Location: SE 48th and Woodstock
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-2:30ish

The Story:

There is something new afoot in the food carts in Portland – restaurants expanding to carts. We’re not talking chains, we’re talking wonderful established joints opening carts to spread the love of their menu. Yolk is newest of these carts.

Yolk is the work of Toast, a great little restaurant in SE Portland. In a bright yellow cart not far from the homestead, Yolk is where you can pick up a stunning breakfast made fresh with local ingredients and some unique combinations. Patrick and Meagan team up during those morning hours along with a cookbook of recipes gathered over the years to create hashes, sandwiches and special breakfasts.

The Breakfast

The Breakfast

The menu item that caught my eye was “The Breakfast.”

Here’s the deal. It’s Breakfast our way. No options. No substitutions. No allergies, diets or, “I’m free of…” No texture issues. If you don’t like it, give it away. Will it ever be the same? Maybe. Will you get the same as your buddy? Maybe. It might be a similar dish for a year, or it might be different for the next person. Can you share it? Yes!

Seriously, how awesome is that. I’ve always wanted to show up and have someone tell me what to eat instead of having to decide. The day I visited, The Breakfast was a type of tomato stew served with an over easy duck egg, some thick cut bacon and a housemade English muffin. A dish I would have never have imagined as a breakfast. The tomato based stew simmered overnight and prior to serving summer veggies like delicata squash, romanesco broccoli and orange cauliflower were added to create a rich texture. The duck egg, my first, had a fresh sweetness to it that when placed on the muffin with some bacon was a match made in heaven. This was a truly unique imagination for breakfast. I’m glad I ordered it and took the chance.

Yolk makes some great dishes and uses seasonal veggies, so what we list here in the menu section may change. There is seating available at the lot, so head on down and give it a try. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Toby Hash: late summer corn with heirloom tomatoes, chili creme, potatoes, saba with 2 sunny side up eggs – $8
  • Mary had a Little Lamb Hash: Sudan Farm ground lamb mixed with roasted potatoes, braised greens, squash and tossed with mint and herbs and toped with duck egg – $9
  • The Sandwich: ham or braised greens and cheese with a scrambled egg on a baguette – $4
  • Run For the Hills: sauteed mixed vegetables and herbs with scrambled eggs on an english muffin – $6
  • Brother: maple glazed pork belly with Beecher’s cheese, over medium eggs, dijon tossed lettuce greens on a pretzel roll – $8
  • The Breakfast as described above – $10

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-2:30ish
Contact: 503 568-0787