Location: SW 10th & Alder

Hours: 11am-6pm, Mon-Fri

The Story: Kitchenette, a cozy cart located on 10th and Alder with a white interior clean and bright, beckons on a gray Portland day. Owner Nelly Ozgur moved here three years ago, but originally lived in Turkey and Italy. Her dishes are lovingly prepared, and one feels like you are hanging out in the kitchen of your big sister, waiting for a home cooked meal.

Nelly is very friendly and polite, and we spoke for awhile about her extensive menu. I finally ordered the Linguine with chicken while learning her husband Mustafar built the cart she now spends her days in. Another customer received his sandwich while I was waiting, and I couldn’t help but notice the large portions.

With the rain falling in earnest, I bid Nelly goodbye and returned to my office. The smell of my linguine wafted across the nearby desks, and everyone was asking what smelled so good. The linguine was cooked perfectly, with a delicate balance of flavors. I enjoyed the way the cheese, herbs and garlic clung to the pasta, with an occasional bit of sun-dried tomato to add a nice tang. The portion was huge and piping hot, exactly what one needs on a drizzly day.

Linguine with Chicken from Kitchenette

Linguine with Chicken from Kitchenette

I look forward to returning and trying one of Kitchenette’s authentic Italian sandwiches. Kitchenette is cash only, so be prepared the next time you crave a homemade Italian meal. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent you.

Sample Menu:
Cash Only


  • Italian Caprese Salad $5.50
  • Italian Salad $6.00


  • Mufullatta—olive tapenade, dry salami, ham & mozzarella $6.50
  • Italian Club—greens, tomato, Italian salami, chicken breast, cheese, olives & ham $6.50
  • Italian Pita—tomato, greens, cucumber, cheese, chicken breast & balsamic $6.00


  • Penne alla vodka $6.50
  • Linguine with meatball $6.50
  • Linguine with chicken $6.50
  • Penne with basil & pesto $6.00

Hours: 11am-6pm, Mon-Fri
Phone: 503.975.4421

The Fix



Location: SW 5th and Oak
Hours: 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri

The Story: At many food carts, the portions and size of the dishes are so substantial; one has no choice but to eat at a table with a knife and fork. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to visit a cart where the food is truly mobile. Something you can carry in your hand and eat on the go. The empanadas coming from The Fix are just such items—flaky, homemade crust encompassing a delicious filling.

It was lunchtime, and the pod at 5th and Oak was hopping with corporate denizens and street kids alike. Tucked away on the corner of this pod, facing Oak Street, is The Fix. Owners Dylan and James were inspired by a recent trip to Argentina, and motivated by Dylan’s girlfriend Lourdes, who kept searching for a cart in Portland with truly authentic empanadas.

Hungry for lunch, I decided to try two savory empanadas, and a sweet one for dessert. I started with the Green Mafia—filled with spinach, mushrooms and ricotta cheese. The flavor was mellow and balanced, which was a perfect compliment for the chipotle mango sauce. Next was El Jefe—a beef picadillo made in the Cuban style, with potatoes, peppers and olives. This empanada was rich and flavorful on its own, but when paired with the chimichurri sauce, it was heaven. The chimichurri sauce is a perfect blend of herbs and spices, and was so delicious I would like to buy it on its own!

Empanadas from The Fix

Empanadas from The Fix

For dessert, I tried the Runaway Goat, an empanada filled with goat cheese, almonds and raspberries from Sauvie Island. The smooth and sweet goat cheese tamed the spiciness of the El Jefe. I really enjoyed the texture, a balance between the crunchy almonds and the smooth cheese. After three empanadas, I was pleasantly full and happy.

The Fix has many vegetarian options, as well as breakfast and smoothies. Lunch combinations are available; $6 gets you one empanada and one side, and $8 covers one empanada, two sides and a drink. Availability of the sides vary, but may include Ceveggie—a vegetarian ceviche with corn & black beans, Mexi Slaw, or Caprese salad. The Fix accepts all major credit cards, with a $5 minimum purchase. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent you.

Sample Menu:

Empanadas, $4 a la Carte for first, $3 each additional


  • Neptuna: Tuna, minced olives, capers and peppers
  • Green Giant: Asparagus, portabello and crimini mushrooms, onions, garlic & sunflower seeds
  • El Jefe: Cuban style beef picadillo with potatoes, peppers, olives, tomatoes & raisins
  • Lambada: Fried plantains, black beans, onions & garlic
  • Green Mafia: Spinach, ricotta cheese, onions & mushrooms


  • The Guru: Coconut, conconut cream, dates, cashews, almonds & spices.
  • Runaway Goat: Sweetened goat cheese, almonds and honey-sweetened jam from Sauvie Island raspberries.
  • Cocoa Loco: Dark chocolate, banana & dulce de leche (or almond butter)

Smoothies, $5 each

  • Ava Maria: Honey-sweetened avocado with Holy kakao chocolate syrup
  • Cocado: Avocado with coconut cream and lime.
  • Orange Julio: Mango coconut cream.
  • Cooler Than U: Icy watermelon and cucumber with raspberry.
  • Monkey Puzzle: Banana milkshake.

Hours: 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri
Phone: 503.893.4FIX
Facebook: The Fix Food Cart
Twitter: @TheFixFoodCart