Sushi Tree

Food Carts Portland

Mississippi Marketplace 4237 N. Mississippi

The Story: Some people think sushi means mostly raw fish rolled into or placed on top of vinegar seasoned rice. This is a common misconception. Although the Japanese invented sushi and indeed love to eat just about anything that swims in the sea, sushi traditionally refers to the rice part, not what’s in it.

The Sushi Tree is an all vegetarian sushi cart in the bustling Mississippi Marketplace pod. Rolls here come stuffed with all sorts of things from the plant kingdom including smokey tofu, marinated shiitake mushrooms, and other vegetables such as green onion, spinach, carrot or avocado. The rolls are inventive and substantial with the “mega rolls” often rolled in crispy fried Panko breadcrumbs and drizzled with sauces to give a little something extra with tastes and textures. A large roll might be $8.00 but they are all quite filling. The B-Stuffed mega roll with asparagus, sprouts, and several other veggies was enough to split between two people to make a light lunch.

Needless to say, Sushi Tree is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and also environmentally conscious. For example, they serve their “to stay” orders on reusable plastic plates rather than just serving in the standard toss away containers.

I love how the Portland cart scene continues to expand in both numbers and choices, especially in lighter, healthier and vegetable focused fare.

Sample Menu:

5 piece Medium Roll – $5.00 — 8 piece Large Roll $7.00

  • Smokey Tofu – smoked tofu, carrot, green onion, red cabbage and spinach w/ miso or dynamite sauce
  • Green Dragon – Asparagus, Sprouts, Sunflower Seeds, Green Leaf, Avocado, Cucumber and Cilantro w/ miso or dynamite sauce
  • The Good Burn – Red Bell Pepper, Avocado, Cucumber, Daikon, Radish, and Wasabi w/ miso or dynamite sauce

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