El Masry Egyptian


El Masry

Location: SW 3rd and Washington


El Masry has a prime location.  On the corner of SW 3rd and Washington, it is one of the first food carts one would see when arriving into downtown Portland after crossing over the Morrison Bridge.  And such a nice cart too.  It is brand new and very welcoming with two windows to server the masses.  El Masry opened just a week or so ago and already has people waiting to be served.

El Masry is an Egyptian Food Cart.  Egyptian?  Yep.  They have an extensive menu covering one whole side of the cart including colorful pictures of each meal.  They have gyros, falafal, hummus, kofta, stuffed grape leaves, lentil soup, and so many other options, I couldn’t keep up.  As a newbie, I always try something I know I’ll like, so I opted for the kofta kabob sandwich – similar to a gyros.  A kofta kabob is like a beef meatball, but better and with more diverse flavors.  The sandwich was pita with kofta, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and yummy sauce all wrapped up.  When I bit into it, I knew I would enjoy every last bite.

Kofta Kabob Sandwich

My lunchmate opted for a schwarma sandwich.  He stated it was one of the best lunches he’d had all year – and I quote him on that.

Welcome to the food cart scene El Masry.

Sample Menu:

  • Falafel Sandwich: $5.25
  • Kofta Kabob Sandwich:  $5.50
  • Mahalbya – $1.99
  • Mixed rice, shish thwouk, salad – $6.75
  • Grilled Chicken, mixed rice, salad – $6.75
  • Stuffed grape leaves, kofta, salad – $6.99

Hours: Monday through Friday, lunchtime
Phone: 503 360 1251
Website: www.Zabiha.com