Portland Food Cart News for October


Some items of interest for you street food fans out there:

Portland’s newest food cart pod – Piknik Park Food Carts and Beer  – will be celebrating their grand opening this weekend, October 9-11. There will be free tastings and a variety of entertainment. The lot boasts 8 food carts including a beer garden with wine and cider included. More details on their Facebook page.


Downtown’s Georgian cart Kargi Gogo has celebrated two years in business with a revamping of the menu. It seems we all love their cheese bread, so now they offer four different types. The Khachapuri is the original we’ve enjoyed the last two years. The other three include a baked cheese and egg version and one with smoked ham. For those of you who fell in love with their khinkali dumplings, fear not, they still offer them up frozen for you to enjoy at home. Kargi Gogo is located on SW 9th and Washington and open 7 days a week from 11am-4pm.


Portland Food Cart News

Le Tap

Piedmont Station on NE Killingsworth and 7th keeps adding vendors. After the initial few, they’ve done some re-arranging and brought in five new vendors offering burgers, southern cuisine, Thai, and chicken wings. Le Tap is now open, offering up 14 taps with beer, wine and cider. If you live in the neighborhood, it is a great place for lunch or dinner with covered seating.


Cartlandia in SE Porltand announced they have three new vendors – Smokin’ Bowls – Indonesian – opening this week; Papaya Fruit and Eatery and Koi Fusion opening Oct 11.


If you were out and about downtown at 10th and Alder on Tuesday the 6th, you would have noticed more than a few vendors closed. The power was out on the lot for more than a couple of hours. Many vendors made due, utilizing propane to prepare their meals, but not having power is a real challenge. Hopefully the electrician has figured out the problem. If you’re a regular, hit up your favorite vendor to give them a little extra boost this week.


Thank you for supporting Portland’s street food scene.



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