These Guys Brooklyn

These Guys Brooklyn

These Guys Brooklyn

Location: 3400 SE Milwaukie Ave next to Brooklyn Park Pub
Hours: Wed-Sat, 6-1opm

The Story:

I love the sign and logo of this cart – the name ‘These Guys Brooklyn’ flanked on either side by thumbs up. It tells me they have a sense of humor but also know what their doing.

Co-owners David Enfield and Ben Hildreth greet you through the window with their long thick beards that could win any beard championship in town. Their goal is to create small batch smoked meats using various fruit and nut woods to perfect the flavor. They have chosen to source some of the best meats out there including Piedmontese beef from Montana, Carlton Farms pork and Brandt Clod Heart (a shoulder cut). This attention to detail and the use of plum, cherry and and hazelnut wood for the smoke create some amazingly tender meats.

Brisket Sandwich from These Guys Brooklyn

Brisket Sandwich from These Guys Brooklyn

The menu at These Guys offers up pork and beef in the form of sandwiches and even tacos. I chuckled at the taco names, especially the Naughty Meat Taco with beef, pork, onions and cilantro. Just the name made me want to order it, but I decided upon the Piedmontese Brisket Sandwich. Take a Fleur de Lis focassia roll and toast it with a bit of butter before placing the brisket atop and you have yourself one great sandwich. The flavors were astounding. The crust from the toasted roll create a sweetness that envelopes the brisket and showcases its flavor. The brisket in and of itself is a work of art – creamy, flavorful, juicy – with a bit of bark that holds that smoke and teases your palate. Prepared to perfection and cut to order. This sandwich will live in my dreams.

These Guys Brooklyn open their window Wednesday through Saturday from 6-10pm and are situated right next to the Brooklyn Park Pub if you want to wander inside for a beer, you can bring your food with you. If you have a question about the meat or the process by which they smoke it, ask them – they know their craft. They’ve been open now for a year, so obviously have impressed the neighborhood and created a loyal following. Drop on by for some wonderful smoked meats and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Piedmontese Brisket Sandwich – $8.50
  • Carlton Pork Shoulder Sandwich w/ peach bourbon sauce and topped with slaw – $9
  • Chicken Wing with cart made spicy garlic sauce – 6 for $6 or 10 for $10
  • Street Tacos: Carlton Pork or beef shoulder cut – $2
  • Brooklyn Taco: pork, slaw and peach bourbon sauce – $3
  • Naughty Meat Taco: beef, pork, onions and cilantro – $3
  • Sides: potato salad, cole slaw, greens w/baconĀ  – $3 for small or $5 for large

Hours: Wed-Sat, 6-1opm
Phone: 503.234.7772
Facebook: These Guys Brooklyn