Om Nom Gluten-Free Waffles

Om Nom Gluten-Free Waffles

Om Nom Gluten-Free Waffles

Location: N Killingsworth and Maryland, Killingsworth Station
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:30am-3:30pm; Saturday, 10am-2pm

The Story: North Portland continues to attract some great new vendors. With a new food cart lot – Killingsworth Station – now open just off the MAX line, vendors are discovering an underserved community. Om Nom Gluten-Free Waffles opened earlier this fall to offer both breakfast and lunch options throughout the week.

Om Nom was born from a collective passion by both the owner and her friends to create something healthy, but also community driven. Michelle, the owner, doesn’t just want to own and run a food cart, so she engaged her friends who all have a come together to support each other in challenging times to design and launch the venture. I love this cart with its rustic cabin architecture, but emblazoned and sided with recycled materials. Michelle’s son flattened all the recycled metal cans in order to create the siding we see on the front. Such a cool way to finish off a project. Michelle hopes that her cart and her peers can create something for the community which may start with the waffles, but grow and blossom.

I spoke with Michelle about the gluten-free aspect of the waffles and her goal is to source locally and keep it healthy and stay away from corporate and GMO foods. There is also a health aspect behind the cuisine choice, so you’re getting the real deal. Om Nom offers gluten-free freshly made waffles with both savory and sweet options. I chose the Stegasaurus with hummus, feta, mozzarella fresca cheese, tomato, red onion, fresh spinach and sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. How many great flavors can you pack in one dish? Many! The dry feta with the hot red onion and bitter spinach with each bite of a waffle – pretty darn delicious. I loved how the balsamic vinegar worked its way through into almost every bite.

The Stegasaurus from Om Nom Waffles

The Stegasaurus from Om Nom Waffles

Om Nom Gluten-Free Waffles is open daily during the week for breakfast and lunch and on Saturday for lunch. Killingsworth Station is right off N Killingsworth at Maryland and offers covered seating to get out of the weather. Drop on by, welcome Michelle to the fold and let Om Nom know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Butter and Cinnamon and Sugar waffle – $2
  • Cream Cheese and Jam – $3
  • Nut Butter and Jam – $3
  • Cinnamonodon – cream cheese frosting and cinnamon sugar – $3
  • Valdosaurus – Ricotta, bacon, berry, maple syrup sweetened whipped cream waffle – $5
  • Godzilla – steaming marinara sauce, mozzarella and asiago cheese, pepperoni and tempeh waffle – $5
  • Stegasaurus – $5

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The Hope Kitchen

Lizzy Caston

Location: N Killingsworth and Maryland, Killingswoth Station Food Carts
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm

The Story: A little bit of Soul Food and a whole lotta love. People start food carts for different reasons: economics, creativity, and the  need to feed and nourish the world are just a few. The Hope Kitchen is all that and more. Started in response to the loss of a family member to colorectal cancer, The Hope Kitchen has a mission for the greater good:

The goal of The Hope Kitchen is to encourage a reduction in red meat consumption for a healthier heart & healthier colon.

The Hope Kitchen does not claim to be a health food or vegetarian food provider, but rather, offers a reduced-fat version of homestyle meals.

A portion of The Hope Kitchen proceeds will be donated to Steve Baker Colorectal Cancer Alliance (SBCCA), a local non-profit organization committed to winning the fight against colorectal cancer.

Education is a big part of Hope Kitchen – they partner with several health providers, schools and other institutions to show that favorite foods can be easily tweaked to be healthier and still be delicious. No need to give up your favorite down home favorites such as BBQ, chicken tenders, greens and cornbread. The Hope Kitchen also provides catering services. We love a cart with heart!

[The Hope Kitchen moved to North Portland April 2013]

Sample Menu: All meat based menu items made with fish, chicken or turkey. No meat products added to any vegetable options.

  • Tamale Pie – saucy tomato based blend of  spiced ground turkey, baked on a cornmeal crust, topped with melted cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. With greens and potato salad – $7.50. a la carte – $6.00
  • Pan Seared Tilapia. With greens and potato salad – $8.50
  • Sweet and Spicy Chicken Tenders – 4 pieces. With greens and potato salad – $8.00
  • Vegetarian Quinoa Salad – with greens and mushrooms – $5.00
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich – $5.00
  • Side of vegetarian slow cooked greens, potato salad, or braised cabbage – $2.50
  • Weekly Dessert Special – prices vary – Sweet potato pie, pound cake, peach cobbler

Phone: (971) 222-4446