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Smokin Pig

Smokin' Pig

SW 5th and Oak/Stark


Pulld Pork sandwich from Smokin Pig

Pulled Pork sandwich from Smokin' Pig

Y’all like pulled pork? Then this is your place. Served up right – tender and juicy and slightly smoky on a plate or on a bun for a bargain price of $3.50 to $4.50. While this isn’t my favorite type of BBQ; ( I prefer North Carolina style smoked for at least 12 hours over wood and served with a spicy vinegar sauce on the side), Smokin’ Pig’s is still pretty darn good. Two sauces are available a thick sweetish hot sauce and a more mild variety. Coleslaw is available on the side.

Not in the mood for Pork? How about a fine Fetzer’s sausage on a bun for $3.50?

[Menu, photos and contact information updated Nov. 2009 by Dieselboi]

Sample Menu:

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich – $3.50 or $4.50
  • Pulled Pork Platter – pulled pork with baked beans, slaw and a roll – $6
  • Side of slaw or beans – $1.50 – $2
  • Catering available.

Hours: Lunchtime Mon-Fri
503 228 8427



BBQ Fusion – Closed


BBQ Fusion

BBQ Fusion

Location: SW 10th and Alder (west of 10th)


Even with fall in the air and winter on the way, there isn’t a reason to leave the taste of BBQ to summer’s past. There are plenty of places in Portland to get your BBQ fix during the colder months.  BBQ Fusion has joined them.

BBQ Fusion offers up a few BBQ options including a pulled pork sandwich and BBQ ribs. I’m not sure any of the carts downtown offer up ribs, so this is new. I chose to try the pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw. Before I could take some notes on the menu and such, my meal was ready. Speedy!

Pulled Pork sandwich from BBQ Fusion

Pulled Pork sandwich from BBQ Fusion

Before I cruised off to eat this, the owner suggested I try the white sauce. I can’t remember if he called it Alabama or Arkansas white sauce, but I took the suggestion and squirted a bit in my container. That was the best decision. I’m not sure what is in the sauce. Obviously mayonnaise based, it had spices and pepper that made it zing. I dipped my sandwich in it throughout the meal wanting more with every bite. It made the meal.

BBQ Fusion is located in one of the ever growing pods just west of SW 10th avenue on Alder. Next time you are up there and craving some BBQ, check them out and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw – $6
  • Grilled shrimp served over rice with coleslaw (regular or Cajun) – $6
  • Chicken skewers – Mediterranean, Thai or Cajun – $6
  • Sausage plates  – brat, beef or veggies – $4
  • Pork ribs – half rack – $10; full rack $20

Hours: Monday through Friday – lunchtime
Phone: 503-805-4155
Website: unknown


Homegrown Smoker Natural Barbecue


CLOSED. Now open in St. Johns as a restaurant.

Location: N Mississippi and Skidmore, Mississippi Marketplace
Hours: Tues-Thurs, 12-7pm; Fri/Sat, 12-8pm; Sun, 12-4pm


All Vegan Barbecue. Got that? All Vegan. I know that immediately throws a curve ball, but once you’ve tried it, you will say to yourself – “where has this been all my life?”  Homegrown Smoker is taking barbecue in a different direction, yet with reverence to barbecue’s history and style.

What is vegan anyway? Vegan is a the choice to neither use nor consume animal products of any kind.  Vegan is taking vegetarian to the next level. Homegrown Smoker decided to head in that direction and is succeeding. Having been open now for only a month or so, they are keeping busy. We visited the other evening for some take home dinner and I wanted to try everything. Luckily, I was with my partner in food crime, so we did try everything. We opted for the two plates of HomeGrown specialties – smoked soy curls, field roast chorizo, chronic tempeh ribs, mac-no-cheese, BBQ beans, chipotle slaw, and corn on the cob.  All meals come with molasses gluten-free cornbread.

The meal was great. Flavorful, unique, and very filling. The tempeh ribs were sliced chunks of tempeh marinated in BBQ sauce and then put on the grill. They had a smokiness I hadn’t tasted in a long time, especially with veggie faire. Homegrown, in standard BBQ tradition, uses fruit wood and other hardwoods to create the smoke that gives the food that unique smoky flavor. One immediately smells and tastes that element when diving into Homegrown’s meals. The veggie sausage was chorizo style, so, along with the BBQ sauce they put on, it had some kick. The soy curls tasted just like thinly sliced brisket. The mac-no-cheese is just as it sounds, mac and cheese without the cheese. It isn’t dry or flavorless, just the opposite. The beans and slaw kept up with the standards we had tasted so far – simple and great tasting.

HomeGrown Smoker is launching a new adventure for Portland’s food carts. Vegan barbecue. If you’re out and about in NE SW North and are looking for something new and unique, check them out. Tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[HomeGrown Smoker moved to SW 4th and College in April 2010. This post was originally published in August, 2009 and updated in May of 2010]

[HomeGrown Smoker closed their location at SW 4th and College. They are not located at Mississippi Marketplace – November 2012]

Sample Menu:
Full Menu Posted Here

  • SloMoFo – Carolina style sandwich w/ smoked soy curls, slaw and sauce on a bun – $7
  • Macnocheeto – tortilla stuffed with MacNoCheese, TB Beans, peppers and onions, bbq sauce and more – $6
  • Loafaroni – slow smoked meatloaf, bbq sauce, MacNoCheese, on a bun with a side – $7
  • Chili Dawg – smoked chipotle sausage smothered in chili, cheese and onions.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm
Twitter: Homegrownsmoker

Crown Q BBQ



Location: 5523 SE 28th Ave
Hours: M-Fri, 11:30am-8pm; Sat, 1pm-8pm
Updated 12/2012

Description: BBQ’d Turkey leg! Need I say more? I was off to visit my buddy who was working the swing shift at a local retail store and decided to stop in at the cart fest that is SE 12th and Hawthorne. It was Tuesday evening, so only a couple of them were open so I opted for Q BBQ. I knew I was in for a treat as I could smell bbq sauce coming around the corner and there wasn’t anyone around so I knew I would get excellent service.

As I walked up, I was heartily greeted by Gary, the owner and bbq master. Before I could even take a moment to look at the menu, he told me that this week was Chicken. I must have had a look on my face of misunderstanding so he explained. Due to the size of his cart, The G-Men stated he couldn’t offer everything on his menu all the time, so he switches it up by the week. Week 1 is pulled pork, week 2 is ribs, week 3 is brisket and week 4 is bbq chicken. Week 4 is also BBQ Turkey leg. As with all BBQ, I don’t have it enough, so always want to try everything on the menu. I ended up with a Turkey leg and 2 pieces of bbq chicken for $9.75. Oh, and he threw in some excellent rolls to sop up the bbq sauce when I was done.

I have to say. I loved that turkey leg so much, I wanted to ….. Not really, but it was tasty. I know the trick to good bbq is making sure the meat stays moist. Well, Gary has that figured out. Like I said, I was taking some for my friend who is a Texan and he too enjoyed every bit. Gary mentioned he wanted to expand in the future. Well, Gary, I think that would be a great idea.

Update, December 2012: Crown Q has re-opened in SE Portland and is ready to serve you.

Sample Menu:

  • Turkey Leg: $4.75
  • BBQ Chicken: $4.75
  • Brisket: $4.75
  • The Underdog (Veggie dog): $3:50
  • Our Original Beignets (Hot Fresh): $2.50

Hours: M-Fri, 11:30am-8pm; Sat, 1pm-8pm
Facebook: Crown Q BBQ