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Location: SE 12th and Hawthorne


11:47pm on a Saturday night and you have the munchies.  You’ve had too many tacos and pizza in your life and you’re looking for something new.  I suggest you head down to SE 12th and Hawthorne and grab a Crepe.

Perierra Creperie makes both sweet and savory crepes with all kinds of ingredients.  Want something with smoked salmon?  They got it.  What about asparagus?  Yup.  How about lemon or nutella or pear or strawberry?  If you can think of it, they probably have it and can make it into a yummy crepe.  I was indeed there around 12:15am one Friday evening and the carts were as my friend puts it “popping off.”  Potato Champion next door was pretty crowded, but I wanted something more substantial, so I opted for the mozarella, soprasetta, basil and red pepper.  mmmmm, soprasetta.  Look at that yummy goodness:


It seemed like it only took a couple of seconds for the crepe pancake to brown enough for her to flip it and then add the ingredients and then a few seconds more and it was in my hands then in my belly.   Such a great replacement for the late night nosh.  The New York Times even took in some crepes on a recent visit.

Finished Crepe

Sample Menu:

  • Lemon and sugar – $3.50
  • Nutella and banana – $5
  • Chocolate and prosciutto –  $5
  • Walnut + honey + cardamom + corriander – $5
  • add frangelico or grand marnier to any of the sweet for $1
  • Gogonzola, pear, walnut, honey – $7
  • Ham and Gruyere – $6
  • Mozarella, soprasetta, basil, red pepper – $8
  • Smoke salmon, cream cheese, arugula, lemon – $8
  • Shakes and smoothies available also

Hours: Tues – Sat: 8am-3am; Sunday: 9am – 3pm
Website: Perierra on Facebook



  1. goodbyeohio says

    I really want to try this cart, but I can’t not have PC when i visit that spot. Knowing that they open so early, I’ll return soon when PC is closed and try that smoked salmon monster!

  2. We liked the crepes but $8 was too expensive for a food cart!

  3. Do you know if they serve traditional buckwheat crepes, or just the normal white wheat flour kind? I like both, but am curious.

  4. Heads up, Peri–how do you spell–Perierra creperie is open most hours of most days! They are friendly, listen to great music, and feed you delicious crepes. Props for the original cart idea too huh. I’m just obsessed with the proscui–how do you spell that–prosciutto and chocolate! Mmmmm, crepes.

  5. i had the banana and nutella and they added some hard alcohol to it too. It was classic.

  6. Steve Bonus says

    Man, had a Ham & Gruyere and my roommate had a banana and nutella crepe last night and holy crap, mind blowing! I love PC too, GoodbyeOhio, but do yourself a favor and crepe it up!

  7. Yarp?! is really glad to have them next door. Not only do we appreciate the good food, great people and awesome music (we no longer play music at Yarp?! because of it) we appreciate having them as neighbors.

    My kid really enjoyed the banana and nutella crepe, and my favorite so far has been the ham, egg and Gruyere. I recommend all you foodies come down and give them a try.

  8. we heard you have a vegan crepe? what’s it called and what’s in it? let us know (like note it on your menu) so the local vegans can have a late night option. super cool guys and thanks!

  9. Saturday night at 1 a.m…had a wonderfully light, crispy crepe perfect in all ways with nutella and banana. Boyfriend had sopresetta and gruyere…we were in absolute heaven! And we will be back. thank you!

  10. Cuisine Bonne Femme: no, they do not make a buckwheat crepe. I wish they did. That would be nice.

    Me: Original cart idea? Not really. There have been several crepe carts/stands in Portland over the years.

    I tried this place tonight and I’m sorry to be the lone curmudgeon here, but shoot, it just wasn’t great. At all. The crepe was gummy and chewy. The fillings are inspired, I suppose, but…yeah, too many sheckles for what it was: a pancake and a little lemon curd and lingonberry jam. That should cost $3, tops. There are better crepes in Portland – The Village Creperie at The Hollywood Farmers Market, for starters (which makes a buckwheat crepe, btw. As does the crepe joint on 29th and Alberta).


  11. I had the honey and spices crepe and it was really good. I thought it was a good amount of food for $5, especially considering the cost of honey and labor.

  12. I LOVE this place! This is by far the best cart at cartopia. My favorite is the smoked salmon crepe with cream cheese, arugula, and lemon juice. I usually get in on Friday night so I call it the Shabbat crepe. Also, the smoothie is delicious! Very berry with just enough tangy citrus.

  13. The place has a good product, but I am disgusted at how much I paid. I don’t want to know how much money they made off me, but I am guessing 4-5 bucks. I paid 8 big ones for a turkey, cheve, greens, egg, and an apricot jam. It was tasty, there is no doubting that, but if you want something of substance for near 10 dollars then stray away from this joint. If your a transplant from some mid-west town that wears tight jeans and a beanie than you’ll like this place, but if your a sensible everyday person like me then don’t go. I was standing in line waiting for my crepe and looked over at a gentlemen eating a burrito from the nearby cart and saw pure delight in what he was tasting. When i bit into the crepe I wanted to go over to him and trade; and to only think he paid $4.50 for it. Is it hip to pay way too much?

  14. Fairly expensive but worth every damn penny.
    I’ve tried at least 4 or 5 kinds, and while they’ve all been delicious(sweet, savory or breakfast) but the chevre, prosciutto and fig was by a million miles one of the most amazing things that has ever graced my mouth with its presence.

  15. I was very disappointed with my crepe. From what I can gather, it seems like they probably do a pretty good job on their sweet crepes, but their savory crepes are weak.

    I ordered a veggie one and had the privilege of watching the guy burn it in right in front of my eyes. He clearly didn’t know what he was doing. After putting the batter on the stone, he couldn’t find all the ingredients he needed so he just left it there while he went searching. All the while, the crepe got darker and darker until it was several shades darker than any other crepe I’d seen come out of that place.

    At that point, the girl taking orders had to intervene. She looked at both the crepe and him with a strange look (I think she knew he screwed up bad, but she didn’t want to scold him right in front of everyone). But rather than tossing it, she hands him the rest of the ingredients, he finishes up, and lo and behold the burnt crepe is mine order.

    Fortunately, it didn’t taste that burnt, but the texture was messed up and the overall flavor was quite bland. My GF ordered a crepe with salmon in it and hers was also quite bland (although at least it wasn’t burnt).

    I’m willing to believe the some people might have gotten good crepes, but this stand clearly has a big problem with quality control. For the cost, I expect a lot more consistency. This cart gets a big thumbs down from me. I would not order a savory crepe from them again.

  16. Usually so awesome and friendly that tonights Sunday guy stood out. Attitude plus a 15min wait. Boo! I’ll be back for the lovely and efficient ladies!

  17. Last year I had visited the Hawthorne pod and tried Whiffies for the first time, loved what I called the “chocolate and peanut butter” booger pie. I called it that because I felt the texture of the goods in the pie was like sucking hot boogers. Not that I’ve ever done this, but hey. I love crepes and while I didn’t go last year, I wanted to be sure to try it when I returned. I did so this weekend.

    I was battling on sweet vs. savory, but since I also wanted to try a Whiffies Mounds “booger pie”, I went for savory. I went for the ham & gruyere with a fried egg. The fried egg is extra, so that was another dollar added to the price. Watching the crepe being made was great, and the lady in the cart had Kanye West’s “Monster” blaring. When the Nicki Minaj verse came on: boo-yaaaaa!

    The quality of the crepe was quite good, and I could imagine what it would be like in a sweet setting. I think maybe I expected the gruyere to be completely melted as I bit into it, but instead it was cold. It was not unpleasant, it just caught me by surprise but then I thought “at least I know it was refrigerated”. There was a nice mayo-type spread on it that made it taste like a deli sandwich, and maybe that was the point. It really was like a good sandwich, but nothing really jumped out at me as it being too special or exceptional. I think I would’ve liked it a bit more had I added some hot sauce, although the spread that was on there had a nice bite and may have weirded out the flavor already present.

    With that said, I will return again one day to try one of their sweet crepes. This week, they’re currently running a special on the sweet side involving chevre, coffee cream, and chocolate.

    Short version: maybe my expectations were a bit high as a fan of crepes, and I was not blown away by my first savory crepe here. I will return to try a sweet crepe one day, and perhaps it will make me a fan as I want to be.

  18. Foodcartmasteroftheworld says

    I know my crepes pretty well, and these are some good crepes. They are cooked absolutely perfect. Ham and Gruyere is my fave !

  19. Worst crepe ever! I have been here many times before, but this time was awful. The girl working the cart didn’t wash her hands between taking money and making food. Her hair was all over the place and she kept messing with it while preparing food. Gross! Come on, I want to eat here, please just get it together!!!

  20. john jacob-jingleheimer schmidt says

    crepe? really? i didnt realize that you could call a flour tortilla a crepe. heres a hint: put egg in it. go to any recipe website and find a crepe recipe. that way, you will be a creperie… making crepes, not chocolate banana burritos.

  21. john jacob-jingleheimer schmidt says

    1 cup all-purpose flour2 eggs
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup water
    1/4 teaspoon salt2 tablespoons butter, melted

  22. I USUALLY, love this place. LOVE IT. HOWEVER, tonight the girl working there was a complete HEIFER. She said “we don’t make milk shakes after 10pm.” Which I knew was a lie. We usually only get there after 10pm (the late hours are one thing I love about it). We drive at least 15-20 minutes and tell people all the time they should go there. SO, it made me so mad when she wouldn’t make it.

    I am going to call the number on the cart and complain. There are so many good places in Portland to get food; maybe that’s a reason they think they can be such assholes. However, when that happens to me I just quit going and pick places that give great service. FYI – Stay away from Montage. Their service sucks and they don’t care.


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