Lodekka Double Decker Dress Shop


Location: SE 28th pl. and Division at Tidbit
Hours: Wed-Fri, 11am-4pm; Sat/Sun, 11-5pm

The Story: Lodekka, a vintage London double decker bus, opened its doors a few years ago on N Williams in North Portland. The quirky little vintage shop was one of the first to embrace the use of a mobile unit for something more than food. Now in its fourth year, Lodekka has moved to Tidbit on SE Division. If you’re looking for some cool vintage clothes or maybe a knick knack or two, you may find it at Lodekka.

Website: Lodekka.com
Facebook: Lodekka
Twitter: @LodekkaPDX



  1. Now thats a great idea…love it. Where did you get the doubledecker?

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