Smokin’ Jim’s Bar-B-Que

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Ala Carts cart pod – SE 102nd and Stark

The Story: Smokin’ Jim is a super friendly, big bear of a man with a big grin and one seriously big BBQ, Bar-B-Que,  Barbecue, or however you want to spell it.  For example, Jim’s smoker, attached to the back of his cart, is the size of a mid-sized automobile. You just know an outfit like this honors the history and culture of the ‘Q.

Needless to say, Jim smokes everything himself including chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, and pork ribs alongside a whole bunch of smoked sausages such as brats, hot links, smokies, and even hot dogs. Jim loves to smoke stuff. The day I was visiting he also had smoked salmon at $7.95 per package, and you can bring your own meat or fish and he’ll smoke that for you too. Jim is an equal opportunity smoker.

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Saucy’s BBQ


bbq food cart


Location: NE 7th and Killingsworth at Piedmont Station

The Story:

Updated September 2015: Saucy’s has reopened at Piedmont Station on NE Killingsworth. The following is from 2010. More details to come.

North Portland is getting a second Pod. Up at the intersection of N Greeley and Killingsworth, a developer has taken an abandoned gas station building and turned it into a pizza place with a lot to support about 10 food carts. The first carts arrived back in December and I first heard of Saucy’s via Byron Beck, who seems to live close-by based on his tweets and blog posts. Last week on a sunny January day, we decided to visit and see what they had to offer.

Saucy’s is a BBQ cart specializing in rib, fish and hot link sandwiches along with coleslaw and potato salad. When you arrive, you see Rick, the owner, either packaging up a plate for a customer or tending to the BBQ to the side of the cart. The smell is divine and immediately gets your belly growling. The best part? Almost everything on the menu is $2. So I had to try it all… [Read more…]

BBQ Fusion – Closed


BBQ Fusion

BBQ Fusion

Location: SW 10th and Alder (west of 10th)


Even with fall in the air and winter on the way, there isn’t a reason to leave the taste of BBQ to summer’s past. There are plenty of places in Portland to get your BBQ fix during the colder months.  BBQ Fusion has joined them.

BBQ Fusion offers up a few BBQ options including a pulled pork sandwich and BBQ ribs. I’m not sure any of the carts downtown offer up ribs, so this is new. I chose to try the pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw. Before I could take some notes on the menu and such, my meal was ready. Speedy!

Pulled Pork sandwich from BBQ Fusion

Pulled Pork sandwich from BBQ Fusion

Before I cruised off to eat this, the owner suggested I try the white sauce. I can’t remember if he called it Alabama or Arkansas white sauce, but I took the suggestion and squirted a bit in my container. That was the best decision. I’m not sure what is in the sauce. Obviously mayonnaise based, it had spices and pepper that made it zing. I dipped my sandwich in it throughout the meal wanting more with every bite. It made the meal.

BBQ Fusion is located in one of the ever growing pods just west of SW 10th avenue on Alder. Next time you are up there and craving some BBQ, check them out and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw – $6
  • Grilled shrimp served over rice with coleslaw (regular or Cajun) – $6
  • Chicken skewers – Mediterranean, Thai or Cajun – $6
  • Sausage plates  – brat, beef or veggies – $4
  • Pork ribs – half rack – $10; full rack $20

Hours: Monday through Friday – lunchtime
Phone: 503-805-4155
Website: unknown