Taqueria Antojitos Yucatecos


Location: SE 102nd and Stark – Ala Cart Pod

The Story:

According to my numbers, Portland has more than 50 taco trucks and carts throughout the city. Mexican food is by far the dominant cuisine of choice for cart owners from that unscientific observation and I’m glad. I enjoy tacos and burritos and love that I can quickly find them on the cheap pretty much anywhere I go in the city. This past week though, I was introduced to Yucatan style Mexican and it is now my favorite (I’m easily swayed.)

Taqueria Antojitos Yucatecos is located in one of the newer cart pods – Ala Cart – out on SE 102nd and Stark. This former used car lot is perfect for carts with the wide open spaces and plenty of parking. Upon viewing the menu, I realized this wasn’t a standard taqueria with tacos, burritos and huaraches. They served Panuchos and Salbutes – items I hadn’t heard of. Luckily, a fellow customer and the owner informed me about what Panuchos are and how good they tasted. [Read more…]