Junior Ambassador's

Food Carts Portland

[Updated January 2010 – according to reports, Junior Ambassador’s is closed and will not re-open]


Location: The lot next to 4734 N. Albina (on N. Albina near the corner of N. Blandena)

Description: To describe this neat orange cart as specializing in “*panwiches and ice cream”, is to say Alice in Wonderland is merely a book about a girl and a rabbit.

For eating at Junior Ambassadors is to transport yourself to another world. I guarantee you there is no other food cart like this anywhere else. Well, in this stratosphere at least. Perhaps they eat like this all the time in the land of Mostlandia, a topsy-turvy place inhabited by the likes JR. Ambassadors’ owner Rudy Speerschneider. For you see, Rudy is a mad food cart scientist. An evil gourmet genius. The Salvador Dali of the Portland food carts. A poet the likes of Ferlinghetti with a griddle. A cook who shares certain DNA with Alice B. Toklas. A man who basis his menu on dreams and premonitions. Inspired by the seasons and whatever force of nature artistic muse possesses his spirit. I’m not kidding.

Rudy with his signature Mostlandian panwiches

Rudy with his signature Mostlandian panwiches

But is the food good? Yes. Very Good. Made fresh and made with care, everything I’ve had here is balanced and a delight on the tongue. Satisfying to the tummy and presented with flair.
First off there are the panwiches. Described by Rudy as, “*griddled cornmeal and whole wheat pancakes are the bread, panini grilled.*” These sandwiches (of sorts) are like flavorful toothsome soft bread paninis stuffed with all sorts of goodness. They are wonderfully inventive and include things such as the Turkey Ruby – “like a Reuben, but with a homemade Applekraut ( red cabbage ) & Swiss cheese, Tangy sauce, on the New Rye Panbread”, or the Tuna Melt (the time I tried it, it was made on a cornmeal panbread, and contained Lime-Cilantro, Tomatoes, & Cheddar cheese). Sides for the panwiches include a refreshing ginger slaw or Cheez-Its. It’s like comfort food made by your mom. If your Mom was Bjork.

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