Cart Spaces for Rent

Jonathan Amato

If you are interested in renting space at a local food cart lot in Portland, contact the lot owners directly. If you’re looking to create a space for food carts, please feel free to contact for information.


Spotted on NE Alberta Street between 15th and 14th next to an auto repair shop. Although I have no other info, it would be great to have some more carts on Alberta St. Except, no more Mexican or Thai eateries please, the street is already swarming with those choices. My ideas?

  • Vietnamese Pho and Noodle Bowls
  • Indian Food
  • Ethiopian or African
  • Kebabs /Falafel/ Gyros/ Middle Eastern


  1. is this space still available? i didn’t see this empty lot after I ate at the Grill Cheese Grill

  2. help.anybody know of any new spaces for rent?

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Cart spaces generally don’t get advertised or listed like normal commercial leasing opportunities. Your best bet is to look at geographic areas you like, check the zoning and approach the owner of the property. Many owners of commercial properties might be more than willing to lease out space to a cart. Expect to pay anywhere between $200-$700 per month, and don’t forget to negotiate for things like water, electricity and garbage.

    Good luck!

  4. HI. How would you go about checking the zoning and then approaching the owner?

  5. I would recommend calling the number listed.

  6. Chris.

    Numbers aren’t listed, but I do think Multnomah County has them on record.

  7. You can find out zoning of a specific property at — this is an official city-run site using city,county, etc GIS data. Search for the address, then click on “Maps” on upper right hand side of page to pull up a zoning map. If you click on the underlined zone type, it takes you to the code that explains what is allowable in that zone.

    You also could check out the pods around town and see if any of them seem to have extra spaces or vacant carts. The ones near SW 9th/wash seem to change frequently, but I know there were issues there with the electricity — don’t know if that was resolved.

  8. Mr. Nuevo Mexico says

    City Center Parking are in charge of most of the downtown lots. The guy in charge is Al. His number is 503-803-3959. He will run down a list of addresses downtown that have spots available.

  9. I have a property on SE Division (near Stumptown Coffee) and I am considering lease out a portion of the site to a few food carts. If you know anyone interested have them send me an email at Thanks

  10. Hey Rob hope all is well, i just started a cart on 3rd and Stark and am looking for another site for one more cart, we feature all American fusion funky burgers and sandwiches that are huge to the belly, so what is your property like and what are you thinking about lease options????

  11. Hey Stellas,
    How did you get the spot on 3rd and stark? That’s where we want to be. Any info on the owner, prices, etc.? Thanks.

  12. If any of you are feeling a bit crowded in Portland I know of a great location on TV Highway.

    Plenty of walk-up and drive by traffic and plenty of parking.

    The owner is looking to get the place rented right away so he is willing to negotiate first months rent etc.

    If you are interested email Max at

  13. Hey all,
    Well, I’m hoping that Portland has enough room for a new food cart with a great idea. The one problem is that we don’t have a space. We were working on one, but it seems as if it’s falling through. We are approaching spots we like, but wanted to put it out there to the FCP community to see if anyone knows of anything.

  14. other food choices says

    what about american homestyle cooking?
    would that be a good choice?


  16. Hi there to all, I am new to the food cart business and am just investigating all the possibilities. My sister and I are planning to bring our cart up here after the summer and are looking for a space and/or information on how to look for space. Any updates?

  17. Hi,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there is space now available on 23rd & NE Alberta next to Townshend Teahouse. To request an application, email

  18. I am looking to rent a food cart. Anyone know of a cart for rent?



  19. we have a large parking lot right on 82nd ave that we have had alot of previous food cart owners wanting to rent a space in. well we are open to it now so if you want to check out our parking lot email us for more info

  20. I am looking for a location for a food cart near PSU. Any ideas?

  21. im hoping someone can give me an estimate of what a food cart space costs on average

  22. Bradford Brooke Howes says

    @ Nate. Rent is 500.00 a month including electric. The other costs depend on your product and systems. First and last rent is all you need to get in. Electric hook up is 1,000 to 2,000. And then the bills really start. Good luck. P.S. get ready to work 80 hour weeks.

  23. hi looking for space food cart available papo ba for ICE SCRAMBLE…? and how much po ung rent and ung deposit po?

    complete addres pls… pls email me the details..

  24. Hey everyone, in case someone is still looking for a space, we have one on Belmont which is just starting up. We are already established on 700 SE 39th St, but are losing our lease which made us have to move. The new place is in a high profile area on Belmont. If you are interested in vending there, we would like to get around $550, which includes hookups to sewer and electricity.
    Please write to

  25. Hi all,
    I’m looking for food cart space to start on Apirl or May. If anyone here have new space or Pod is still available plzzz update for me too. I feel like so hard to find space for my cart.

  26. Greetings Food Cart Crusaders,

    We’re opening a craft brewery in the inner SE, and we want YOU! and your top-notch food cart.

    Here at Base Camp Brewing Co., we’re focused on creating awesomely exciting and innovative lagers and ales, never compromising on quality and flavor. As OLCC requires, we’ll be providing a limited menu of taproom snacks, but we’d rather concentrate on making beer!

    We see this as a great opportunity to showcase Portland’s incredible food-cart culture. Base Camp brings in a steady stream of hungry beer-lovin’ foodies, you provide them with delicious sustenance, and BOOM! everyone happily profits.

    If your forte is wood-fired pizza, awesome sandwiches, or delicious empanadas, and your mantra is “Local, fresh, and delicious,” then we’d love to hear from you!

    Shoot me an email at:

    Thank you thank you thank you all!
    – Joey

  27. I am looking for a place to put my Esan Thai food cart,if you have any place open please give me a call or email


  28. Hey I am looking for a place to put my soul food and bbq cart any locations avail?

  29. I’m looking for very nice place for food cart
    I’m planed to open this coming 12/08/2011

    Thank you!

  30. Hello Pizza Box here. We do wood fired brick oven sourdough pizza. We are currently operating in Lents. We are looking for a more new more central location. please email if you have any info, ideas, or leads for us.

    kind regards,
    Pizza Box

  31. Hey I’m starting a new food cart, but still looking for spaces available if you have any info email me thanks

  32. Bonnie Gill says

    we have two spaces availible in St Johns Great location! call Steve 503-799-4327

  33. Does anyone know of any spaces in the Beaverton area if so e-mail me at or give me a call (503)641-1392

  34. Latipsac says

    Looking for a space for a new Israeli Falafel cart.

    Give me a cal @ 503 453 4340

  35. Whatever you do, don’t rent from that nutjob in Sellwood. Lots of other, and better, options.

  36. Looking for space for Japanese curry cart. email me at

  37. Jack Mayhew says

    I own an Alberta commercially zoned space next to my house. I’m thinking of having a nice pod of food carts. I picture a small pod of three or four carts. The advantage of my space is the great central Alberta location, plus there is space for a quiet, intimate garden area for outdoor eating like the Tin Shed Restaurant has. (I am a block from The Tin Shed) Please message me with questions. I’m in initial stages of this. If I find interested parties who are a good fit I am open to moving quickly. Regards, and fun carting!

  38. looking for a space Downtown or SE.

    Please email me.

  39. thinking about moving our gourmet hot dog food cart to a better traffic location. Homemade chili/fries and creative twists on local Zenner’s products. anyone know of a space available that doesn’t already have this? currently in operation and ready to go the second a good new spot comes up

    peace and thanks..

  40. I am hoping to open up a food cart and am looking to be on or near a college campus. Anyone have any tips, ideas or recommendations for spaces to look at or some spaces that may be available. Thank you


  41. we have space available… heated covered seating, ATM, restrooms and GREAT food… electric hook up and water (grey water disposal). come join us

  42. NEW FOOD CART RENTAL SPACES zoned EX(d) w/ Covered Seating!
    Great location on Interstate MAX line in Arbor Lodge neighborhood, between NEW SEASONS (Rosa Parks) and FRED MEYER (Lombard).

    Have you noticed: THERE ARE NO FOOD CARTS ON THE ENTIRE INTERSTATE MAX LINE! There are also very few spots for QUALITY food at reasonable prices.

    Walk through two grand entry doors from Interstate Avenue to discover 450 square foot secluded pet-friendly garden seating area plus 4-6 unique food carts:

    *Coffee/Exotic Teas
    *Beer & Wine in fenced area

    Target Customer Base:
    *New Seasons & Fred Meyer customers & employees
    *MAX & bus riders who transition at Rosa Parks & Lombard
    *Employees of Adidas Headquarters
    *Kaiser Hospital Staff & Visitors
    *6,390 Arbor Lodge Residents plus surrounding community
    *Rose Quarter Arena attendees
    *People who want tasty, nutritious, healthy AFFORDABLE food and a friendly, warm socializing area.

    Cart parking spaces are $600 per month INCLUDING electricity AND on-site FREEZER/REFRIDGERATOR storage. (Cart can be provided on site for additional $200 per month)

    The entire property (parking lot for food carts including 2BR single family home on fenced off portion on rear of lot) is available via lease/option. Terms negotiable. Home is currently permitted as residential with commercial kitchen suitable for hourly rental.

    Contact Jason at:

  43. i’m looking for food cart space for rent around se 102nd area .
    if you have some info i am waiting for you.
    thank you!

  44. I am looking for a cart and space in dowtown portland. appreciate any and all recommendations and leads.

  45. Have a perogie food cart ( Okie Rogie), Just ended my run in Sellwood, and looking for spot. Any new openings? please contact! / 610-442-0543 – Scott


    Belmont Station’s Bottle shop and Biercafe are expanding! We are nearly doubling our seating capacity by adding an indoor/outdoor covered patio space to our building. The heated and covered patio space, along with a bathroom, will be shared by the food cart and our customers. We will also welcome the food cart cuisine into the pre-existing biercafe. We also have an ATM on premise.

    We would like to find a food cart that wants to join the beer community by contributing hardy and satisfying food that will please a wide range of diets.

    If you are interested in renting a food cart space from us please email me at

  47. Acksone Vongthong says

    I’m looking to put in a food cart with Hawaiian spicy shrimp and BBQ. Looking for a good spot any ideas? Please email me or call 5034535478.

  48. sushi maker... says

    Hi…everyone..I m looking for the space for sushi food truck??anyone know ??pls email me..

  49. Doe any one know if a shuttle bus(mini bus) is an appropriate size for a burger truck?

  50. We will have a 8 new food carts space open around Feb.. It is on the intersection of SE 82nd and Powell behind KFC. It should be a prime spot for food carts, if interest call Roselynn (503)380-8790

  51. I am looking for a space to locate a new pizza and salad cart. It is roughly 12×6 feet. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  52. Adam, check out Rose City Food Park… I hear there’s a spot opening up. They are at NE 52nd & Sandy.

  53. el rancho mexican food says

    hi Im looking for a space for my food cart se portland area, 16×7, let me know if you know a place, thanks

  54. Hi there, Im looking for a food cart space for my food truck. I plan to sell Mexican/Texas food. My Food truck size is 22×8. I definintly want to open it this year! Thanks so much! My email is

  55. pbounkeuth66 . says

    Hi I looking for a food cart space for rent if u have any please call me my number 503 914 9266 thanks

  56. Steven Lusk says

    I was curious as to how much the rent would be for a spot for a good cart

  57. Food from Singapore??

  58. We recently launched a new business in Bend OR manufacturing english shepherds huts that could be the perfect solution for customized food carts. I’m trying to get our product in front of key players in the Portland Food Cart business as I think it would be a terrific fit. Our huts are eye-catching, affordable, customizable, mobile and fun!

    Thanks for looking!

  59. Hi –I have a food truck (in another state) and am thinking of relocating–
    I don’t see too many trucks–mainly carts–why is that, is it difficult to find places to park?
    Is there too much street vendors already, or room for more quality / diversity?
    How much does the weather affect business?
    Thank you for any comments/ suggestions

  60. Marlene Hanley says

    How about Hawaiian, Portuguese and how much will a spot cost?
    Thank You,

  61. Sara Le Meitour says

    We are looking for an Indian Food Cart to fill an available space on our property right in the heart of Multnomah Village (It’s on the west side, for those not in the know).

    Rent is $400 per month for the first 3 months and then $500 per month after that. Water is included but electricity is tenants responsibility. Please email me at if you are interested.


  62. nitthalom banhdasith says

    I need to rent space for thai food

  63. Hi, everyone. I am looking for a food cart spot to sell Gyros and Mediterranean food downtown Portland or any good location. Please if anyone knows of a spot let me know . Thank you for reading!

  64. I’m looking for an available space in one of the downtown Portland cart pods. My business concept is retail, not food, so I want a space that has M-F office/business foot traffic. If anyone is willing, I would also be interested in renting an available cart for a week to prove the business concept before selecting a permanent spot. Please let me know if you have ideas about either opportunity. Thank you!

  65. Good morning. I was wondering if you had any food cart spaces available for rent. Please contact me 208.661.9965 cell or respond to this email.


  66. hi iam looking for an available space to lease in downtown Portland Oregon such as MALLS, GAS STATIONS, BUSY AREA, MEDICAL BUILDINGS or parking lot with foot traffic to sell fresh fruit smoothies and bubble teas please e. mail on above address with your name and phone contact..i will appreciate your help..

  67. Hi,
    We are a mobile yoga boutique looking for a great location! We just finished building our boutique. We would like a location with high foot traffic. We travel to yoga studios once a month, and a few festivals in the summer. Please pass the word if you have a good location. We have a great following from yoga studios around Portland, so we will bring business wherever we are located.

    Thank you, love and light,

    Amy and Chrystal

  68. I am looking for food truck spot let me know where is this location thanks

  69. Interested in bringing in a food cart on the weekends for our very popular organization. We have foot traffic of around 500 people on sat/sun, and they are at our establishment for several hours. We are located in North Portland. Terms and conditions are negotiable, please let me know if you are interested…

  70. Hi, I am property/ business owner in N Portland on Lombard near Greeley and am investigating offering space to a food cart (breakfast/coffee focus I think). I am unclear about the city requirements for space after exchanging several voicemails with planning and zoning. Can anyone tell me their experience with this? I have a gravel lot which used to be a parking lot, but city required us to restore curb cut, so not sure if this will be issue with inspections… I do have electrical and water access, and possibly sewer hookup. I just don’t want to offer space as it is, and then have city come and fine me/make us pave, move etc… all neighbors are excited about the idea, so I don’t anticipate complaints.
    thanks in advance!

  71. We have just opened a new food cart area in NE Portland. Great location with a great food scene happening. If anyone is interested in knowing more, check out the website or contact me directly at 503-473-4127.

  72. Bryan Mooney says

    We have a nice large food cart (Pod?) location on Marine Drive in Astoria. It is 1/2 acre with all utilities & lots of sewer on premises. It is across the street from the water between a motel and bank. There is also a very large backlit sign on the property that can be seen for quite a ways down the road.
    The space is $1,500 per month including property taxes.

  73. Food Cart Space for Rent — SE 48th and Woodstock Blvd
    Located in the parking lot of The Joinery, at 4804 SE Woodstock Blvd in Portland. This prime location is across the street from the Woodstock public library and adjacent to The Joinery’s showroom in the charming – and growing – Woodstock neighborhood. Rent is $500 per month, including water, garbage, compost and recycling. Please email inquiries to or call 503 788-8547.

  74. Iam looking for a food cart space to lease

  75. Iam looking to a food cart space to lease in areas of downtown,north portland, sw portland or ne portland if in available pliz email me at

  76. I’m looking to a food cart space in portland downtown or here in NE portland I’m planing opening a Filipino Food.pls contact me at

  77. Looking for a spot to park my food truck

    Hawaiian food

    Thank you

    Call me at 503 758 1677

  78. Bryan Mooney says

    Food Cart Pod Space available in Astoria Oregon. (75 W Marine Drive)

    160′ wide x 100′ deep (16,117 sq. ft) Easily 10 food carts with parking.

    $1,500 per month lease (minimum 1 year lease)
    Buy it for 240,000 with owner financing at 5% interest. ($40k down)

    All Utilities are on the property (Water, Sewer, Electric, Phone)

  79. B Anderson says

    Looking for a space to rent for an 8″x10″ food cart. Electric hook up and water preferred. Local, grain free, seasonal food.

  80. Looking to land a spot close in Portland for our cart. Fresh made pasta, cart pulled burrata cheese, pizza Fritta and other fun ideas! Prefer a spot on alberta, but open to anything. It’s a very handsome cart, the old cheese plate PDX cart, all electric 220v.

  81. One spot left!
    We are accepting applications for a cart/owner in our new, 3-cart pod on SE Milwaukie Ave in Sellwood/Westmoreland. Since Indian food and burgers are already going into our pod, and Mexican food is already well-represented in the immediate neighborhood, we will consider applicants who serve non-competing menu items. For further information, please send pictures of your cart/truck, dimensions, serving window configuration(s), and menu to:
    Thank you for your interest!

  82. Hi everyone there is space for food truck available at Hitchcock
    Feel free to contact

  83. Food cart space available at Hitchcock
    Contact # 8327045959

  84. Food cart spaces available to rent. $500 per month includes utilities, with on-site port-a-pottys and hand washing station.

    One of the first food cart pod in Clark county. High traffic. Favorable Commercial and residential demographics.

    We are trying to establish an “all-star team” food group with a rich diversity of flavors, and an economical basis for the local consumer of fine cart foods.

    Located at Fourth Plain and Covington Rd. Orchards/Vancouver, Washington.

    If interested send in details of your foods, and the tradition surrounding your food at :

    We plan to advertise and establish the food community as a destination place for breakfast, lunch and dinner hours (after hours?).

    We are forming up and energized to be a really good food site, advertising and publicizing as needed to the local community.
    We look to hopefully get started this summer of 2016.

    Thanks for looking.

  85. Super hip corner spot on SE 10th and Taylor. Right in front of a new condo/Orchard Hardware!! Comes with water and electric and Garbage. Willing to help build out to suit cart. Drive by and check it out. Contact Cheyenne 208-867-9517

  86. We are looking to rent a cart in Portland for 2 months and sell meatless products. Does anyone know of someone looking to rent a cart for 2 months this summer?

  87. New Food Cart Pod in Downtown Milwaukie opening in May. Located right by the new Max Orange Line Station, across from the High School and close to Downtown Businesses and Residential Neighborhoods. Spaces for 12-15 carts including a Beer/ Wine/Cider cart with Seating. For more info contact

  88. Brisa Gonzalez says

    Hello looking for a space for a food truck I just purchased. Excited to create community and food!

    contact me if you know of a space/pod/empty lot

  89. matt hicks says

    Hi Brisa,
    We have one space available in our 3-cart pod located at 6200 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland 97202. Please contact me at for more information.
    Thanks for you interest!

  90. Looking for a food cart space in SW, SE or NE Portland. We will be serving Indian food. We are willing to pay for the spot if you have a spot. (Ours is a 8 x 16 cart.)

    Text Message to
    503 804 five six one nine.

  91. Hi everyone!
    I am a property manager of a six building commercial park and we would love to arrange some carts to come out during the summer. You can do one day, two days, whatever fits your schedule!
    Also, we have a 690 square foot deli space about to become available if anyone is looking for a stationary kitchen.
    If you are interested in either please email me at

  92. Jessaiah says

    We are Mystical Eats.
    Looking for a place to put our new food trailer.
    Chef Plamen Mikov serves food from his mothers and grandmothers kitchens from Bulgaria, Turkey and Syria. He also creates incredible dishes of his own creations, inspired by his 20+ years in top kitchens in NYC.
    Hit us up! We are ready.

  93. Hey everyone,
    I am looking for a couple of food carts to go into our brand new Beer Garden at the corner of Interstate and Russell Street – at the Widmer Brothers Brewery. Space will be free, and we are looking to open it up on the first of July.
    Please contact me if you are interested in seeing the space. (503)281-3333.

  94. Jessaiah Zure says

    Hey! Our foodcart pod has 2 more spaces looking to fill!
    Contact Jaime (503) 381-3749
    Killingsworth Food Cart Pod
    1331 N Killingsworth, North Portland, OR
    We love it here,
    Mystical Eats

  95. Our small pod right before 15th and Alberta is being vacated to be developed. Myself who owns Gumba, and my neighbors, desiPDX and bibingka are on the lookout for spaces around Alberta if anyone knows of anything!

  96. karla normington says

    Hey, I am looking for a pod in Portland metro area to open a Brazilian food cart. My cart is small , about 8×11. Thanks Karla Normington

  97. Looking for a food cart space to rent. I have a mobile truck about 25 feet long.
    Will be selling BBQ basket & dinners, Gumbo, Fish basket&dinners, Chicken wing baskets & Dinners and more. My truck can service a full Menu.

  98. Hello,
    Fritkot, a Belgian Fry Shack, is looking for a new spot! Information greatly appreciated. Prefer SE or proximity to bar, brewery or beer garden.

  99. Som Keobounnam says

    We have Thai Food Cart that needs a location to move to in Portland area. Please let us know if your location becomes available for Thai food cart.

  100. Walter Romero says

    I do have food carts spots available
    Call or text me for more info

    503 758 1677

  101. Christine Neary says

    Spaces available at Belmont Street Eats, on SE Belmont between 33rd and 34th. Lots of shopping and entertainment in the area with high foot traffic. Rent ranges from $700-$1000 with utilities including electric. Please let me know if you’re interested!

  102. Christine Neary says

    Spaces available at Belmont Street Eats, on SE Belmont between 33rd and 34th. Lots of shopping and entertainment in the area with high foot traffic. Rent ranges from $700-$1000 with utilities including electric. Please let me know if you’re interested!

  103. Wanting to host a food cart or two on Fridays for a low cost.

  104. Lettice Harris says


    I’m looking to buy or rent a food cart, if anyone knows someone that is selling their cart. I can be reached at

    Thank you

  105. Hi this is Jaffa from Seattle I need the food truck for rent

  106. Lisa Paolo says

    Now accepting applications for food cart spaces!
    NE Portland on corner of MLK and Beech.
    Winter special – pay just the security deposit to move-in, January free, February half price – be established and ready to go by spring!

    Call or email for details – (503) 498-8538 –

  107. Ed Kehdi says

    If I have a lot available for food carts what would be or biggest issues? Would we have to carry insurance? Would we be responsible for the water, electricity etc? How would we go about starting this venture?

  108. Karlie Chaaban says

    Does anyone know where the Alder food carts are planning on moving to? I’m looking for a space with student & business foot traffic downtown.

  109. Florin & Rodica says

    Food truck/cart spaces for rent/lease on busy Sandy Blvd – Portland, OR (corner lot at Sandy Blvd and NE 131st Place). Existing cart sells Mexican food so non-compete. Carts such as Vietnamese, Indian, Ethiopian, African, Kebabs, Falafel, Gyros, Middle Eastern, Coffee and Crapes or others are welcome.
    Rent is $550.00 per month; trash, electric and water charges shared among all the trucks.
    Thirty (30) days free rent to establish customer base, however move-in only after deposit towards first and last month is paid. Call for details (Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM only) 503 347-7600

  110. Cartlandia has two 16 foot FOOD CART SPACES AVAILABLE to Rent for Summer 2018. Cartlandia hosts 32 carts and has been ranked in the top 3 cart pods.We are a fully permitted, secure, fenced food cart pod with all amenities. Simple application process – contact us through the form at Rental is around $795-995/month (depending on location in the Pod) and INCLUDES most everything you need except electricity. You get water, direct connection to sewer and grease trap, trash and recycling, fenced lighted lot, covered outdoor seating under a large tent, access to indoor bathrooms in the Blue Room Bar, free web page built for you, social media advertising and more. One year lease required

  111. Hello,
    Looking for a food cart pod. My food cart has a small 12′ footprint. Thanks!

  112. Food Cart Space for Rent
    PIKNIK PARK @ 13th / Tacoma in Sellwood next to New Seasons Market has space coming available, our 1st opening in 3 years. All utilities & amenities including direct to sewer gray water disposal.

  113. Hello
    I am interested a space for Vietnamese food
    Would you please contact my information below

    Thank you

    Two cart spaces for rent.
    FlipSide Bar is having a grand opening July 6-8 and provides the venue for all food cart patrons including a rooftop patio. Kids are welcome inside until 9pm. 16 taps, wine, and cocktails available both down and on the rooftop.
    The cart spaces have in ground public utility connections (water, electric, nw natural gas and sewer).
    Visit for further information and to inquire or call 503-970-7223.

  115. Hi! I’m researching doing a food pod in Charlotte, NC where I live. I’m looking for some feedback on what I can charge and what services I should offer. Any food truck operators or pod manager input would be greatly appreciated!
    Here’s an outline of my concept: a lot that could have spaces for 6-10 trucks, each with water(?) and electric hookups. I assume that the truck operators leave their trucks in the pod, the area would be locked and secure. A basic commissary (a NC requirement), on-site, where the operators could prep and store foodstuffs and menu items. Each truck could have a secure reach-in refrigerator and some freezer space. I want to be nearby a popular brewery (wo/ food service) and/or and area with neighborhood foot traffic. The dining area would likely be tented with picnic tables.
    Thank you for reading and your feedback!

  116. Gary Okamoto says

    New Food Cart Pod Opened in Reed/Eastoreland area next to the Parson Farms Store located at 5523 SE 28th, right across the street from Reed College. The owner has already set-up and rented one cart spot to Bol & Crust but is looking to immediately add one more cart. The location is ideal since it is located on a feeder road to Eastmoreland and Woodstock not to mention being the closest to Reed College! Please check out their website

  117. Todd Baran says

    We are in the development phase of a new cart pod that will be located on SE Division near 39th. See craigslist ad below for info and to inquire.

  118. Ben Taylor says

    Looking for information regarding pricing for space, availability, foot traffic, insurance requirements, and any other information that might be useful. we are looking at moving into this market, so really any information you could give us would be helpful.


  119. Food Cart Space for Rent
    PIKNIK PARK @ SE 13th / Tacoma in Sellwood next to New Seasons Market has space coming available at the end of August. All utilities & amenities including direct to sewer gray water disposal.

  120. Food cart spaces available for rent at the Multnomah French Quarter ( For more info, check out our post on craigslist

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