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Noodle House

Jonathan Amato

Noodle House 1

Location: SW Washington and 9th
Hours: Weekdays lunchtime to 6pm, Saturdays lunchtime to 3pm

Description: When sitting down to write about the Noodle House, I tried listing all the different types of Asian noodles and noodle dishes out there.  Then after five minutes I started to feel dizzy and had heart palpitations. Between the thousands of different shapes and sizes of wheat, rice, mung bean, sweet potato, tapioca;  the fresh vs dried varieties; the many many dishes from stir fries to soups, to steamed to fried, then the specifics and differences between difference countries and regional Asian cuisines –  MY BRAIN HURTS. It’s OVERWHELMING. I mean look, look at the different types of Chinese noodles there are alone.  One thing everyone can agree on however is that fresh Asian noodles in the right hands are a beautiful, and tasty, fine craft. They just have a freshness and certain satisfying texture and “chew” to them lacking in the packaged refrigerated kinds.

Noodle House downtown on SW Washington between 9th and 10th takes its noodles seriously. They are hand made, and hand pulled, something Asian noodle connoisseurs consider the gauge between a great and a “just ok” noodle establishment. Think fresh made pastas and raviolis as opposed to packaged or frozen at a fine Italian restaurant and you’ll get the idea.  Noodles at Noodle House are Chinese in style and most of the dishes revolve around their signature wheat Mein noodle – similar to a dense, fresh Udon noodle. Excuse my Yankee ignorance if there’s a Chinese name for this type – I couldn’t find it and the owners simply said, “Chinese Noodle” when I asked.

The menu is made up of stir fried noodles, soups, and a few other items such as Shrimp Fried Rice, Curries, and Pot Stickers. They even have the seemingly incongruous “Fried Egg” (a piece of toast with, you guessed it, fried egg). The Fried Egg gave me a chuckle. For anyone who has traveled the “backpackers routes” through Asia knows this type of dish is pretty “authentic” and found everywhere, eaten by Westerners and Asians alike.

Noodle House 2

But, back to the noodles…Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss a certain cart from the surface – “oh, this is just junky Chinese food cart food”, or “Shrimp Chow Mein how boring, whatever, I can get that at Panda Xpress”. Stop, look a little closer, pay attention to what’s coming out of the cart, ask questions, see what others are getting and who’s getting it – this is the way to scope out a good food cart because decor and menus can often be quite deceiving. Noodle House is one of those carts – it might not seem like an exciting choice on the surface, but the noodles here are quite popular for a reason, they are quite good. Everything is fresh, balanced, and generous in ingredients and portions. The stir fried noodles rule the roost with offerings including chicken, seafood, vegetarian or a hot (spicy) soy specialty dish. Noodle soups are their other specialty – beef, chicken, tofu, or Seafood. It’s the seafood that draws a following, and I now understand why. Chock full of squid, shrimp, scallops, veggies and generous serving of noodles in a hot, clean chicken or veggie based broth and some fried wontons on the side. I’ll be back for this alone. Noodle House is a nice addition to the diverse cuisines and quality of the SW Alder and 9th cart pod.

Sample Menu:

  • Chicken, Seafood, Tofu stir fried noodles – $6.50 – $7
  • Hot Soy Bean Noodles – $6.50
  • Beef Noodle Soup – $7.50
  • Chicken, Tofu, or Seafood Noodle Soup – $6.50 – $7
  • Chicken or Shrimp Fried Rice – $6 – $6.50

Phone: 503-998-1019

The Limp Noodle



[CLOSED February 2010]

Location: SW 3rd and Ash [updated 9/09]


Up on the west side of 10th ave some new carts have sprung up – Nong’s, Savor Soup house and now The Limp Noodle.  I chuckled when I first saw the name – pretty cheeky and a good play on words. You cannot miss this cart as it is bright and shiny – a fire engine red cart standing out on the lot. [Update 09/09 – Limp Noodle has moved their cart down to SW 3rd and Ash]

The Limp Noodle is a pasta cart. I think it may be the only one in town that focuses specifically on pasta dishes. They offer a few different types of noodles and your choice of sauces. Whenever trying something new, I always go for a favorite of my own, so when I visited, I picked up penne with meatballs and marinara. The amount of food I received was more than I expected. The flavor was just what I expected – a marinara sauce with meatballs. Usually, sauces are either missing something or have too much of something.  This sauce was spot on and didn’t have that acidic quality that sometimes happens with tomato sauces. While I was eating it, someone walked up and inquired as to where I had gotten such a great looking meal. I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign.

The Limp Noodle also gets props for keeping it mobile. While they are permanently parked on 10th and Alder, they broke away recently to serve up their plates at the recent Sunday Parkways event in North Portland. They are listed as one of the food vendors all summer, so if you are out this month in NE or in August in SE, say hi and pick up some pasta to replenish the calories you burned while riding your bike around without cars.

Sample Menu:

  • Soup – Tomato Basil – $2.50
  • Salads: Caesar – $4.50; Chicken Caesar – $6.50
  • Pasta – choose from Spaghetti, Fettuccine or Penne; Tortellini or Ravioli add $1
  • Sauces:
    • Marinara – $4.50
    • Meatballs with Marinara – $6.50
    • Alfredo – $5.75
    • Chicken Alfredo – $7.50
    • Creamy Clam – $5.75

Hours: Lunchtime, Monday through Friday
Contact: 503 780 0519
Twitter: TheLimpNoodle


Bombay Chaat House

Jonathan Amato


Location: 804 SW 12th Ave and Yamhill (located on Yamhill, next to India Chaat House)

Description: The Chaat is back! (Updated May 17) There was some sort of family split WHICH IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS, but the former cook/owner/or something from India Chaat next door just simply reopened  a new name and a spiffed up cart-bus of her own. The lesson here?  HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A CART OWNER SCORNED. bombay-12

Anyway, I’ll keep out of this War of the Roses style cart drama henceforth, but I have to say that Bombay Chaat is certainly exceeding expectations in value, quality and service. It’s basically the same menu as before with 100% vegetarian (or vegan on request) Indian snacks, bean or vegetable dishes, curries, rice dishes and some of the best Naan bread to grace Portland.

The $5.00, 6 piece lunch special should be illegal at this price. Easily enough to serve two for lunch, it comes with basamati rice, dal tarka spiced lentils, a hubcap sized piece of tender made to order naan, and three main dishes such as creamy vegetable korma, aloo saag spinach and potatoes. A free cup of chai tea is usually offered up while you wait, so technically this could be considered a 7 course meal for $5.00. Whoa. That’s a bargain!

Although the above lunch deal is the reason many eat at this cart, I’m particuarly fond of the Chaats (snacks). These are things like made to order garlic naan bread ($1.25), sev-poori crispy Indian noodles with tarmarind and mint sauces, homemade yogurt, garbanzo beans and onions, or aloo tiki deep fried mashed and spiced potato patties. The Samosa Chaat is one of my favorite things: two close to baseball sized potato and vegetable samosas, deep fried and served with the same sauxe as the sev-poori above. At $3.50, the Samosa chaat makes a terrific lunch, while my tweet tooth often steers me to the Pishwari bread stuffed with almonds, pistachios, raisins and cashews with a rose syrup. Sweet or mango yogurt lassis are also quite refreshing. bombay-3

I’m not going to say which cart I prefer or which one I think is better. Dear reader, I’ll let you be the judge of that. I will say however that I’m really glad Bombay Chaat is open for business.

Sample Menu:

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

Phone: 503 241-7944

Website: Bombay Chaat House



Savor Soup House

Jonathan Amato


Location: SE 77th and Foster

Description: Soup for the masses! Soup for the Soul! There is something so primitively comforting to me about a hot steaming bowl of soup served alongside a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s what I want to eat when I feel  blue. It’s what inspires me and refuels me when I’m having a rough day, a good day or simply just want some timber in my belly. Soup is the type of food to calm ones nerves and revive when the world seems unsteady and uncertain.

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Almost Summer Food Cart News


A wrap-up of some news:

Looks like Olympia may try and compete with Portland and Seattle for food carts. The city council there is considering modifying the rules to cut fees and allow vendors to stay longer at their locations. The proposal would put the fees at $540/year and not force them to move every 180 days. Here in Multnomah County, the fee is $340/yr with no requirement to move. We got it good. Good luck Olympia!


A new cart just landed at A la Carts in SE Portland – Taste of a Gyro. As I understand it, they have been showcased on the Food Network’s show Outrageous Food for their “sorry sauce.” I guess Portland is attracting carts from outside the city now. Cool. SE 50th and Ivon.


Something interesting is happening up on N Interstate by New Seasons. A long decrepit eyesore of a building by Ockley Green school is being remodeled and according to the city permits, they are pulling electrical permits for “Food carts and building.” Anyone know the scoop on this project? [Thanks Jon V for the heads up.]


The Alder lot at SW 10th and Alder keeps growing having added 10 new carts in the last month. They are up to 55 now I guess:

  • Noodle House
  • Domo Dogs (not a new cart, but now permanently located there)
  • Red Guava
  • Tacqueria El Rodeo
  • Sheish Kabob
  • PicNic
  • Touchdown BBQ
  • Bangkok Duck and Chicken
  • Primi Panini
  • Roll Plus Sushi

Other carts that have joined us in the recent past:

  • Sa Leng – SW 5th and Oak
  • Ploy Thai – SW 5th and Oak
  • Hot Boxx – NE 20th and Everett
  • Healthy Corner – SW 2nd and Stark
  • Kokomo Beach Smoothies – SW 3rd and Stark
  • Dino Bites – North Station
  • Istanbul Delight – North Station


Cartlandia is now open at SE 82nd and Harney along the Springwater Trail. From the developers who brought you Mississippi Marketplace, this location is meant to attract up to 30 carts and provide covered seating, parking, bike parking and all the amenities you need to enjoy some excellent street food. They even have TVs and plan on showing the Timbers games this summer. So far, the carts that are open there include:

  • Cameron’s Smoke Shack – BBQ
  • Cheesesteak Nirvana
  • El Jeffe’s Fresco Grill
  • London Pasty Company
  • Sakura Bento
  • Salt and Straw Ice Cream – NE 18th and Alberta


Many of you already know this, but we do have a Facebook Page where a lot of conversation goes on and tidbits of Food Cart news and information is posted that doesn’t land here on the site. Come on over and join us. We’d love to have you.


Lastly, summer is just around the corner so that means big crowds and festivals. Please remember that most of the carts do all their prep and cooking in the cart and don’t have large commissary kitchens or fridges to leverage when they get super busy. This could result in a slightly longer wait or being sold out early of specific items. There are plenty of carts to try, so if your favorite closes early on a sunny day, give their neighbor some love, you might just discover a new treat. Also, before getting frustrated that you can’t get your burger or taco or fried pie fix because they sold out, remember, the cart owners are human too and sometimes need to take a break. Thank you from Food Carts Portland.