Location: NE 52nd and Sandy
Hours: Tues-Friday, 12-2pm, 5-8pm; Sat, 12-8pm

The Story:

The name of the cart actually defines what PDX671 serves. An ingenious idea – combine a location code with an area code to create a mystique. For PDX671, the 671 denotes the area code for Guam where the owners are from and find their culinary influence. Yet PDX671 isn’t just north pacific island food, it has a pacific northwest flair.

PDX671 launched in spring after much buzz on Twitter due to their superb marketing skills and tenacity. Many saw the brand new cart arrive at North Station, emailing us here wondering who was opening. Then the large green pineapple motif appeared to give customer even more to ponder. The goal behind PDX671 is to present Chomorro cuisine to Portland and keep a family tradition alive for future generations. The centuries of culinary influence that had been thrust upon Guam by foreign cultures like Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, American and more create the diverse flavor profile we refer to as Chamorro food which translates to “Guahan.” Mix those spices and technique with NW ingredients and you create something truly unique and special. [Read more…]