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Location: 4631 N Albina, Portland
Hours: Weekdays and weekends, 11-6

The Story: When a buddy mentioned the new cart just up the street from our favorite bar, it took me a second to catch the code. IGPAY is a new food cart in N Portland focusing, well, on pig.

IGPAY is the work of Regina and Shaffer who put together the idea of focusing solely on pork for their sandwiches. An ingenious idea and the menu at first glance shows they aren’t just doing pork belly and bacon. I for one am a bit bored of bacon, so was excited to see the offerings at IGPAY. Iowa Bob, Naked Bob or Bastard Bob. Who’s Bob? I had to ask since those are the names of the three sandwiches on the menu. Bob is an old friend who’s name isn’t really Bob, but I digress. An Iowa Bob is a breaded pork tenderloin, the Naked Bob is a griddled pork loin (is griddled a word? It is now.) and Bastard Bob is all about how you want it. A tossup for sure. Being a fan of yellow mustard and pretty much any mustard, Iowa Bob it was. A huge breaded pork tenderloin with yellow mustard, onions and house made pickles. The star of the show was the saltine cracker breading Shaffer used. The bun, light and fluffy, so it didn’t interfere with the mix of great flavors. Just look at that tantalizing sammy.

pork food cart portland

Iowa Bob from IGPAY

IGPAY is open Thursday-Sunday from 11-6. Beyond the pork sandwiches, they also offer breakfast sandwiches and soup. Located in the parking lot next to Albina Press on N. Albina, this cart is a must try for pork tenderloin fans. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Iowa Bob – $8
  • Naked Bob – $8
  • Bastard Bob – starts at $7
  • Egg A’ Muffin – English muffin w/bacon, egg and cheddar – $5
  • Daily Soup – $5

Phone: 970 556 3280
Facebook: IGPAY
pork food cart portland

Midwest Pizza Co.

pizza food cart Portland

Midwest Pizza Co

Location: N Skidmore and Mississippi at Mississippi Marketplace
Hours: Monday/Thursday – 11:30-3; Friday/Saturday, 11:30-8; Sunday, 11:30-7

The Story: I grew up eating pizza from Round Table and Abby’s and in college, the ubiquitous Domino’s. It was only the last couple of decades I was introduced to what really good pizza is and Portland has it. Midwest Pizza Co is a new food cart serving up Chicago and Detroit style pizza.

pizza food cart Portland

Detroit Style Pizza

I remember the first time ordering a Chicago style pizza in Chicago. We were accosted with menus. Told to order quickly as it takes an hour. And then we waited. It was great, yet coming from the west coast where pizza was quick and thin, it was a different experience all together. Here in Portland, at the food carts, the vendors offer the pizza by the slice, so there isn’t the hour long wait. You can still get a whole pie if you want, just call ahead. At Midwest Pizza Co, their goal was to bring to Portland the flavors so you don’t have to endure the 100 degree weather and 100% humidity.

pizza food cart Portland

Chicago style dog

The Chicago Deep Dish starts with the crust. A flaky, buttery bed with slabs of Mozzarella and then the homemade sauce and toppings. The first slice I enjoyed on opening weekend was almost 2″ thick and so much cheese. The Detroit Style originated from baking the pie in spare parts trays giving the pizza a distinct rectangular shape. Caramelization occurs on the edges of the crust and when topped with Mozzarella and Monterey Jack and a few slices of pepperoni, you just can’t go wrong. Lastly, the Classic Chicago Dog. Made with Red Hot Chicago dogs, I enjoyed it “dragged through the garden.” The dog was topped with yellow mustard, onion, sweet pickle relish which glowed green, pickle spears, tomato wedges, sport peppers and celery salt. Each bit was fulfilling with veggies and pickled goodness and, well, hot dog happiness.

Midwest Pizza Co. is a great addition to the food cart scene here in Portland. We now have a number of wood fired pizza vendors and a Chicago style cart in downtown, so I’m glad they located in my neighborhood. Open Thursday-Monday for both lunch and dinner, if you’re in the neighborhood, you should check them out. Also, if you’re from the midwest, they offer other tasty regional treats including Sprecher Root Beer and Faygo. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu (Full menu on MWPizza.com)

  • Chicago Dog – $4
  • Chicago Dog with all the fixin’s – $5.50
  • Chicago Deep Dish – slices are $5.50; whole pies are $15-20.
  • Detroit Style – $4-4.50/slice; whole pies are $10-15

Phone: 503 697 4992
Website: MWPizza.com
Twitter: @MidwestPizzaCo
Facebook: Midwest Pizza Company

The Döner Haus

Döner Haus

Döner Haus

Location: N Mississippi and Beech
Hours: Tues-Sat, 11an-8p

The Story: North Mississippi continues to evolve with new street food vendors opening monthly. At a small lot at the intersection of Beech, The Döner Haus has opened, bringing a new type of sandwich Mississippi hasn’t yet seen.

Döner is a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical spit, usually lamb or a mixture of lamb and beef. I first enjoyed döner travelling in Germany which has a large population of Turkish immigrants and has integrated the dish into their own collective menu. The meat is usually ground and seasoned then stacked on the spit which rotates on a vertical rotisserie to sear it. It is then shaved off in thin slices and put into either a sandwich or a wrap.

Döner from Döner Haus

Döner from Döner Haus

At The Döner Haus, they offer the döner, a sandwich, the dürüm, a wrap, or the döner box, with döner and veggies atop a bed of fries. You can get any of these dishes with döner, grilled chicken or vegetable. I picked the döner with a fresh ciabatta bun, meat, lettuce, tomato, red onions, cabbage,  feta and their house made sauce. I started walking down the street thinking I would just enjoy it on the walk home, but after the first bite, I stopped and found a place to sit so I could enjoy it fully and not spill to much on my coat. Each bite included the coolness of the veggies mixed with the salty meat and dry feta. The ciabatta was fresh and a perfect platform for this sandwich. All in all, a tasty sandwich which I definitely will return for.

The Döner Haus opened in September at the corner of N Mississippi and Beech across from Amnesia Brewing. There is covered seating in the lot and they are open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch through the dinner hour. Drop on by next time you’re in the mood for a new lunch. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Döner – sandwich made with meat, vegetables and cheese on ciabatta roll – $7
  • Dürüm – choice of meat and sauce, vegetables wrapped in lavash – $7
  • Döner Box – choice of meat and sauce, vegetables atop a bed of fries – $7

Phone: (360) 607-8017
Facebook: The Döner Haus

Pizza Contadino

Lizzy Caston


Location: N Lombard and N Richmond – Next to the Fixin’ To bar and restaurant
Hours: Tues – Sat 2pm – 11pm, Sun 1pm – 8pm 

The Story: I love the St. Johns neighborhood. It sometimes feels like a completely different city in Portland – a little separate village, a small town almost. It feels like an island with Lombard and Willamette Blvd along with the majestic St Johns Bridge the only real main roads in and out to connect it with other neighborhoods in Portland. St Johns is still one of the most blue collar feeling neighborhoods, in my opinion, with industrial and dock workers from the nearby Columbia Blvd and Willamette River industrial areas mingling with long term residents, and a newer influx of young families, artists and others. Mixed in between the old man dive bars, and the quaint where your grandma might buy cookies Tulip Bakery, there’s some cool, funky newish businesses emerging, and sometimes they blur together.

Pizza Contadino is one such business and can seem a bit of an enigma at times. Is it a cart or is it a pizza restaurant? Where is it? Is it at the Crystal Gardens food cart pod on Lombard or did it move? No wait, now it’s a pop-up restaurant in the Fixin’ To bar, no wait, it’s a cart again. That’s the beauty of mobile vending, it’s FLEXIBLE and MOBILE, man. Keeps you on your toes and keeps things interesting if you ask me, and it’s nice a local bar that has it’s own kitchen was able to take on and support a cart as well. Bravo for the help your neighbor in need is a good deed indeed motto. Whew, location out of the way, if you can’t find Pizza Contadino, just call them – they’ll give you directions, no problem.

The pizza here is crave worthy. I’m not going to get into the whole thick crust vs. thin vs. NYC style vs. Neopolotin vs. New Haven Style vs whateverstyleyouthinkitis style discussion. Head on over to Serious Eats Slice for the cult of the pizza discussion. I will say this: The pizza at Pizza Contadino is GOOD. Here’s how Pizza Contadino describes their pizza (and business):

… We serve fresh handcrafted pizza with a sourdough crust that is made with a starter from the Alaskan gold rush.  It is baked in a 650 degree oven that creates a crisp exterior with a chewy interior.  Our menu is ever changing with mostly organic produce and ingredients that we source locally.

Some of those toppings include a perfectly cheesy cheese pie and a pepperoni for you pizza purists. Then things get interesting…between the roasted garlic, sausage, onions, you might find fresh Ricotta, Swiss Chard, Roasted Sliced Potatoes, Summer Squash. Meat options are available, but this pizza joint loves it’s veggies equally. Vegetarian pies are available, vegan pies – yeah, they can probably do those too. Just ask at Pizza Contadino and they are happy to accommodate if they can.

Pizza Contadino

photo from pizza contadino’s website

Slices or whole pies are always available. Cash only! And do call ahead, they will have your pizza hot n’ ready for you, and it’s a good way to confirm that Pizza Contadino is indeed right where they say they are and are open when they say they are and can help you fill your hungry pie hole.

Sample Menu:

  • Whole Pies $14 and up for a cheese, add on more depending on ingredients, Ingredients vary depending on what’s in season and chef’s inspirations.
  • Slices: $3 range

Phone: 503 935-4375
Website: Pizza Contadino

Facebook: Pizza Contadino

Adamariz Taqueria

Adamariz Taqueria

Adamariz Taqueria

Location: 221 N Killingsworth, west of Vancouver
Hours: Tues-Fri, 9am-9pm; Sat, 10am-5pm

The Story: It takes a strength and courage to launch a food cart. It takes even more to set up shop alone without the support of a food cart pod or neighbor carts. Adamariz Taqueria has that drive.

Tacos from Adamariz Taqueria

Tacos from Adamariz Taqueria

Located on N Killingsworth just west of Vancouver, the spot has hosted a few short lived vendors in the past, but when I walked by the other day, the owner of the truck was out there on the sidewalk personally waving at passers-by, welcoming them to his new location. The truck is so new, they haven’t had the time to rebrand it with their own name, but trust me, this is Adamariz Taqueria. Tacos, tortas, quesadillas and burritos are the options here at the cart. What sucked me in was the options for fillings. Lengua, Cabeza, Chorizo along with the traditional chicken, pork and steak. Sadly, the day I visited they had already sold out of lengua, so I picked up cabeza, chorizo and asada. Cabeza, beef head, may turn people off, but for me, it comes through as fatty, creamy and salty – just what I want on a tortilla with some cilantro and chopped onions. All three tacos filled me up on my walk home. Why can’t more satisfying food be only $1.50 a piece?

I’m excited to have a new taqueria within walking distance of where I live and they are open into the dinner hours. Good Mexican at a good price. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Meat/Veg options: Steak, Pork, Chicken, Lengua (beef tongue), Cabeza (beef head), Chorizo, Veggie

  • Tacos – $1.50
  • Burritos – $6
  • Tamales – chicken – $2.50
  • Tortas – Mexican sandwich – $6
  • Quesadillas – $6

Phone: 503 960 1429