Jook Joint

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Jook Joint


Location: SW 10th and Washington
Hours: Mon-Fri, lunch

The Story: Every now and then, a meal takes your breath away. Maybe the presentation, more than likely the flavor. Jook Joint, a new food cart at the Alder pod did just that for me.

Jook Joint popped up in February along the strip of 10th where a number of vendors have made a go of it. I walked by a few times, secretly hoping they would stick it out and they did, so on a cool wet winter day, I stopped in. Ryan Ostler had been scheming about Jook Joint for over 10 years and finally, Portland provided the opportunity. A Texan by birth, Ryan traveled to SE Asia throughout the years and saw similarities in cuisine. Yep, a Texas/Asian comparison. They both use a type of grits/porridge. Thai Tea and Sweet Tea? Chilies…. Thinking about it, I can see the similarities. For Ryan, bringing the different flavors together took some time to perfect, but once he landed in Portland, the magic happened.

asian food cart portland


At Jook Joint, they offer an Asian fusion menu. First off, you chose an item, then protein and then sides. Baos, Sandwiches or a bowl of Jook. What the hell is a bowl of Jook? Jook is a chicken and rice soup with the consistency of a thick porridge with a soft boiled egg and ginger and topped with crispy wontons and cilantro. I ordered that with 12 hour smoked beef brisket. Yep, Texas style brisket and a bowl of Asian soup. Crazy, but it worked. Oh how it worked. The soup was thick and smoky thanks to the beef, the crisp of the wonton added texture, cilantro for bite. It was so good, I stood in the rain at the top of a parking garage devouring it. I just couldn’t wait to get it into my belly.

Jook Joint is located at SW 10th and Washington and opens daily for lunch. They offer smoked tofu, chicken and pork belly along with the brisket and have sides which include kimchi collard greens and Sichuan pickles. If you’re looking for a new treat, drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Twitter: @JookJointPDX


  1. I love the Portland Food Carts! I am always down there once a week and am open to trying a new cart every day. I will make sure next time I go, to try Jook Joint out. It looks delicious!

  2. Unfortunately, on my last visit to Jook Joint last week they no longer have the jook on the menu. It’s not clear to me if it was due to the summer months or if the concept of jook is just lost on Portlanders.

  3. Tried the Jook yesterday, it was a true treat. Great assortment of flavors and textures, and in the bowl, you can combine them as you want and feel like. The pork belly – my choice of protein – was crispy and really savoury. Made me feel good. As a side, I tride the Brussels sprouts, which I generally do not like very much. Here, they are prepared in a way I had not encountered yet: deep fried, with some sweet sauce added in the end. Surprisingly good.

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