30 FoodCarts in 30 Days


Over the past month, I have had the pleasure of meeting a new friend, JohntheKiwi. Interestingly enough, he’s been friends with another buddy of mine for years and I am now just meeting him. Small world. John is also an avid food cart lover and at the beginning of June, he set out on a quest to try 30 unique foodcarts in 30 days.  As of Saturday, he’s been to 23, so I foresee success. I met up with John over beers and a meatball sub from Garden State to chat about his adventure.

JohntheKiwi (his Twitter handle) has some favorites that he has returned to a few times-  Whiffies and BrunchBox. He even attempted to break the Whiffies PieChamp record, but only got 6 pies plus some bites of a seventh down in that 1 hour. The first cart of the quest was No Fish Go Fish, a cart in downtown that serves up soup and little sandwiches shaped like fish. John’s strategy isn’t necessarily to grab whole meals everywhere and No Fish Go Fish offered up the ability to get just the little fish sandwich for $1.50. Eating at carts daily can get expensive. John uses Twitter as a resource for finding new carts, so if you know of one he should try, tweet him. One feat I haven’t even done is eating all of a day’s meals at carts. John did that. The farthest John has travelled for a cart was to Grilled Cheese Grill and Po’ Town Vittles during the lunch hour. From downtown on public transportation, those are quite a distance.

John’s most recent meal as of our conversation was a fresh taco from Kiko’s Taqueria in Sellwood. I can only assume he’s been somewhere else since.  Way to go John. Yet another example of how foodcarts can change your life.