Olé Latte Coffee – PSU

Ole Latte PSU

Ole Latte PSU

Location: SW 5th and Harrison
Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm; Sat/Sun, 8am-4pm

The Story: Todd, barista extraordanaire, has expanded his coffee business with a new cart down by Portland State University. Ole Latte can be found right on the MAX tracks on SW 5th, he joins 2 other vendors and serves up an amazing espresso. Drop on by next time you’re in the area.

Facebook: Ole Latte

Plane Pastries

dessert food cart portland

Plane Pastries

Location: SE 52nd and Foster, Carts on Foster
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-3pm

The Story: Portland is ga ga about sweets. We have artisan chocolatiers, organic ice cream, cupcake vendors, pie shops and more. It’s as if we have our own collective sweet tooth. The carts however only have a few who present sweets to the public in one form or another. Plane Pastries is one of the newest vendors to bring cookies, brownies and cupcakes for those who have a soft spot for sugar.

Kris Butler opened the cart this past summer after working for over a year to develop her project. Kris has led an adventurous life up until now. She joined the Air Force at age 17 and spent six years in airborne intelligence. After her honorable discharge, she used her military education benefits to attend Oregon Culinary Institute here in Portland where she learned her craft. After graduating, the adventure continues with helicopter flight training. Yep, this pastry chef knows how to fly helicopters. You don’t find that everyday. The cart and logo are modeled after vintage aircraft and a bit of the pinup motif. Kris has adorned the inside with posters of vintage flying machines including a black and white of Amelia Earhart in front of her Lockheed Electra 10E.

dessert food cart portland

Rice Krispy Treat from Plane Pastries

Kris is focusing on handmade pastries including cookies, brownies and cupcakes. She even makes her own caramel. While I wanted to sample everything, I opted for one of my childhood favorites, the rice krispy treat. Kris makes it with brown butter and adds in a bit of cayenne to switch things up a bit. It wasn’t spicy by any means, but you could tell this wasn’t mom’s recipe. Creamy and crunchy. Took me back to simpler times.

I really enjoyed chatting with Kris and learning about her life and passions. She’s one of those vendors who brings everything to the table. Kris will be featured on the Food Network show Cupcake Wars Season 3 on November 23rd at 8pm. While the war has already been fought, check out the show to see who won. If you’re looking for something sweet or maybe a nice cup of coffee, drop on by Plane Pastries and let Kris know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • “It’s All Wright” Cookie – $2
  • “Voodoo” Caramel Bar – $4
  • “Black Widow” Brownie – $3
  • “Whirlwind” Rice Krispie – $3

Website: Planepastries.com
Facebook: Plane Pastries
Twitter: @PlanePastries

The Garden Well

The Garden Well

The Garden Well

Location: N Lombard and Polk
Hours: Mon-Fri, 6am-6pm; Sat/Sun, 7am-7pm

The Story: When plant shopping, ever have a craving for a hot drink? Especially when you’re in an outside nursery during cooler months. At City Farm in North Portland you can peruse for plants with a hot cup of tea or coffee from The Garden Well, the on site food cart.

City Farm is a community managed farm with not only a storefront, but a full garden with ducks in the back. Mark, the owner of The Garden Well, opened in February of 2012 with coffee and loose leaf tea to capture not only the patrons coming to the farm, but also those transiting Lombard east and west. I enjoy a good cup of black tea, but am in no way an expert. Mark offers the expected teas like Earl Grey and English Breakfast, but also has herbal teas. What interested me were his special blends like the Love your Lungs Blend with elder blossom, licorice root, mullein leaf, marshmallow leaf, nettles and red clover. Crazy! Any one of those herbs offer a unique flavor, but when putting them together, you get something magical. Mark grabs individual containers with each herb and hand mixes in a single use tea bag and adds hot water. I loved it. I breathed better the rest of the day. I never knew there was a marshmallow leaf.

The Garden Well is open daily morning to night, offers up tea, coffee from St. Johns Coffee Roasters and Chai from Dragonfly Chai. Recently on their Facebook page they posted photos of fresh cherry jam scones. Drop on by, get some tea, visit the farm and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Tea any size, $2; Bring your own mug, $1.50

  • Love your Heart Blend: hawthorn berry, lavendar flowers, lemon verbena, linden leaf + flower, pink roses, rose hips
  • Love your Whole Body Blend: nettles, oatstraw, peppermint, red clover, red raspberry leaf
  • Black Teas: Assam, Darjeeling, Orange Spice and more
  • Green Teas: Gunpowder, Jasmine
  • Herbs: many from above listed in blends and more.

Coffee: Drip, latte, espresso – $1.00-$3 depending on what you choose

Phone: 503 583 6598
Facebook: The Garden Well

The Sugar Shop

dessert food carts portland

The Sugar Shop

Location: SE 52nd and Foster – Carts on Foster
Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-8pm

The Story: Instead of grabbing a gyro or a burger or a bowl of Pad Thai, why not go down the sweet train and get something from The Sugar Shop for lunch. I remember something as a kid about eating dessert first when I was an adult.

The Sugar Shop is one of the few mobile vendors out there serving up sweets and baked goods like cookies, cakes and cheesecakes. Autumn and Shannon attended OCI together where they both studied in the baking and pastry program. After school, in jobs they admit weren’t taking them anywhere, brainstorming over Margaritas on Cinco De Mayo, the cart plan was born. They had the chops to pull it off and the cart is darn cute. Red seems to be the color of sweets.

dessert food carts portland

Peppermint Cheesecake Brownie

If I lived closer to The Sugar Shop, I would probably gain a few pounds. I’m not the one to order dessert after dinner nor grab a frozen yogurt as a snack, but cookies are my downfall. Put out a platter of well made cookies and I can’t turn away. Here you can get white chocolate stuffed snickerdoodle or oatmeal cranberry or dark chocolate and bacon, cookies mom never made. I asked Autumn and Shannon what their favorites were – cheesecake and anything with caramel. I picked up the peppermint cheesecake brownie, a thin slice of decadence. Chocolate and peppermint and swirl. Just what I needed after spicy Indian. Looking at the menu, they put together flavors that simply intrigue me – salted caramel or whiskey caramel with a pecan crust.

The Sugar Shop isn’t all sweets. They offer savory choices with chicken pot pie or spinach, mushroom and feta hand pies. Open every day from lunch past dinner, there is no reason not to stop by and pick something up to sate that craving you know you have. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[The Sugar Shop moved to NE Alberta October 2013]

Sample Menu:

  • Cookies – multiple options – $1.50
  • Cakes – $3.50 – bourbon cake w/milk chocolate buttercream; red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, lemon cake with tart lemon glaze and more
  • Cheesecake – $3.50 – classic; housemade Nutella swirl; cheesecake bar with pecan crust and whiskey caramel topping
  • Mousse – $3.50 – chocolate honey; triple chocolate; vanilla honey
  • Brownies and Bars – $3.50 – salted caramel stuffed gooey brownies, lemon bars

Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-8pm
Website: TheSugarShopPDX.com
Facebook: The Sugar Shop
Twitter: @TheSugarShopPDX

Smaaken Waffles

Brett Burmeister
waffle food cart portland

Smaaken Waffles

Location: SE 28th Pl. and Division at Tidbit
Hours: Sun-Thurs, 9am-7pm; Fri/Sat, 9am-9pm.

The Story:

Parked atop recycled acorn shells spread across a lot nestled among the trees is one of Portland’s newest food cart lots and Smaaken Waffles stands out with their version of the “Dutch Taco.”

On the east side, you may be familiar with waffle sandwiches as FlavorSpot has been serving up such treats for years. Now the west side is getting both food cart love and Smaaken’s version of the Dutch Taco. The owners take pride in sourcing local organic wheat flour grown and milled in the Willamette Valley by Greenwillow Farms. Along with wood-fire roasted coffee from Millars, this cart keeps it local, simple and flavorful. [Read more…]