be mobile without it splooging all over your nice pants.  You can grab a napkin, a fork and a little paper tray if you like.   I prefer to let my burrito rest a little prior to eating – like when you cook a good steak.  I want all the juices and such to relax and meld together.  When they are prepared, everything is spread out, so when you are eating it, you get a mix of all the sauces, spreads, meat, rice and beans.  There aren’t pockets of each hidden throughout the burrito.  Due to the nature of how they prepare the chicken and if you get salsa, the burrito will get a bit juicy at the end, so have a napkin ready.  You won’t be disappointed.    One of the better non-Mexican burrito carts in the city.  Oh, and there are more than one.

Sample Menu:

  • Grilled chicken burrito with black beans and rice – $5.25 small, $6 large
  • Vegetarian burrito with black beans and rice – $4.50 small, $5 large
  • Add cheese 50c; add guacamole 75c, add extra chicken $1
  • Drinks – $1

Hours: Lunchtime weekdays


  1. Thai sweet chili sauce on a burrito is genius. I’m usually kind of a purist, burrito-wise, but this is inspired. So good.

    I usually hit the one on NW 12th and Hoyt, and I think there’s one @ Montgomery Park, too.

  2. And one at SW 4th – between Main & Madison. It’s behind the Portland Building – one block from City Hall. There’s a great park right there, too, to eat your burrito in.

  3. There’s a new Fuego Burrito cart setting up today in Old Town! It’s in front of Northwest Resource Credit Union at 221 NW Second Ave. They’ll be there at least all summer.

  4. Where did the Old Town Fuego cart go?!?? We miss it!

  5. The old town cart is there still. Might have had the day off.

    There even one more on 2nd and Morrison, near the #15 bus stop if I remember right.

  6. The burrito I bought from the cart on 2nd was very tasty and the server was great, but she handled customer’s money and then handled my spinach and my tortilla. I would have liked to have seen a little more hand washing going on.

  7. The chipotle sauce is amazing. Just amazing.

  8. Is there a current listing of locations somewhere? I haven’t been in years, and I’d like to find one in or near Old Town…

  9. Beth Bowers says

    Just got the tiniest fuego burrito bowl at the Lloyd District location. Apparently there’s a new girl…and she needs some advice on serving sizes.

  10. I think it’s really weird how much people talk about how nice the girls working these carts are… maybe they’re just nice to the guys?? I’m a very friendly, outgoing girl and have visited several different locations of these carts and always find the girls working to be very short and a little put out.
    That being said, I still go back because this stuff is the bomb.

  11. I visited Portland a few years ago and had a Fuego burrito bowl. Best dang burrito bowl in the world. I still dream of the deliciousness and can’t wait to visit again in a few months. I hope they are open / I can find them while I’m in town.

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