News: FoodCart Delivery and Coupons


Over the past year, the growth in the number of foodcarts has spawned a different cottage industry – delivery service. While I know some of the foodcarts have worked with Delivered Dish in the past, these new services are offering to bring you your favorite food by bike.

Portland Pedal Power: This overall delivery service by bike is now partnering with many foodcarts downtown to offer delivery service. Next time you have a corporate lunch needing catering, pick a cart and call Pedal Power to bring it to you. Pedal Power can be contacted at 503-764-1415 or

SoupCycle:  Self proclaimed Soupetarians, Jed and Shauna launched this venture out of love for soup and bicycling. Combine the two and you get fresh organic soup delivered to your door. You can also flag them down and buy it right from the bike. They offer up both non-vegetarian and vegetarian soups – $9-10/quart. It may not be soup time here in the heat of summer, but when autumn rolls around, they’re going to the top of my Twitter.  SoupCycle can be contacted at (503) 320-9610 or

ForkFly: While this service isn’t specific to foodcarts, they are partnering with some to offer up special deals for their supporters.  ForkFly is a service and Iphone application that allows businesses to offer up coupons on the fly. Instead of carrying around paper coupons or spending Sunday morning clipping, you can just download their application and show the merchant the coupon on your phone. Currently, there are three foodcarts on ForkFly – Rick’s Wild Seafood, Whiffies and Brunchbox.

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Fork 'N' Spoon Food Cart Delivery Service


Fork ‘N’ Spoon is currently closed for business. Updated July 20, 2009.


I was down by the 5th and Stark pod and ran into JD Khar of Fork ‘N’ Spoon Delivery, a new food cart delivery service downtown.  This group of guys will utilize their feet and bikes to delivery your favorite food cart lunch direct to your home or office (downtown only right now.)  I think this is a fantastic idea.  There are so many carts and we all have our favorites, but sometimes just can’t get away from our desk to go get it.  Also, on these spring days when the weather is sunny one minute and torrential downpour the next, let someone else brave the puddles.

Fork ‘N’ Spoon is a weekday service and takes the orders via phone (503 568 0004).  They have some menus on their site, but you could probably check out our list of great carts and they’ll go pick up your order within their designated zone.  They are currently only delivering from the SW 5th and Stark food cart pod according to their website.  I wish the guys at Fork ‘N’ Spook great success.  Hopefully they can expand east because there are some carts on the eastside I just can’t get to for lunch.

Fork ‘N’ Spoon Delivery

Hours: Monday through Friday – orders taken between 10:30am and 2:30pm; delivery 11am to 3pm.

Current delivery area: Delivering from SW 5th and Stark food carts;  Delivery zone from SW Oak to SW Salmon and SW 1st to SW Broadway

Website: Fork ‘N’ Spoon

Phone: 503 568 0004